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Tonight's teleseminar resource links

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For those on the call tonight, here is a link to the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System

and, to

"I Live in Love"

and, to

the article I mentioned on peace:

"Seeking Peace? Seek Joy Instead"


a reminder about December 26--I'll be hosting a phone call devoted to helping us realign after what may be a stressful holiday time. Come for a few minutes or come for longer--just check in to have an identity check in case you've lost touch with the grandeur of your Beingness! If you're on my email list, you'll get access details closer to time. (It will be the same phone number and access code as tonight's teleseminar.)

Tonight's teleseminar was "All You Need Is Love: The Key to Having It All." I think the call went really well considering I was almost 5 minutes late due to busy circuits! I was a little discombulated but managed to recover quickly! I got some encouraging and appreciative comments and one very inspiring question. It was so inspiring, I think I'll soon write an article based on it!

The question was "How am I supposed to love other people when I don't love myself?" I know you just can't bear to wait till I get the article written (grin), so I will give you the gist of the answer: You don't have to love other people--and you don't need to love yourself! (I hear you gasping!)

If you radiate Love unconditionally and impersonally the way you're designed to, the Love you receive, circulate, and radiate will transform any aspect of you suffering from a lack of Love. Ego is the one telling the lie that you are not worthy of Love, but if you radiate Love on purpose and unconditionally, you automatically transcend ego, raise your vibrational frequency up to the level where you know the Truth of Who You Are--which IS Love--and the problem is spontaneously solved!


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Shiva and Thanksgiving

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We went to sit shiva with my neighbor’s family last Sunday. Rick and I studied up in advance about paying a shiva call to make sure we did it right and didn’t commit a faux pas. We read that you wash your hands in a container that would be outside the door, enter the shiva house quietly without ringing the doorbell, seat yourself in front of the mourners, who would be sitting very low to the ground, and wait to be spoken to. And NOT to try to cheer the mourners up. They are to be grieving intensively to prepare for moving back into daily life when shiva is up (seven days).

As we drove to the daughter’s house where they were sitting shiva, I was trying not to be nervous—so many rules for us Gentiles to remember!

Well…there was no washing vessel outside the door, which was our first clue, and as I very gingerly opened the front door, I realized that my reading had not prepared us for this particular style of shiva! It was a party! A low-key party, but there was food—including herring, lochs and bagels and some kind of kugel-like dish, and all kinds of cookies, cakes, and muffins—and drink. We were offered Bloody Marys , Mimosas, or coffee with Bailey’s (the family owns a liquor store, so I’m still not sure if this is the tradition for shiva!)

There was no sitting low and weeping—while there were frequent teary eyes, it was more about celebrating Ricki’s life and just being together. There was, in fact, far more laughter than tears. I do get that intensive mourning is purposeful—heck, I’m an avid “grieve on purpose” promoter, so I really resonate with a dedicated mourn-till-you-can’t-mourn-anymore tradition, but I also know how challenging it is for people to do their grieving and releasing with people around. I’m sure every shiva is a little different, so I won’t go to my next one expecting to be fed and entertained, but I was happy to know that even when there is a tradition that is thousands of years old, there’s room for people to be themselves and do what feels right to them, in the moment.

Thanksgiving was quiet. Rick, who doesn’t like turkey or dressing, allowed me to indulge my inner child’s need for the traditional flavors, so I cooked a whole turkey breast and dressing and gravy and cranberry sauce—it was fabulous. Somehow, in my desire to reproduce the tastes of childhood, I managed to go beyond them! It was probably that I used fresh herbs from my garden to cook the turkey and wine-and-butter-soaked cheesecloth to cover it with while it roasted. Yum! Definitely not something my mom ever did. I also made a spectacular cross between a pecan pie and a chess pie (we couldn’t find the whole bag of frozen pecans I was sure we had) that was sugar free! Can you believe it? I used xylitol (a natural sweetener made from either birch trees or a number of other things like corn) and amber agave nectar. You absolutely cannot tell that there is no sugar in it—except that you don’t have to endure that sugar rush and crash syndrome. Both xylitol and agave syrup are very low glycemic.

My 85-year-old dad is coming to visit Thursday night through Tuesday early morning, so I’ll be pretty busy this coming week. But I’ll try to check in at some point. Meanwhile, this Tuesday, I’m doing a free teleseminar. Hope you can make it!

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I live in Love

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I was lying in bed the other night, drifting off to sleep, when the following came to me. And, me being me, I just had to pretty it up and make a mini-poster out of it to share.

It feels really important right now to not only be focused on Love, remembering the truth of Who We Are, but to be feeling it, too. As I read over the words, I focus on the feelings they evoke, and it raises my frequency. I also feel a delicious feeling of peace and joy.

There is a PDF of this decree available for printing out, and you can access it here (it is smoother and clearer than the jpeg below).

I hope you will enjoy this and pass it along. Share the LOVE!

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A special friend departs

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This has been a challenging week. Monday morning, I woke up with a neck-related headache from sleeping funny. The dogs didn't let me have my usual routine start--something got them excited and they were so churned up, I had to let them outside right away instead of doing my morning ablutions and reading my "I AM a Blessing" decree first as I usually do. I really do better when my morning goes according to my routine.

Not long after, the doorbell rang, and it was the lady who cleans house for our dear next-door neighbors, Stan and Ricki. She said that the door was locked and that they had not left her the key as was the custom. We made a call to the family business, and found out that they were all at the hospital. Making a long story short, I gave her our key to get in, but a little while later, she came over in tears saying that Ricki had died. In shock, I saw Stan's car in the driveway and ran over to see him. She had recently had back surgery and apparently, a clot had formed from inactivity, went to her brain, and had killed her almost instantly.

These two were so close--definitely soulmates, and it's really a challenge for me to not just dissolve in sadness for his loss. He will miss her in ways I can't bear to imagine. They did everything together--they started a business together and then continued to work there after they passed it on to their children, they traveled all over the world together, and survived the loss of their son together--and those are just the things I know about. We had an interesting connection that I first found out about 2 and a half years ago--they were married on the day I was born! My 50th birthday was their 50th anniversary.

Ricki was such a neat lady--really kind and loving and funny. I wouldn't say we were close friends based on the amount of time we spent together, but we had the kind of relationship where there was a genuine love and fondness that made our friendship far more than the sum of the minutes we spent together. Rick and Ricki had a nice relationship, too, as Rick has brought their newspaper up to their door almost every day since we moved into this house, a little over 7 years ago.

The funeral was today, and it was quite an experience. It is the first Jewish funeral I've attended. It was just a graveside ceremony, and the turnout was huge. I know they were very active in their synagogue, and the rabbi (so Rick tells me) who is the rabbi over all of Denver did the service. It was really beautiful and did her justice. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and was sunny and upper 40s. There were, of course, many tears shed, but there were also moments of levity during the service, too. Perhaps the best one was completely unplanned, however, and most meaningful to Rick and me.

After the family had entered the limo to leave, someone's car alarm went off. Rick and I both looked at each other and cracked up. I said to Rick, "That's SO Ricki!" (Ricki's car alarm often got set off in their driveway.) And then, to make it even funnier, 3 or 4 other car alarms went off, so it was a symphony of car alarms! I'm sure people thought the original alarm was their car and hit their panic button to turn it off and found it wasn't theirs after all. But I just knew that Ricki was having her fun with us! Of course, by this time, we weren't the only ones laughing. I loved that.

I will miss her so much. Even though we did not spend that much time together, it was just nice knowing she was there, and always ready with a listening ear and a hug. Interestingly, Ricki's sudden departure has brought up more of my grief for the loss of my own mother to process. That surely is a gift.

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I AM A Blessing

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Here is a mini-poster I made of a decree with which to start my day, and I thought you might like to use it as well.

I, and others I've shared it with, have noticed that just reading it raises your vibration. I have mine stuck to my bathroom mirror, and read it thoughtfully as I brush my teeth in the morning. It really does seem to make a difference in bringing me into alignment!

The image below is a jpeg I made of it, but here's a link to the PDF of it if you'd like to print it out (it's optimally sized at 8.5x11")


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I live a magical life

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Last night, I was on a conference call with an amazing woman who made the statement "I live a magical life." I immediately thought, "I love that! *I* want to live a magical life!" And my next thought was, "I DO live a magical life!" and I started naming experiences that proved that to be true. And I started really feeling it: I live a magical life!

Today, looking at the little banner I made and taped to my desk that says "I live a magical life," I thought again of the things that prove that I do. (Now--these are not all large, dramatic things--magic can be just as profound and impressive when it's a seemingly small occurrence.)

Then, I thought--wow! When I look at that and it triggers those thoughts, I'm focusing on and reinforcing having a magical life! What if I did that with other statements? So I wrote out the statements below, and plan to use them the same way. For every statement, I'm going to come up with "proof" that they're true.

So here's the list. (Add your own to it!) Can you prove these statements true in your life by citing examples? No proof is too "insignificant." Remember, you're out to prove these to be true, by whatever means you can, not prove they're false!

I live a magical life.

I live an abundant life.

I live a joyful life.

I live a purposeful life.

I live an adventurous life.

I live a love-filled life.

I live an inspired life.

Someone on The Secret Forum where I posted this today added “I live a prosperous life”—I hadn’t included that because I thought it was probably covered by “I live an abundant life,” but I can see where it might elicit different “proof” from some folks. Anyway, it’s your game and you can play it however you want! Have fun with this!

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Just Love

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Earlier this week, a quote came to my inbox in a post to a list I am on:

"Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." — Teilhard de Chardin

I love that quote. It inspires me. It reminds me of why I am here. I feel I had kind of lost my way for awhile, and was wanting to somehow tailor my teaching to fit what I thought people were wanting. (Can you say "ego"?) Because it seemed they were wanting to feel empowered by being able to manifest more reliably, I started thinking that maybe my focus on Love and joy were not going to really be all that enthusiastically received, and was wondering how I needed to alter my teaching to fit what people seemed to be interested in. And I felt a corresponding downgrade of energy.

But clearly, it was time to re-think that, because I have been attracting all kinds of wonderful energy around the topic of Love and all kinds of little "uni-winks" that, indeed, Love is the hot topic and exactly what people will respond to! After last week's teleseminar and my focus on Love being God; God being Love, and our simply needing to embody that, confirmation seems to be coming at me from all directions and I'm seeing all kinds of signs that, indeed, people are thirsting for a focus on Love—and more than that, thirsting for the feeling of being immersed in Love.

Lovely Joanie Chapell, founder of the Ho'oponopono Forum at Powerful Intentions, recently posted something to the effect that she has realized that beyond all her metaphysical pursuits, it all came down to one thing: just Love. The response to her saying that was just magical! The energy felt so pure—so purely Love-filled—just reading the thread and everyone’s heartfelt responses—including my own—gave me the feeling of coming Home. Love is Home.

I've been so hungry for that! And I can feel the hunger for it in people who are longing for something they haven't even identified yet. I feel called in a new way to facilitate this knowing for people—to help everyone know that what they're looking for is their own essence: Love. As I write this, it seems so obvious; so simple. And not exactly a newsflash. But the obvious, and certainly, the simple, is usually discounted by our egos in favor of complication. That's how ego keeps us blind and unhappy.

So...After several days of mulling it over, I was inspired today to settle on a topic for November 28's free teleseminar. I had been hearing the song by the same name as the one I gave the seminar playing over and over in my head, and so, you might say, the topic chose me! I knew it was the right one when I read the Sept. installment of Matty's Journal last night, and she was talking about that song, too, and how it all comes down to Love!

All You Need Is Love.

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