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The Secret is out!

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Well—Rick and I finally saw The Secret today, and I must say—the wait was really worth it! We finished watching it 9 hours ago, and I’m still buzzing from it. As I said on The Secret Forum on Powerful Intentions, it does more than just a masterful job of sharing concepts, it transfers a huge amount of energy, and is produced in such a way that you entrain with it instantly and open your receptors wide! Wow.

While there were no new startling concepts in it for me—it really showcases your Law of Attraction, New Thought basics (which is one thing that makes it perfect)—it is so beautifully done and so compelling, I will want to watch it over and over. Not just for the reminders of what I know (and face it—we all need reminders from time to time to practice what we know!), but for the frequency-raising power of this production. I really found myself way up in the joy space the entire time while watching it, and that is SO valuable! If you want to create more joy, being in the joy space is the place to be!

The instigator and executive producer of The Secret is an Australian TV veteran named Rhonda Byrne, who was motivated by some personally catastrophic events to attract into her life a book from 1910 called The Science of Getting Rich (which you can read for free online). You can read Rhonda's story at The Secret website. It’s really inspiring! Of course, having been inspired to write Recreating Eden by a personally catastrophic event, I totally understand the power of being at wit's end to launch amazing things! (Here is a link to the introduction to Recreating Eden in case you haven't yet read it.)

The Secret will be truly life-changing for so many people, but I'd like to suggest that perhaps the mechanics of the way that will happen are a little different than the human creators of The Secret consciously comprehend. (But obviously not different than the divine consciousness that provided the idea for The Secret designed it to unfold!) I don’t believe the lack of awareness was ever so much a case of the information being consciously withheld from most of humanity as the promotional material for The Secret implied—the way I understand it is that the frequency of human consciousness was below the level at which the majority of people were in vibrational position to comprehend it.

You know, if you’ve read Recreating Eden, that you can only connect vibrationally with what is adjacent to your range of frequency—anything out of your frequency range might as well not exist to you. And to most people, these concepts were either not even in their range of perception, or they may have been able to read or hear these things, but there was no recognition. Still too far under the anesthesia of lower frequency.

But as we know—hallelujah!—that is rapidly shifting, and more people than ever are at a high enough frequency to “meet up” with these understandings and to be able to grok them and live by them. What The Secret will do is magnetize to it those that are ready to know, as well as reinforcing it for those of us who have already been consciously applying the principles therein, and this will raise the frequency of the Whole. When the frequency of the Whole is raised, it magnetically pulls more and more of the Whole into alignment and up in frequency, creating more and more people who have reached a high enough consciousness/frequency level that they can comprehend the information. THAT’S the magic of The Secret.

By the way, we watched The Secret on the computer via a new streaming technology called Vividas, which allowed us to see it in high resolution, full screen. Immediately after the credits rolled, we bought 4 copies of the DVD—one for ourselves and 3 for gifts. THAT’s how cool it is. After you’ve seen it, come on back and comment here and/or come over to The Secret Forum at Powerful Intentions!

Oh, yeah--I saw on the forum that Tom Justin had posted a well-written, insightful review of The Secret on his blog that you might enjoy reading.

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Ahhh, Spring! Awww, Mercury Rx!

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Happy Spring! Here in Denver, we celebrated the Vernal Equinox with a snow storm, which is actually quite fitting, since we’ve had a dearth of moisture this winter, and the spring greening will be facilitated by the snow.

This is another one of those blog entries that I’m launching into without a particular theme. There’s been lots going on—just not one specific topic that’s taking center stage at the moment. Okay—maybe there is. Mercury retrograde. Again.

Mercury retrograde continues through the weekend, and I’ve decided that since starting projects during a Mercury Rx is asking for trouble, it’s a call to rest, relax, rejuvenate, review, and do all the other “re”s before Mercury goes direct again on March 25 and I’m off to the races. Okay—not the horse races, or the car races—or even the rat race, just allowing the energy to sweep me up in it in forward motion once again. There is SO much I want to do! While I’m usually very frustrated during Mercury Rx, this time, I find myself succumbing to it and struggling against it only a tiny bit. This is progress.

It is lovely to allow myself to rest and just veg a little. I tend to work every waking hour when I have the chance—weekdays, weekends—I just love doing what I do. But I do realize that one needs time away from the computer and time to just BE, instead of always in continual “on” mode. My mom always said I had an “on” switch, and an “off” switch, and no speed in between. I’d like to think I’ve matured with that, but it seems those same 2 switches are the ones I primarily use—and the “on” switch predominates. I’m grateful I have enough energy to be “on” so much of the time these days. The adrenal healing I’ve achieved lately has given a greater ability to flow with the energy that I am channeling from Source. Love that!

Speaking of energy and the chiropractor, at my last visit, he measured my frequency at 730! I was shocked since I didn’t feel very centered at all that day, and didn’t even want him to measure it. According to the Hawkins scale, a measurement of 730 means I’m balancing out more than 70 million humans who are vibrating at 200 or under. I really think that it’s getting easier and easier to rise in frequency—just like Recreating Eden predicted. I love that I keep getting confirmation from all over the place that what I wrote in Recreating Eden is not something I, alone, received.

Well…all for now. There’s more to say, but it’ll wait till next time.

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What's in a name?

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Boy, oh, boy. Mercury is retrograde and according to an astrologer friend on the Astrology for Fun forum on Powerful Intentions, because it hit my 9th house, it relates to a need to take a look at people’s perception of the book and reassess the marketing strategy. Also, because Jupiter is retrograde in my 5th house, there may be a need to consider the aesthetics of it.

Now here is the funny/cool/maddening part. The other night, someone posted the following question to me in a Yahoo group:
Julia, I have a question about your book.

It seems, in the promotional material to be leaning heavily on the Christian idea of Adam and Eve. I have a feeling from exchanging e-mails with you that the message of the book is meant for everyone. However, I am wondering if the book relies heavily on the bible and/or an assumption of Christianity among its readership? I personally am able to read through/past this type of thing (I am not Christian, but the best book on adult children that I ever read was written from a Christian perspective) but I know many, many other people who are not able to do this. Do you feel that your book is intended for Christians? Have you had comments from readers in this vein?

I ask because I am strongly considering reviewing it for my website but I want to keep material there as nondenomination as I possibly can. I don't believe God has a Chosen People. We're here, therefore we are inherently all chosen... (to be very simplistic about it.) I hope what I am asking makes sense. I do plan to read your book and I imagine I would enjoy it greatly but I have been put off by the Adam/Eve imagery in the promotional blurbs in the past... which is why I have yet to read it (in conjunction with financial issues.)

And here is my reply to her:

I hear you there, but want to assure you that not only is Recreating Eden non-denominational, there's really nothing Christian, per se, about the story of the Fall of Man from the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3! It's an Old Testament story. Also, the story of the Fall of Man from the Garden of Eden is found in the sacred texts of almost all religions. One of the reviewers that reviewed Recreating Eden mislabled it a "Christian tale" which really cheesed me, I must admit! I tried to get them to take the "C" word out of the review, but they wouldn't do it. Ah, well.

FYI--I never set out to even include a biblical story in my book--it started out with the title "Spiritual Rejuvenation," but apparently, God was wanting someone to reinterpret and heal the Adam and Eve story, and I was IT! I was guided--almost kicking and screaming--to analyze and reinterpret the story. Now, I see how important it is--it is humanity's master myth and explains EVERYTHING about how we came to be operating in a world of turmoil, and shows the way back to the high-frequency state in which we were designed to thrive, a.k.a. "Eden." You'll see what I mean when you read the book! (By the way, in my interpretation of the story, Eve and Adam don't represent a man and a woman--they represent aspects of the human brain--inner feminine and inner masculine.)

Recreating Eden was not written for any denomination at all. It is a spiritual book, not a religious book, and I have had enthusiastic reviews about it from people of all kinds of paths--Buddhists, Jews, Wiccans, followers of Meher Baba, MANY people of no definable spiritual category, and yes, some Christians! It's funny, but I never even considered that the title Recreating Eden would be an issue for people. I've found out, however, that there are a lot of what I call "church-wounded" folks who have learned a false interpretation of the Adam and Eve story and have a real sore spot about it. I was fortunate not to be one of them!

I do hope you'll give it a try. There are several women on this forum who have read it and participated in a study group about it with me who may also be able to discuss this issue.

In Joy,


P.S. Thank you for asking this question! I'll bet there are others who have been thinking the same thing.

This whole thing threw me into a little tizzy, wondering if I had failed the mission somehow by using that name and the cover image (which, by the way, was channeled through me and is pretty amazing when you fully understand the symbols)! So Rick and I discussed this all last night on our way to the jazz club where stepdaughter #1 was singing with some of her college cohorts, and we pretty much decided that going at this whole issue from a marketing standpoint--about what would be a more enticing title and approach for getting people to read the book-- was antithetical to the message of Recreating Eden, which is about honoring your inner guidance over the ego-world's messages.

The title was divinely selected, and since it fits the book perfectly, I need to not worry about it! It is true that I would like to see Recreating Eden be read by all those it has the potential to reach, but I have to trust that the same guidance that created this amazing book (and I don't mean that in a bragging way—this book was written through me and is much, MUCH larger than me) will see that it draws to it those it is intended for. Whoever is a vibrational match to it will get past the preconceived notions and read it. People who are ready for it will see that it’s NOT “your father’s Fall of Man From the Garden of Eden,” and that it is actually a healing of that story.

As Rick said--we're not in this to sell a million books and get rich (although, if that happens, we wouldn't be upset over it!). We're in it to fulfill the longings of Spirit to express in whatever way is most aligned with the Wholeness, and most liberating to humanity.


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Sweet Julie's turn

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I’ve been really busy over at the Raise Your Frequency! forum today. There’s lots of energy there. People are really taking to the amygdala clicking! You can read about it in the threads called “Amygdala clicking has me inspired,” and “POP! your frontal lobes for bliss all the time.”

One of the most powerful frequency-raisers is clearing out blocked emotional energy, and so I started another thread called “Unclog your emotional body for maximum frequency!” I had been meaning to do it anyway, and today I was inspired by someone who was having a challenge that I think is inner child/emotional-congestion related. This led to me seeing what a mirror this person is for me. I’ve been having acute knee problems over the last week or so, and some of my first conversations with Sweet Julie (my inner child, so named in order that I not think about her as being a villain) were about the fact that she was hiding out in my knee. Don’t you just love how you will always create a mirror for yourself when you’re in need of one?

So, tonight I did some inner-child communication, and found out that she thinks I’m a total hypocrite for encouraging others to communicate with their inner children when, and I quote S.J. without spelling corrections, “I want you to play with me. You jerk me around and expect me to keep up with you but I can’t. I am falling down and you’re still dragging me. For pete’s sake I lost my mama and you just keep chargin on. I want naps and for you to stop being usch a know it all. The nerve of you telling other people they need to do inner child stuff when you don’t even talk to me! You are a big hippo crit!"

Alrighty then. So it seems S.J. and I have some fence-mending to do. And some napping. And less advice giving without practicing the topics about which I’m preaching. There was more, but I don’t think Sweet Julie wants me to share it all with the world!

As I was going through some documents tonight, I did find this that I wrote as the introduction to a part of my autobiography, which stalled out about 2/3s of the way done. Maybe someday, when I’ve lived the last chapters, I will publish it—at least as an E-book. We’ll see. Anyway, this is the account of my first encounter with Sweet Julie:

“Take me home!” a tiny voice whimpered aloud. “Take me home, take me home, take me home.”

I was no longer alone in the car, no longer my normal self. As I struggled to maintain control, a pair of tiny hands tightened around my throat. A little girl had taken me over.

Again the small voice cried, “Take me home!” Growing more insistent with each repetition, it was clear that this child meant business.

At the mercy of this desperate toddler, I drove as skillfully as I could, trying to get home as quickly as possible. The tears that I had been holding back for what seemed like forever finally brimmed over and I struggled not to fall apart completely.

At each traffic light, I hung back, praying that no one would see the three-year-old at the wheel and that my contorted face and abundant tears would not be obvious.

When I reached home at last, I ran as fast as I could to the front door and into my bedroom, but I could not escape her. She was still with me as I threw the package on the table and crawled in bed.

Drawn up into the fetal position, I cried myself to sleep, sobbing the deep, residual sobs of a long-abandoned child, knowing that there was no way to avoid her any longer.

So, you see, Sweet Julie has a history of getting my attention in dramatic ways. At least now, I’ve learned how to listen, even if she might disagree with that statement!

I’m sure there will be more to share here as I do more inner child communicating.

I’ve asked Tony to upload some of the handouts I used to use in my inner-child journaling classes so that I can refer people to them for help in opening up the lines of communication with their inner children. I’ll post the links to them when he gets them up.

‘Night, Sweet Julie. Love you.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the inner child communication handouts:

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Raise Your Frequency!

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I’m pasting in the following (between the lines) that I posted to the “Raise Your Frequency!” forum over at Powerful Intentions because I want to share it with you and don't want to have to rewrite it! By the way, that forum is mine, in that I founded it and moderate it, and I invite you to visit there and participate. You’ll need to join P.I., but that’s free unless you decide to upgrade. We’re sharing lots about frequency-raising strategies, and the hot thread of the moment is about amygdala clicking. Do drop in!

I've been seeing a chiropractor who I would call a "chiropractor plus" as he utilizes lots of other modalities and treats more holistically than most that I've been to. Without going in depth about my health stuff (not unwilling to, just not wanting to confuse the issue!), I've been seeing him every other day for the last 10 days, and he is helping me immensely.

He has been using kinesiology to check my vibrational frequency based on the David Hawkins scale. The first time I went, my frequency measureed at 370 (most folks are between 200-300, I believe). You must understand that raising my frequency has been my focus, and with using the ORMUS, listening to the Solfeggio frequencies, plus all the channeling I do, I KNOW my frequency is way high. Anyway, he checked an emotional stress and used the Neuro-Emotional Technique to clear it, and then re-measured my frequency and it went to 600!!! I'm not sure he has measured anyone so high before based on his exclamations of astonishment!

When I went back the next time, I took a bottle of frankincense with me, and let him measure my frequency again, and it was 630. Then, I told him not to look, and I dabbed frankincense on my brainstem area of my neck, and inhaled it. Then, he tested me again, and my frequency was up to 680!

I just wanted to do that to see if my intuition about frankincense was correct—it does, indeed, raise your frequency. I wonder if we'd had more time and the oil had a chance to integrate more fully if my frequency would have measured even higher.

Powerful stuff.

The really cool thing is that after I posted this, I went in search of the frequency scale ala Hawkins, and found a fabulous article that almost perfectly parallels the message in Recreating Eden, and that has some really cool perspectives that I think you will really resonate with. I think you’ll want to read the entire article, but I am going to quote a few paragraphs from it (which is actually excerpted from a book called Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension), by Kiara Windrider. He says:

“The Earth‘s base frequency is measurable and is represented by what is known as the Schumann Resonance. Until about two decades ago, this had remained stable at around 7.83 hertz, or cycles per second. Then suddenly (according to Gregg Braden‘s research, based on data collected by Russian and Norwegian scientists), it started climbing.

According to the science of sacred harmonics, there is a stable frequency around 8 hertz, and then another stable frequency around 13 hertz. As the base-frequency of the Earth increases, it is possible that we will eventually stabilize somewhere in the range of 13 hertz, which I feel is the beginning of fourth dimensional frequency. Braden says it has already reached somewhere between 12 and 13 hertz.

I find it very interesting that the human brainwave pattern for the alpha, or ‘threshold consciousness,’ is between 8 and 13 hertz, while the brainwave pattern for beta, or ‘waking consciousness,’ is 13 hertz and higher. As Gaia approaches 13 hertz, does this mean She is waking up?

Parallel to these base frequencies are what David Hawkins in Power vs. Force calls ‘consciousness frequencies‘. He indicates that the consciousness frequency of humanity underwent a big shift around the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and again surrounding the events of September 11, 2001. This scale of consciousness frequencies runs from 0-1000, with a turning point around 200, where we move from self-destructive to life-enhancing experiences. At the bottom of the scale is shame, progressing up through apathy, grief, and fear, to anger, pride, and finally, at level 200, to courage. Above this line, beginning with courage, we go up to neutrality, acceptance, reason, then up to love, joy, peace, and finally, from level 700, to various states of enlightenment. The journey up this scale is what our spiritual evolution is about.

What is fascinating to me in Hawkins’ system is that although the average human consciousness on the planet right now is far below 200, the collective human consciousness is above this line! This is because each person vibrating to higher consciousness on this scale counterbalances many others vibrating below 200. The scale advances logarithmically. For instance, one person vibrating at love, which is 500 on this scale, counterbalances 750,000 individuals below the line, while one enlightened person at 700 counterbalances 70 million others below the line! A single avatar at level 1000 can totally counterbalance the collective negativity of humanity…”

You’d better believe I’ll be raising my frequency up another 20 points a.s.a.p.!!! What I want you to understand is that I have gotten to this point with my frequency from practicing the principles in Recreating Eden. I have devoted myself to raising my frequency through intentional joy and unconditional radiance, and IT WORKS. It’s so very cool to have a measurement of it, and to see how what others are channeling truly mirrors what I channeled in Recreating Eden about how the restoration process works.

When we move dynamically toward joy ourselves through our moment-to-moment choices, we contribute in the most powerful possible way to the liberation of others. What an amazing system! This is SO very doable.

(The rest of the article is awesome as well. Wait till you read the part about about butterflies...)


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White Volvo station wagons

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I have been waiting to write about this until there was not much else to write about—but that time doesn’t seem to be coming! So I’ll just write about this so it will be done, and then tell you of the exciting current events in my life.


Okay. Last week, when I was leaving the chiropractor’s office, I noted that a shiny, new white Volvo station wagon was approaching me from the other end of the parking lot—not in a threatening way—just driving toward my car. And for no reason that I could come up with, it seemed to stand out in highlights for me. I should say here that I have never had any particular interest in Volvos in general, and in white Volvo station wagons in particular. As I made my way toward the health food store, I saw another white Volvo station wagon pulling out of the post office. It, also, stood out as if highlighted. “Hmmmm…interesting,” I thought.

Then, about a block later, there was another white Volvo station wagon sitting at the light on a sidestreet. I thought, “Gee—what are the odds?” I had traveled less than a half mile at this point. As I continued my journey to the store, which is about 2 miles or less from the chiropractors, I saw yet ANOTHER white Volvo station wagon passing me in the opposite direction! As I was contemplating the oddity of seeing so many of these cars in such a short space of time, I had the thought, “I wonder if I’ll see anymore white Volvo station wagons while I’m out. If I do, I’ll consider it some sort of playful little tweak from Spirit.” (Of course, it was already feeling that way, so I was kind of challenging the Universe to create another one for me.) I reached the store, parked my car and went in, promptly forgetting the whole thing as I became absorbed in checking off my shopping list.

As I exited the store 45 minutes later, what should be right in front of me in the parking lot? Yep. A white Volvo station wagon! This was getting so absurd, I no longer had any doubt that this was a creation from the part of my Self that is omnipotent! I was laughing and crying with joy over getting to play this fun game. And, of course, I wondered if I had exhausted the supply of white Volvo station wagons in Southeast Denver yet. Just as I was thinking that I was pushing it to ask for another one, sure enough, a white Volvo station wagon pulled out from a side street and traveled behind me for a mile before I turned off on my street. But that’s not all—another white Volvo station wagon passed us in the opposite direction!!! SEVEN white Volvo station wagon sightings in about a one-mile radius of home in the space of an hour.

Now—you need to know that there are a lot of Volvo station-wagon-driving types in the Denver Metro, but not so many in our neighborhood. And never, EVER have I noticed so many of the same type vehicle in such a short space of time. Granted, some of the ones I sighted on the way home could possibly have been the same cars from the trip to the store, but how interesting that we would have intersected twice like that.


Even Rick is now spotting the white Volvo station wagons. The next day, when I never left the house, he came out of his office, and in the pickup zone at the entrance to his building was a woman waiting in a… white Volvo station wagon!

There’s even more to this Volvo station wagon story, but I will leave off here for now. What do I make of it? I think it’s just my invisible friends (me, at higher levels?!) teaching me the power of focus to create. I had the fleeting, but distinct feeling yesterday as I was out and about that everything I saw was, indeed, a hologram. That seemed empowering because if you see that it is something YOU are projecting, then you can choose what it is that you are projecting and perceiving.

And an update from the Wayne Dyer campaign—we now have gained almost 200 members to our mailing list, and we didn’t even require that people give us their emails to collect the main bonuses we offered. I love knowing that all those people are connecting and now have the opportunity to read and live Recreating Eden!

There are more exciting things to report, but I’ll close this entry for now and make another one SOON!


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