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When it’s time, it’s time!

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This morning I had a session with Mary Mooney, my friend and therapist/coach, and even though I wasn’t feeling quite as needful of it as I had been when I first called her (it took us a couple of days of phone tag to connect), it was very balancing for me. I learned that I have integrated the knowing that “I AM Source” about 35% and that it’s time to integrate that to about 85%. I’m not even sure what that means, but I guess I will know it when I experience it!

With her help and the help of my angels, I also came to the understanding that I could really use less time analyzing and more time just being. That more time resting my mind in meditation will really serve me well. This works out great because I will soon have a fabulous aid to mindlessness: An Endless Pool! The best meditations I have ever had have been while swimming laps in a swimming pool. The physical movement, the repetitive motion, the oxygenation, the water element—these are all contributors to my being able to totally zone out. A true Pisces, I am a fish at heart.

My greatest inspirations have come to me in the pool. It is truly my favorite place to be and has been since I was a very young child. I was a competitive swimmer from age 7 to age 15, and then just swam laps for fitness from my early 20s until my late 40s. But I have not been able to swim for the last few years because I developed a sensitivity to chlorine that made it so that my skin itched ferociously after swimming and my eyes burned unbearably. The last time I swam laps in a public pool, I could not fully open my eyes for almost a day afterward. And that was with perfectly fitting goggles. So, because there are no public pools that I have been able to find in Denver that don’t use chlorine, I reluctantly stopped swimming and began to use the Nordic Track and LifeCycle for my exercise. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that I have not been able to use them since I injured my knee.

I am not all water—I have a lot of fire that needs to be burned off, and doing without aerobic exercise has not been good for me. I've gained weight, lost "altitude" (have not been able to keep my vibrational frequency as high--exercise is SUCH a major mover of Life Force) and have become less strong. Anyway, all that to say that the time has come for an Endless Pool. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s a small pool (7’x14’ interior) with a motorized current that you swim against so you’re swimming in place like a treadmill for swimmers. This suits me perfectly because I have never liked making turns—it’s disruptive to the trance state I always go into when I swim. This way, you just swim and swim and swim and don’t have to turn. Or worry about running into anybody. Or wait for a lane. Or fit your schedule to a facility’s schedule. I can swim anytime. I plan to keep a pen and notebook next to the pool—it used to frustrate me so because I’d have the most powerful insights in the pool and have to wait till I got back to the locker room to write them down.

Yes—the time has come. In oh-so-many ways, my time has come for an Endless Pool. I could go on and on, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this. The Denver rep for E.P. is coming to our house Monday to get the process started. We also signed a contract to get new siding put on our house today. We were going to get estimates from several contractors, but we were so impressed with the guy who came today, and it felt so in alignment to both Rick and me, we decided to just go for it. (Not to mention, it is no small relief to know we don’t have to sit through more endless hours of “siding education”! Endless Pool: yes. Endless siding sales pitches: no.)

On a different note, Shama Hyder is offering something fun and helpful on her website. It’s a sheet for doing the Abraham-Hicks placematting technique—you know—where on one side of the page, you write what you would like to do, and on the other, what you’d like the Universe to handle for you. I just downloaded it and printed one out. Go on over to Shama’s site—DivineReachCoaching.com and get it (Delegating to the Universe printable list), too!

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I really loved the energy on the call tonight! It was a record turnout, too! If you participated, I want to thank you for sharing your Light and Love!

Here is a link to the Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising System mentioned in tonight’s teleseminar.

Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising System

I also mentioned a few essential oils—Release, Joy, and frankincense. Here is a link to my Young Living site where you can read about them. All of them are amazing at moving your energy from your reptilian/primitive brain into your frontal lobes--a must for raising your vibrational frequency. Release is aces for dissolving that yucky feeling in your solar plexus that you get when ego gets its "nose out of joint"! Feel free to ask me for assistance if you'd like to order some oils.

Here is a link to the free EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) manual

This is a link to the Raise Your Frequency! Forum at Powerful Intentions, and the thread that has some info and instructions on the circular/ Rebirthing breath

If I have forgotten anything I said I’d post, please feel free to remind me by leaving a comment! And, of course, there are a lot of articles on my Articles page to help you with raising your frequency up to the level where joy--and it's higher expression, ecstasy--is your experience.


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Here’s a reply I made to someone recently that may provide food for thought. I don't remember what the original question was, but I think the answer stands alone:

You can absolutely have what you truly, wholeheartedly (that's a key word) desire. The critical missing piece is that YOU are larger than the level you're perceiving from on a daily basis. You are primarily operating from a vibrational frequency that is lower than your "higher self," as determined by however much you allow your ego to run the show. The greatest part of you is operating above ego level.

Your ego, which has limited vision, has definite ideas about what you ought to have, but the Self that is completely connected to Source Energy and Wisdom that can see more than you're able to at the level where you're perceiving from also has definite ideas about what is in harmony for you and has the potential to bring you the greatest joy and harmony. Your idea about "I can create exactly what I want" is true--but you have to take into consideration that the greatest part of you--the "I" that has the most influence over Universal Forces, may not want what your ego-directed mind wants.

The key is to rise in vibrational frequency higher and higher so that your thoughts are automatically more and more aligned and consistent with the higher thoughts the Big You is having! You really, really don't want something that isn't in alignment with your Self.

You might want to read "Ego or Higher Self: Who's Behind Your Decisions" for more understanding about your all-knowing Big You's wisdom.

If you are on my mailing list, you know that I'm doing a free teleseminar tonight called "Real Ecstasy." If you didn't get the phone number and access code, just add your name to my email list (see little box on this page to the right or on any page of my website) before 8:30 Eastern time and I'll email them to you!

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A little movement

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Well, the fog has mostly lifted! I am feeling much more engaged and energetic now. I’m still getting a red light when I think about working on my book, and though I wrote a new article today, I haven’t yet become swept up in working on the newsletter, but all in all, I’m feeling some movement, and it’s quite a relief. I can see that it would be helpful for me to re-focus on intentionally raising my vibration.

With winter here--especially this particular winter that has been so challenging with the frequent snows and the bitter cold--and no real outdoor time like I have so much of during garden season, conditions are not as naturally conducive for me to feel constantly connected, so I need to be more proactive in that way. I intend to keep uplifting music on, some essential oils in the diffuser, and find some exercises that keep me oxygenated and feeling lighter.

The two youngest Hamrick girls were over tonight for dinner, and wanted to watch American Idol. Wow—it’s like watching a car crash. You don’t want to see the horror, yet you are transfixed and can hardly look away! I am appalled at both the insensitivity of not only the judges, but of the producers and directors and how they rabidly pursue the…um…contestants with the most likelihood to elicit ridicule and feelings of superiority from the audience. I felt myself torn between sympathy for their pain, and wonderment at how in the world these people could possibly so un-self-aware that they really thought they had a shot (not saying they shouldn't follow their passion, but it's painfully obvious that singing is not a passion for most of them), and more head-scratchingly than that, were willing to let themselves in for being treated so poorly!

One of the reasons we watched is that a friend of the girls was on American Idol tonight. Rudy Cardenas, (if you saw the show, he was the one from Venezuela ) went to high school here in Denver , and is in a popular a cappella group called “m-pact” that the girls and their mom have befriended. When they’re in town, the group often stays at the girls’ house. So they were extra excited to see his audition. He, indeed, did a great job like the pro he is, and made it through to go to Hollywood . So there will be more of his performances to watch. Thankfully, by the time he’s on again, they will be through the very painful initial auditions!

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Hibernation time

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I am lost. Okay—I’m not lost, I just feel that way. I am going through one of those broken-compass periods of low-to-no motivation. Feeling like a blob. Not feeling able to get myself psyched up for anything. Not sure of my direction. My winter newsletter is due to be published, but, whereas I normally am excited to work on it, I just feel tired when I think about it. Since I am committed to following my energy and enthusiasm, and about the only places they seem to be taking me are to the daybed, sofa, or bed right now, I guess I’ll have to trust that those are the places I most need to be!

I thought about not sharing this in an effort to preserve my image (Hello, ego!), but I felt motivated to write this (Ha! Motivation! Must follow it!), and I know that it might just be comforting to some readers to know that I, who probably seems to be focused and have it mostly together, has times when she feels anything but.

Is it the weather? I’m sure that has something to do with it. It’s extremely cold here—in the minuses tonight. Today’s high was 10 degrees according to the thermometer on our patio, though the TV news had the temp at 3. I guess that’s because they measure it at the airport which is pretty much out in the wilderness, away from the heat of the city. They’re saying it’s going to be super cold for the next few days—seeing that it’s going to get up to the 20s and low 30s next week is thrilling! While I've never figured out how to enjoy single-digit temps, I guess the cold snap would not be such an issue with me if we had not been socked in by the snow for so long. While we’ve been able to get out some of the time, getting around has been challenging as there is still mega snow everywhere and many of the neighborhood streets are horrendous. Not meaning to complain, but I just have a serious case of cabin fever. I like my options open, and with the weather so funky, it feels like there’s a wall around the house that has me trapped. More likely, it’s a vibrational wall.

I know, I know. I need to raise my frequency. But for whatever reason, it feels like the thing to do in service to that is to hunker down and birth whatever is waiting to emerge from me. It’s almost like there is something inside me (Sweet Julie? Is that you?) that needs me to be still and to stop focusing on productivity as a measure of worth. I have had an intellectual knowing of that for quite awhile, but it’s one of those things that is going “kerchunk” into my being right now.

Part of my new, more thorough realization of this is from offering the autobiographical account of the time just before and just after my mountaintop experience to people to read. I posted the offer on PI, having people email me to get the link to the PDF of it if they were interested. That caused me to re-read it for the first time in years, and, in reading it with fresh eyes, I was able to really identify how much my self-worth has been tied up in certain things like bravery, productivity, and “getting it right.” The getting it right thing is HUGE. Jeez Louise—No one has ever been as hard on me as I have been! I’m so grateful that Rick is so wise and kind and encouraging of me. He’s seen those patterns all along. Tonight he said he was concerned that I was resisting being a blob and said he hoped I’d just surrender to my funk so I could move on through it.

Anyway, if you would like to read the autobiography (105 double-spaced pages) which is online, please email me and I’ll send you the link. If you don’t have my email address, just use the Contact Us feature on the website and it will come to my personal email.

Gee—you’re a good listener—I feel better already! There’s more to tell--like me reconnecting with a long lost love--but I think I hear my bed calling…

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The Celestine Prophecy

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Someone called my attention last week to the fact that The Celestine Prophecy movie is out on DVD now, so I asked Rick to get it for us to watch this weekend. (Did I tell you that my main Christmas present was a DVD player that I can watch from my daybed/throne?)

Once again, it was snowing, but he was able to get to the video store without problem. I was happy to hear the clerk I talked to on the phone when I called to find out if they had a copy say that it is very popular. It’s nice to think the message is getting out in a larger way. Of course, the young man at the first Blockbuster I called had never heard of it, so I guess the ripples have not reached the shore just yet!

I first read the book in 1993 or ’94 soon after it was first published. I have an original first edition from when James Redfield self-published it, given to me by my dear friend Dale, who had a small mobile bookstore along with her gem and mineral business. As a self-published author myself, Redfield is somewhat of a hero to me and other self-publishers as he peddled the book out of the trunk of his Honda and sold 10,000 copies before Warner Books picked it up, republished it, and took it to the big time. To date, it has sold more than 20 million copies.

So I was wondering what the movie would be like. The book, while filled with profound and life-changing spiritual truth, was not…how shall I say?...written with professional polish. So though it was imbued with lots of great ideas, energy and heart, it was somewhat of a challenging read for someone like me who really loves expertly crafted writing. I had heard that Redfield had written the screenplay, so I wondered…

And, as it turns out, the movie is pretty much just like the book—heart-filled, with lots to offer, but, in my admittedly picky opinion, could have used a little bit more polish. Some of the special effects were pretty cheesy, but I doubt they had the budget for Industrial Light and Magic! That didn’t, however, stop it from delivering the message and from being truly inspirational. I enjoyed it and found it quite entertaining and uplifting. I imagine that it will be opening up many thousands more to its message of Truth and Light. As the book proved, it’s the message, the intent, and the energy that counts!

We watched “The Making of The Celestine Prophecy,” which was one of the special features on the DVD, and in it, Redfield says that, over the years, he had offers from about 12 different production companies to make the movie, but he never felt things were in alignment for collaborating with any of them. He said it was only when he began working on the screenplay himself that he felt the energy moving to get the movie made. You have to appreciate his discipline—I’m sure he could have made a lot of money if he’d let Paramount or Disney or someone big make the film.

As we watched the credits roll, we saw that it was dedicated to the memory of John Austin, who was Redfield’s right-hand man for many years. I had a brief business relationship with John, who was recommended to me by mega-book publicity expert, Arielle Ford, as someone who might help me get the word out about Recreating Eden since her fees were out of reach for me.

When we connected, he seemed very excited about the book and about me, but was challenging to pin down—he seemed to have a few too many irons in the fire to focus as much as I needed him to, but he was really a dynamic and exciting guy with lots of great ideas, many of which I have implemented, such as putting my photo on the front page of the website, including audio offerings, and doing teleseminars. (Thanks, John!)

He and I had several meetings by phone trying to figure out exactly what he was going to do in service to the cause, and how much it was going to cost. I had wanted to pay him a lump sump of a few thousand dollars for a contract of certain services, but he was insisting on being paid by the hour. After a few lengthy conversations that never came to any conclusion, he kind of dropped off the radar. I figured it was just the Universe’s way of saying he was not right for the job and let it go.

Ultimately, I guess that was correct. I learned about a year later that he had died suddenly, not more than a month or two after our last conversation! Shocking! He was so full of life and then…gone! It was one of those times when I realized how well the Universe—including John, himself—was looking out for me. Paying someone who was about to leave the planet thousands of dollars up front would have been quite a financial loss.

Anyway, I was happy to see that they dedicated the movie to him. He was a neat guy.

Do see The Celestine Prophecy if you can!

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Well, if today is a portent of the way things will be in 2007, it’s going to be a very interesting year!

I wouldn’t have thought I would have felt so high-frequency after yesterday’s downing of a bottle of champagne, watching of a football game, and eating of steak and lobster followed by chocolate! I kind of figured today would necessarily be a detox day, and yet I feel fantastic and many of my thoughts have been of the higher variety that would normally require my having consumed a minimum of pollutants!

Though I did feel clearer than expected, I kept my activity to a minimum, and indulged in a day hanging out with the pups on the daybed, watching a Monk marathon (and no, that is not about a member of a religious order—it’s a series on USA Network about a detective with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder!). Ever since I completed my mandatory holiday activities last week, I’ve been pretty lazy, doing a lot of relaxing and storing up for a fresh start this week.

So now I think I’ve largely fulfilled my need to be a slug, and I can feel my desire to channel new articles on the rise. And that is convenient, as an article I agreed to write for a compilation book is due, and I’m excited about working on my Winter 2007 (2007?!!!) newsletter. I have already selected a photo for it from the aftermath of the snow of last week.

A really shocking thing happened in Denver last night, or, rather, early morning of New Year’s Day. A Denver Broncos football player was shot and killed while in a limo, leaving a party. Apparently, Darrent Williams was a really well-liked, stand-up guy, but in his earlier youth (he was only 24), had been involved with a really rough crowd. Rick and I discussed what relation that might have had to what happened to him, and I expressed my theory about “rooms.”

The way I see it, when Jesus said, “My father’s house has many mansions,” he was talking about vibrational frequencies and specific energy dynamics that we become a part of based on our focus and vibration. It’s like if we are attuned to and focused on a violence dynamic, we are, in essence buying ourselves a ticket to the “mansion” and the “room” in that mansion where violence is present.

Here’s where some questions came up that we were chewing over: Even if you are not currently consciously focused into the violence, are you still in that room? Does it take a very specific, conscious shift to leave the room—or mansion—where the violence manifests in order not to continue to be subject to it? How do shift your vibration so that something you were deeply involved with in the past will not dictate what you are aligned with now and what mansion you are living in? To get to the "peace room," is there something beyond raising your vibrational frequency one must do? Deliberately choosing Oneness would surely seem to be the key.

One would think that someone who plays a game such as football may have a continued resonance with violence—but, of course, I did not know the young man and I have no idea if he was still actively involved in…hmmm…how shall I say it?...the seedier side of life? It will be interesting to see what the police find out about the shooter(s) and if he had an active relationship with them. At any rate, though I'm sure his family is very sad, I trust that the soul that was Darrent, is off on a new and beautiful adventure...

Here's affirming for you a really lovely, joyous, fulfilling 2007!

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