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Conversations With God

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Rick and I went to see Conversations With God (the movie) this afternoon. As luck would have it, the only theater in the Denver Metro area where it is currently showing is the closest theater to our house. Loved that!

The movie was beautifully done. The actor, Henry Czerny, who played Neale was absolutely perfect for the role. I don’t know Neale Donald Walsch personally, but I have been in reasonably close proximity to him at a spiritual conference I helped out with, and Czerny captured his interesting mixture of intensity and gentility. Not to mention, he has a similar look to Neale. Whoever cast him did a great job.

There were a couple of spots where the movie dragged just a little, but for the most part, it was a riveting story that felt very true and heart-filled. DO go see it. I believe you will find it as uplifting and inspiring as Rick and I did.

I must confess that I used to envy Neale. I remember vividly the day back in 1996 when I was browsing the local bookstore in my small North Carolina hometown and saw Conversations With God prominently displayed. A wave of jealously overcame me. I felt I had been beaten to the punch. I was in the midst of writing Recreating Eden, having intense and amazing sessions of God-channeling myself, and I wanted to scream, “I converse with God! My conversations with God ought to be here!” Not my finest moment. Fortunately, I kept my scream to myself.

Now it is so clear to me that Neale’s purpose was to awaken people in the mid-1990s (and beyond), and that my time is now. I wasn’t ready then—witness the envy and jealousy! (I once heard Julia Cameron say in an audio program based on The Artist’s Way, that who you envy is a clue as to what you are designed to do—I definitely resonated with that!) Neale Donald Walsch is a trail blazer and his work created an opening and a wider audience for me and for other teachers who are moving into our greatest effectiveness now. Divine Timing is absolutely perfect!

It is pretty hard to sustain envy for someone who had to get as far down and out as Neale did before he was ready to awaken and share his message. If you don’t know about his fascinating journey to where he is now, just go see the movie! It will inspire you.

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Rising perspectives

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We had a huge crowd for the teleseminar tonight—the most ever. And I was really bringing through a lot of energy—love that! The more energy I bring through, the higher my vibrational frequency and the more I perceive and the more joy I feel. I really adore doing those. Yep—those and attunements and classes and writing. They're perfect matches for me if my emotional indicators are accurate—and I’m quite sure they are! It feels SO good when you do what you are designed to do—OR, from another angle (the angle where you’re God pretending to be human), what you have designed for yourself to do!

It really has been driven home to me powerfully the last few days that our emotional guidance system is so perfect—so simple and elegant. If something triggers you to feel joy, it’s clear it’s in alignment for you. When you feel joy, it means you are at higher vibrational frequency. Being at higher vibrational frequency means you’re allowing more Life Force to flow—it means you’re IN the flow! It means you are coordinating with the Divine Design for your life—the one your Self is administering from above the magnetic gap—the “veil”—that is separating you from your God-Knowingness. When you feel anything less than joy, it means you’re not in the flow, so make a tactical change and do what brings you into the flow again! Such a simple concept, and not new, yet I am seeing it more vividly.

The other biggie is that I have realized that God is Love. I bet you’ve heard that before. But it has gone “ka-chunk!” in my consciousness and plugged into the model of the Whole that is being constructed in my understanding. Why is this common sentiment sending waves of change throughout my being? Because I am seeing so clearly that all the God qualities like wisdom, creativity, self-realization and real power are ours to the degree that we not only radiate Love, but that we are Love (this is always true) and know we are Love (this is something that is evolving to be true). Radiating Love raises our vibrational frequency. Our consciousnessour God-Knowingnessis commensurate with our level of frequency. When we are fully aligned with Source/God/Love, we have it all. And all we have to do is allow it! We simply need to allow the Love that we are to drive our experience of life and the rest takes care of itself. What a perfect system!

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Heather's plan

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I’ve just got to share with you a new discovery! Please go now and listen to this short audio file and then come back and read the rest of my entry! http://www.heathermacauley.com/children_bedtime.htm

Did it bring tears to your eyes? Tears of joy and tears of grief for what might have been? My wish immediately upon hearing it was that every child could have this be the soundtrack of their life. Can you imagine the difference it would make if that was the message you were given from the moment of your birth—or even before? How much easier it would be to remember Who You Are! And creator Heather Macauley’s dream is that it be so! She is wanting to make this available to every child.

After both Rick and I were so very moved by listening to the sample of the Children of Light CD, we knew we needed to order it—for ourselves! After making the purchase, I emailed Heather to make a personal connection. We had interacted a bit on the Powerful Intentions forum, but I felt the desire to reach out to her. She emailed back with enthusiasm for making the connection and shared her BIG intention and plan with me--the intention that every child be able to have this, and her plan to make it so.

I had been reading Heather’s PI posts with interest as she is a sound healer and that has been a passion of mine. In fact, I was immediately drawn to her as soon as I saw her photo on PI. It was not just her appealing and very radiant face, but her energy that was/is so attractive. You can hear it in her voice in the audio sample above—she has very calm, loving, very open-hearted energy. I know that’s what is so potent about the children’s CD—not only are the words just perfect, the energy behind them feels like a deep embrace by the Divine Mother.

Heather’s plan is just being formulated, and when she has it ready to unveil, I’ll make sure to post a link to the page on her site where she will share it. Meanwhile, if you’d like to donate to support the intention of children having access to this wonderful CD, here’s a link to do so: http://www.heathermacauley.com/donate.htm


UPDATE: Heather gave me this link to share with you so you can download the affirmations part of the CD for free!


(I hope you'll consider making a donation to help defray the cost of the extra bandwidth the downloads take)

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Relationship issues. There are few things more upsetting than having an unhealthy dynamic in place between you and someone important in your life. In response to Deborah’s comment on my last blog entry, I told her I’d post a tool for healing relationships.

In order to change a relationship, it’s vital that you make a shift within yourself. First, you need to take responsibility and claim creatorship for the whole enchilada. No matter “whose fault” you perceive the problem to be, you are the one creating your experience, and as such, you are the only one who can make a difference in your experience. By shifting your own vibration by moving out of ego and into alignment, you shift the vibration of the whole, and a change is guaranteed.

In addition, you must accept what is. Acceptance of something, whether you like that something or not, is the way you move out of resistance and into The Flow of Love so that whatever the situation is can be realigned and transformed. You do not need to fully understand or analyze what is going on to simply accept it. Acceptance is like taking a deep breath and letting it out; it is releasing all resistance around the situation. Express your willingness and intention to allow Love to flow in regards to the situation and all involved. This includes you, of course! Use your power of imagining to place everyone involved in The Flow of Love. This is profoundly transformative in and of itself.

At the level above the ego, we are always firmly ensconced in The Flow of Love and we are always profoundly wise and peaceful. One exercise I frequently recommend is shifting your focus to that higher level of being and convening a meeting of the Higher Selves of all involved in a relation issue, including your Self, of course. Understand that there is only Love and Light at this level of Being and that there is never any conflict whatsoever. So when you imagine this meeting, you will see the true relationship, not the ego-involved relationship.

There are several things you can do once you have convened the meeting. First, simply observe the divinity of these radiant beings and notice that there is perfect harmony between you and the other person at that level. Notice that the Light emanating from and surrounding the two (or more) of you finds no barriers or boundaries—see the Light of your Higher Self and their Higher Self as one Light melded together. Notice the looks on your faces and notice the beautiful compassion and radiant joy there. Feel your own physical face taking on the expression of compassion just as the countenance of your Higher Self is wearing. You might even see these enlightened selves laughing and having fun together just as you would like the reality to be at the mundane level.

Just doing this obervation is extremely powerful and may be all that is needed to catalyze a shift. But if you sense that more is needed, you may ask these Light beings for assistance. Simply ask them to heal whatever needs healing. If you still need more, you might ask them to tell you what you need to do to facilitate this healing. As you close the meeting, offer your appreciation and gratitude for the healing that has already occurred, and then go about your business with the feeling of joy that the resolution of the relationship issue inspires.

A key component is that you choose to know, at your core, that all is well and that in due time, you will experience a difference in the outer dealings you have with the person or people involved. Remember to be patient and trust in Divine Timing. Also, although there’s a definite chance that things will suddenly show improvement, remember not to judge how things look in the process of healing. Sometimes it can look for all the world like things are going wrong and getting worse when actually, it’s just that something needs to come to a head to be released so the healing can proceed. Stay centered in Love and trust in Love’s transformational power.

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Easy iPod

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After getting my 1GB iPod Nano this spring, and loving it and using it daily, but being very judicious about what I put on it due to the limited capacity, I began to “work” on attracting an iPod with more memory.

My work consisted of saying to the Universe, “I love my iPod, but I don’t like the feeling of being limited by such a small capacity. I like the feeling of having more room than I need to put all the music on there that I would like to and more. Please acquire at least a 4GB iPod for me--something that would let me put all the songs I want to on it. And oh—make it free.”

I thought about it casually a few times, but didn’t focus on it for long at a time. I just felt quietly confident that my bigger iPod would be showing up. No longing—just a moment now and then of feeling how nice it would be to have lots of room to add all the music I would like to. That seems to be keythe desire and the feeling and the detachment.

Guess what I am listening to at this moment? A brand new, 30GB video iPod! Pretty close to unlimited space--it will store up to 7,500 songs. And guess how much it cost? Zero! Well—okay. It cost Rick 40 minutes of time to listen to a sales pitch.

Rick is a director of IT for the Denver branch of his company, and is responsible for purchasing a lot of computer-related equipment. I don’t know exactly what this guy was selling, but he wanted to bend Rick’s ear. When he told Rick he’d give him a 30GB video iPod simply for listening to his pitch, Rick knew he wasn’t going to be buying what he was selling, so to his credit, he honorably declined.

But then, (and no, I did not twist his arm!) he decided to tell the guy that he really could not see that he’d ever be purchasing anything from him, but that if he wanted to give him his pitch, he would listen. So he did. And afterward, the guy handed over the iPod to Rick!

And after playing with it for a few days and deciding he wouldn’t get as much use out of it as I would, Rick handed it over to me. Nice “work,” eh?!

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…is on the way! Tomorrow, someone is coming over to look at our house and tell us how much she will charge us to dig it out and keep it clean. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have found someone who I feel okay about doing this. First off, while there are filthier houses in the world by far, I wouldn’t want to live in them! I’m not much of a housekeeper to start with, and the combination of my physical challenges of late, and my unrelenting focus on my career, has been a guarantee that the dust bunny population has been able to thrive. Dust bunnies: Consider this fair warning.

Who is this brave soul who is riding to the rescue? It’s Heidi, the receptionist/assistant from my chiropractor’s office. She is very energetic, very meticulous, LOVES to clean (!), and, in this case, just as importantly, is very compassionate and understanding. Just the kind of person I need. Last week when she was telling me about another house she cleans on her days off and I said, “If they ever don’t need you anymore, you can come clean our house!” it seemed like a miracle when she immediately said, “I’ll clean your house on my other free afternoon!” And even more of one when I told her how neglected it has been and she still wanted to do it! Wow—looks like even Spirit is tired of the dust!

To understand, you need to know that Denver is one of the dustiest places in the world—I swear, all the dust from the Great Plains backs up against the mountains and settles on Denver. Even if you dusted every few days, it would not be enough. Perfectionist that I am, my response has largely been to just give up and not even try. (You know, perfectionism doesn’t just mean you do everything perfectly, it means you want to do everything perfectly and if you think you can’t, you just don’t do it at all.) Now—it’s not that I don’t ever dust, it’s just that in some places, it’s been such a long time since I dusted it may as well have been never. Once things start to get that bad, I get overwhelmed and throw up my hands. Which is what had happened till now.

There was someone else we were considering hiring, but she came in the house and immediately screwed up her face and said, “Oooooo—this house is very dusty!” And that was not that long after I had dusted! She said she was willing to clean regularly after a few rounds of heavy cleaning, but even though I thought about it a lot, and kept her number on the bulletin board next to my desk, I was just never able to bring myself to call her. Now I know why—I was waiting for Heidi! I need Heidi’s compassionate assurances that I am an okay person even though I’m a lousy housekeeper—something she has already given in response to my telling her my “dirty little secrets” to prepare her for her visit tomorrow. The other lady who came by to give an estimate made quite a different comment by the look on her face and the tone of her voice!

Rick is thrilled Heidi is coming, too. He’s been the one who’s had to pick up the slack while doing much more than the basics of life has been too hard on my knees. He’s really been a life saver, but he's no keener a housekeeper than I am, so it will be a collective sigh of relief when she has done her magic! Even though my knees have improved a lot, I only see more and more involvement with my work, and it will be really great to have a clean house to do that in! And it couldn’t possibly hurt my health to live in a clean place...

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I can't write much right now as I'm preparing for my teleseminar which is in less than an hour, but I just had to blog today because I realized that it's the 2-year anniversary of my very first blog entry!

How far I've come in soooooo many ways! Then, I was just dreaming of what I'm living now--many people to share the message with, and lots of opportunities to do what I love to do. It's reinforcement for me that truly, every journey starts where you are and if you just put one foot in front of the other, you may not feel great leaps of progress as you go, but when you are faithful and continue doing that, you can one day look back and see how very far you've come!

Last night, our mailing list topped 1000. Not huge by Wayne Dyer standards, but it's the most we've had! And it's growing really, really quickly these days. Even before the Gary Renard bestseller campaign that we contributed a couple of bonus gifts to, which is drawing hundreds to our site, the list was growing like Topsy. The energy has really picked up and people feel it and know they want to connect with it.

Today, I received a lovely blog comment (on the entry just before this) from someone who said she had spent most of the day reading my entire blog. I confess that this was one of my fantasies as well--that someone would feel such a connection to the energy I was bringing through, they'd want to read the whole thing! Unless someone else has done that and just not mentioned it, that's another milestone for this amazing journey I'm on.

Well, I'd better continue preparing for Ego 101, and I'll blog again when Spirit moves me!

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Going for the gold

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Since we got snowed out of going to view the aspens Friday, Sept. 22 when we had originally planned to go (it didn’t snow in Denver, just in the mountains), I was seized with the notion to see if Rick could take the afternoon off to go this past Friday, even though I figured the leaves must have gotten mostly knocked off the trees with the snow. Well, he could, we did, and I was wrong! Wrong about the leaves being knocked off, anyway. My instinct to go to the mountains that day was right on!

As it turned out, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and the leaves were at peak on most of the route we usually take over Squaw Pass from Evergreen to Idaho Springs. In fact, I think that even if the weather had been right to go the week before, the leaves would have been less spectacular. Not to mention, I ended up being buried in newsletter prep last Friday. Divine Order, again. Here's a sample of what we saw:

Once again, I was struck by how fortunate we are to live so close to such dramatic beauty. I confess that I often let wishing it made sense for us to live in the mountains overshadow the benefits of living close to them. As long as there are Hamrick girls in need of rides and such, it is only reasonable to live in close proximity to where they live, not to mention, to Rick’s office. I can’t say that if I lived in the mountains, I’d grow to take them for granted. No—that’s unlikely. But, this way, I can have a fabulous garden without needing to deer-proof it, AND I can go to the mountains and be thrilled by them whenever the urge strikes. All bets are off as far as where we live when all the girls have flown the nest!

Tomorrow night (Oct. 2) is the second group attunement session. Due to a snafu, we had to reschedule the first one for last Monday night, and it was awesome. You know I love doing attunements, anyway, but it was really neat to have the group energy to support me while I tuned into Divine Wisdom and addressed people’s questions/issues. Everyone who was on the call was really thrilled with the session, which, of course, was wonderful for me to hear since it was the first one and I had gone into it wondering how it would be. (Silly ego—I had been powerfully guided to institute the group attunements—why would I worry?!) Tomorrow night is the second session and we still have openings, so if you are interested in getting some Light shined upon something in your life, not to mention, a blast of powerful, transformational energy, you might want to join in. Here’s a link to find out more.: http://www.recreating-eden.com/attunements_group.html

And speaking of ego, remember that I’m giving a free teleseminar Tuesday called “Ego 101: What Your Ego Would Rather You Not Know.” I hope you’ll be on the call!

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