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Birthday in Easy World

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Today was my 53rd birthday. My inner child is appalled--she never gave her consent to that! And I must say--I never imagined that my 53rd would be my very BEST birthday ever! I'm going to tell you all about it, so let me start at the beginning.

The first wonderful thing--after discovering that Rick had remembered to put up the traditional birthday decorations in honor of the occasion--is that no contractors were scheduled to come today. We're all done for now until the pool arrives, Hooray! Heidi, our intrepid housecleaning angel, came today and scrubbed the garage in preparation, which was no small feat considering the mud that had been tracked in over the last few weeks as snowmelt met contractor boots! She also purged the house of all the dirt that had made its way into the house on shoes and puppy paws, and changed the sheets and cleaned the bathrooms. She is some kind of amazing--this was all done in 4 hours.

I received a bunch of cards today, some of which contained money (big smile), and I got an Easy World affirmation mug from Rick, who got it from the Easy World Boutique. (Designed by you-know-who)Of course, my main present is the swimming pool! Now THAT is some kinda present!!!

While Heidi did her magic, Rick and I took off to Indian Hills, the little foothills town where we got married, to have lunch at Base Camp, a really cute little cafe, where Gary, the co-owner with his wife, Tammy, makes the world's best Reuben sandwiches and she, yummy lattes. And that's what I had. YUM.

Everytime we go there, it puts me in touch with my longing to live in a small, close-knit community. We love sitting there as the locals drop by--quite an interesting lot! We love talking to Tammy, too.

Today, the word "easy" came up in reference to the amount of syrups in the latte she made me, and Rick and I looked at each other as "easy" had once again asserted itself. So I mentioned Easy World, and her face lit up like a 60-watt bulb! She got it in an instant!

What is it about the term Easy World? I swear--it's almost like a code phrase that trips people's wake-up triggers! Darndest phenomenon I've witnessed in my 53 years!

They have really great desserts at Base Camp, and I found myself eyeing the cookies. I really craved one--or more--but our dinner reservation was for 6:30, and I knew we'd be eating by 7:00-ish, and it was already 2:45, so I thought the better of it. Besides--I figured I might want dessert after dinner at the restaurant, so I did not buy one to take home for later as I had thought about. But MAN, I wanted a cookie! I could just taste the chocolate chips in the buttery cookie...(Me telling you this will make more sense in a bit!)

So we headed home after lunch, and Rick took a nap (very Easy World) and I decided to go to Hobby Lobby to see if they had lampshades that would work on our new chandelier. I checked their weekly ad online to see if perchance they had their lamps and accessories on sale this week, but alas, not. I dowsed to see if I ought to just forget it, but got an emphatic "no" and so I decided to go.(It's only about a mile from our house.) When I got there, I got a parking place right at the door, and when I got to the lamp aisle, there was a flyer saying that all lamps and accessories were 50% off!

The only shades I found that there were 5 of were the right color and size, and I was able to find the couple of other small items I wanted to get without making extra steps--all very easy. When checkout time came, both of the open checkstands had long lines, so I said, "I live in Easy World, where everything is easy," and not 15 seconds later, a new line opened, and all but one person in front of me moved to the new line. And the lady in front of me only had one item. Nice.

When I got to the register, I said to the clerk, "These shades are on sale, right?" and she said, "I don't think so." Then she said, "I'll go see." When she came back, she said, "Lucky for you, the weekend crew was lazy and never took last week's signs down, so I have to give them to you at 50% off." Charmed shopping trip!

We went to dinner at a restaurant we'd never been to called Black Pearl, in a charming little neighborhood shopping district that we love. It is "Restaurant Week" in Denver, which means that the best restaurants in town are doing meal specials that include appetizers, entrees, and desserts at only $52.80 for 2 people (Denver is the Mile High City, so therefore the 5280 correlation)--quite a bargain as most of these, like the one we went to, are upscale restaurants.

We chose this restaurant a month ago when the menus for Restaurant Week were first published, and I had forgotten what the special menu was. I was delighted to discover that the entree I had forgotten about was escolar, this really amazing fish that I love, and it was fabulous--in fact, everything was.

But here's the magic: one of the 2 desserts offered on the special menu was called..."Milk and Cookies"! I had three cookies--2 choclate chip and 1 white chocolate macadamia--with "milk" which was actually a special martini made with vanilla vodka and Lady Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur! So I got my cookies after all! And they were warm and gooey! Exactly what I had been craving. And the martini was perfect with them. Now--how many high-end restaurants serve cookies for dessert?! A total Easy World creation. (Sweet Julie, my inner child, feels better about turning 53 now.)

There are so many more magical things that occurred today, but I have already written enough. Suffice to say that it was a very special and wonderful day, which would have been the case regardless, as long as I could spend it with my best friend and super hubby, Rick! And to top it all off, I have clean sheets to look forward to.

I love Easy World.

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I can't believe I never posted a link to the Easy World Forum! I started an Easy World forum on Powerful Intentions last weekend, and it is really hopping with lots of people and ideas and sublime energy!

Here is the URL: http://powerfulintentions.com/forum/easyworld

Here is something I just posted there about an experience I had this afternoon. (Isha--if you're reading this, hi!)


Okay. This is so cool, I just have to share it. As I was composing the message above, my office line rang and it was a bubbly young lady wanting to sell her company's services to us so we could draw more attention to my Young Living business, which she somehow knew about--probably from some leads list.

I interrupted her immediately to explain that I am primarily a spiritual teacher and author and that my Young Living business is just an auxilliary business--basically, a service that I provide to people because the essential oils are such powerful tools--and that I'm not interested in making a particular hoopla over it.

Except where I intended to say "Young Living," I said "World" instead of "Living" since I was immersed in Easy World. So I said, "Oops--I meant Young Living, not Young World--I was in the middle of doing something related to Easy World when you called and I got a little mixed up."

"EASY WORLD?" she said. "Tell me about Easy World--I like the sound of that!" So, without going into great detail of the conversation, which was magical, she latched onto Easy World before I'd had a chance to say but about a half a sentence!

By the time our 3-minute conversation concluded, she had long since ceased trying to sell me anything, and proclaimed that while she had called me to sell me something, she had the feeling the real reason she called was that she needed to know about Easy World.

In explaining EW, I said that we tell ourselves that things are hard--and she jumped in and said, "and that just makes it even harder when we tell ourselves that, doesn't it?!" A quick study!

Said she'd been wanting to be more spiritually focused and have less negativity in her life. I told her the Law of Attraction had put us together today and she said she'd never heard of LOA. So I told her about The Secret and gave her the URL to my website so she could read my blog entries about Easy World. She was so excited when she hung up!

Didn't sell me a thing, but she got a priceless treasure instead of a commission.

Doncha just love it? Easy World is sucking people into its vortex right and left!


You might also enjoy checking out the latest items and designs in the Easy World Boutique. I added a couple of Recreating Eden shirts there as well as more EW items. I'm loving my "It's always miracle time in Easy World" clock and my EW mug!

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Tonight’s teleseminar—"Creating the Vibrational Template for a Holy Relationship"was buzzing! I promised to post the list of relationship qualities I talked about here. These are what we all want in a relationship and need to be giving to ourselves and allowing from Source in order to create an energy blueprint for manifesting a relationship that mirrors them. Instead of just posting the list, I’m going to post the list with my seminar notes on them plus a few more key points. I’m not bothering to do much cleaning up of these—remember, these were notes to myself—so glean what you can!


Relationships are mirrors of what is within. If you’re needy within, guess what’s going to outpicture in a relationship?! The healthier you are—the more you have embraced your Wholeness—by the time you manifest a relationship, the healthier the relationship will be (or current relationship will be).

  • Love—you withhold Love from yourself when you refuse to radiate Love unconditionally . The more you're willing to simply love, the more Love you will have in your life in all ways
  • Loyalty—how are you selling yourself out? Betraying yourself? By not taking a stand for your energy autonomy? Being a doormat?
  • Respect—do you have total respect for yourself? Speak to yourself as you would have someone speak to you? Treat yourself as you would want someone to treat you?
  • Honesty and integrity—what are you lying to yourself about? Not owning up to? Pushing out of consciousness so as not to have to deal with? Do you trust yourself? Spirit? The process?
  • Passion—how are you withholding passion in your life? Settling for dull? Not taking risks?
  • Thoughtfulness and consideration—huge in a relationship—are you thoughtful and considerate of yourself? Of your time alone with Spirit? Etc.
  • Expressiveness—are you doing and saying wonderful things to and for yourself?
  • Dependability—Where are you not trusting Source to come through for you?
  • Intimacy—Being truly known and understood and having someone willing to look at even the less attractive parts of you and not withdraw from you. “Into me see” what are you unwilling to look at and be present with? If you are unwilling to be open and able to look at the challenging things within yourself, how are you going to do that with someone else and create a relationship that features intimacy?
  • Affection—Are you affectionate with yourself? Speak lovingly to yourself? Think of yourself lovingly?
  • Excitement—Where are you withholding from excitement? Are you able to notice and get excited over little stuff in your life? Over the continuous flow of gifts from Source?
  • Ease—are you allowing ease to be the predominant dynamic in your life?
  • Romance—Are you doing that for yourself which you would want someone else to do for you? Are you noticing/appreciating the gazillion dozen roses Source has provided for you? Diamond glints on the water? Or the stars? Source really did hang the moon—human lover cannot do that!

Look for evidence that you are already SO LOVED! Love does not come from other human beings—it only comes from Source.

This is a special note about the question from Jill: Loving someone requires being as empowered as possible through alignment with Source. When you do this for yourself, you empower the other person. As you move toward empowering yourself, you will be in position to further allow the other person to empower himself.

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True confession time

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This is a little embarrassing, but I'm going to 'fess up in service to illuminating a truth about Easy World...

Remember the account of how I magically manifested the iPod? (see blog entry "Easy iPod")

Well...as I explained, Rick had it for a few days first, and loaded it up with all the sound files he had on his computer, which were a lot as he had downloaded lots of stuff from Napster back before that became a problem. I listened to his stuff some, but really wanted my music on there. No big deal--I knew I once I docked it to my computer and my iTunes library, I could wipe all that stuff out and replace it with my music.

Just one thing: he had already made his computer the iPod's home. I had heard several horror stories about trying to switch an iPod's home computer, and made the assumption that it was a hard thing to do. Rick said he'd done it--no problem--so I was going to have him help me.

Well...sometimes around here, getting around to non-emergency technical things that require us to be in the same space at the same time can take awhile, and with lots of other priorities, not to mention, my needing to remember that I needed help when help was available...well, you know. But finally, today, he was available and I was available and the time was right, so I asked him to help me. The first thing he said was, "Have you tried hooking up the iPod to your computer yet?"

"Um, no."

So I hand him the cord (my laptop is no longer on my desk--Rick got me this nifty docking station, keyboard, and monitor for Valentine's Day so I can have a regular-size monitor to use at home but it's too big for my little desk, so we moved the docking station/laptop off the desk) and he, who is standing next to the docking station, plugs it in, hands me the other end of the chord, and I plug in the iPod and wait for what I figured would be the rejection notice that my genius husband would then have to coach me through.

Would you believe a window pops up and says that the iPod has a different home computer and would I like to change that? I clicked "yes" and that was that! I am now loading all my music onto that iPod.

Wow, how I love Easy World! I shake my head at how conditioned we have been to Difficult World that we have assumed things will be difficult. I could have been listening to my music on that iPod for 4 months if I had simply tapped into Easy World! Thank goodness, I am residing there now.

Repeat after me: "I live in Easy World, where everything is easy!"

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I LOVE Easy World!

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Gosh--based on the subject of the last 4 entries, I guess it's obvious where my focus is these days!

As I've explained, we've been in the midst of all the projects that have to be completed before my Endless Pool can be installed in the garage. You may also remember that the overwhelming concept of coordinating all the many contractors and projects is what first brought me to Easy World.

Well...last week was not as easy as I would have liked. I spent far too much time out of EW to suit me. I really felt physically bad from getting up and snapping into action as early as I had to for the contractors, I was not too happy about a few things that happened, and the physical and emotional stress of dealing with everything was taking a toll on my knee. So I was thrilled Friday when the contractors had to leave early and said they wouldn't be back until it was warm enough to paint the shed they had built (to house the pool pump and heater and the garden tools, etc., that will no longer be able to be stored in the garage) because they only intended to make one trip to finish up all that was left to do. It was supposed to snow today and be pretty cold till next Tuesday, so I was not expecting to see them back for at least a week. I went to bed last night very relieved to know I could sleep till I was ready to get up and not have chaos ahead of me today.

But I woke up early this a.m concerned because I suddenly remembered that the electrician was coming this week to wire a bunch of stuff and that the construction guys needed to be done with the insulation and cutting the new door from the garage to the house before he could do the wiring. SO...I lay there worrying about how to convince the contractor to come back to do everything but the painting, and then I "came to" and said, "Whoa, Nelly! This is NOT for me to figure out. I live in Easy World where everything is easy and I wash my hands of all this. I here and now turn this over to the Universe to handle with ease," and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Would you believe that I slept in till 10 a.m. this morning? And when I woke up, the construction crew was at work finishing the insulation and the shed and was ready to install the new door this afternoon? And even though it was too cold to paint, they had thought they might be able to, so they had brought the paint with them. Which worked out great because we decided either we can paint the shed when it warms up, or the painter that needs to come after our new siding is put on can do it, so they just left the paint with us. By 4:00 this afternoon, everything that had to be finished before the electrician can do his wiring was finished, I got caught up on my sleep, and I didn't spend a moment dreading the chaos!


By the way, I spent the weekend creating Easy World products for my Cafe Press store. Here is a picture of the front and back one of the tee-shirt designs. To see the rest of what I've designed so far, including women's tank tops, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and mugs, visit the Easy World Boutique! I'm having a blast designing, so look forward to LOTS of stuff! I'll also be adding some Recreating Eden things as well.

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I've been playing with graphics all day and one of the things I did was create this poster, "It's Another Beautiful Day in Easy World" to help us start our day in Easy World. I've uploaded it as a PDF so that you can download and print it for free.

Thanks to Easy World citizen Natalia for the inspiration!

Here's a preview:


Easy World paraphernalia available soon in my Cafe Press store...

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A little EW contrast

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I have been severely challenged the last few days to stay in Easy World! All the construction noise and chaos and coordinating of people and such has taken a toll on me and I am a little surprised about that. I thought I was prepared and centered, but I was wrong! I could spend this whole blog entry telling you about all the challenges, but I really don’t want to focus there. Suffice to say that I am thrilled it’s the weekend and that we have no plans other than vegging out and recovering!

I will say that having a conscious focus on Easy World helped me to remember to, over and over again, take a deep breath and allow. Rick was excellent today, when I was faced with a situation, at reminding me that “Everything is in Divine Order.” Boy—that just really realigned me! Sometimes when you’re stressing out and your frequency is lowered and you can’t seem to connect with your wisdom, it’s helpful to have someone who is in a clearer space to remind you and help you move back into alignment.

What has been astonishing to me is people’s responses to Easy World. Not only are there a lot of blog comments on it, there is a thread on The Secret Forum that, as of this writing, has 137 responses over 7 pages. It’s like people are just getting it without a lot of explanation. What people are describing is just waking up to their remembrance of a reality where they are great at allowing! And the results are coming instantly and they’re so excited about it. I knew it was a divinely inspired concept, but the response had been beyond what I expected! I think I finally found a way that the Eden concept is universally palatable! (Well—universally unless someone is really hung up on things having to be hard.)

This was the week that The Secret was on Oprah. We had our power out much of yesterday while the electrician reworked our main panel, but I told him it was really important that we be able to watch Oprah at 4:00, so he made sure he was done by then. Rick got home about 3:30 so he’d be able to watch it, too. It was really, really great. As long as I have been living by the principles in The Secret, I got a bunch of aha!s and am planning to watch it again soon (we taped it). It was thrilling to feel the energy expanding!

I feel like I’m forgetting something I wanted to share, but I guess I can always add it when I think of it. For now, I think I’m going to call it a night here soon and go to bed. It will be nice to go to bed early-ish and be able to sleep as long as I need to!

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The Principles of Easy World

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I was motivated to write out the following yesterday:

The Principles of Easy World

The underlying principle of Easy World is that the Universe is set up to support ease. You must simply allow it.

That, of course, is how you get to Easy World.

There's only one law in Easy World:

***Worry, concern, and struggle are strictly prohibited. ***

The punishment for violating the law is immediate--­and I do mean immediate:

***Ejection from Easy World***

This law is self-enforced, as only you can eject yourself. No one else has that power.

Happily, you also get to decide the length of your own sentence. Re-entry to Easy World is automatic when you let go of worry, concern, and struggle and simply allow things to be easy, the way they were designed to be.

Easy World is a parallel reality that is always instantly accessible, no matter how long you've been away from it.

As an aid to returning to Easy World when you find you’ve evicted yourself, take a deep breath, release it, along with any tension you've been holding, and say, "I now choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy."

Feeling joyful, being at peace, and radiating Love are side effects of inhabiting Easy World.

And, of course, creating all you desire ­with ease ­is a prime feature of Easy World.

Creating even more ease is a piece of cake in Easy World.

Simply being in Easy World provides an automatic invitation for others to join you there.

As I wrote it, I was struck by how Easy World and Eden are the same basic place!

There may be additions to The Principles of Easy World, so stay tuned...

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I live in Easy World

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Early yesterday morning, I woke up before I was ready to get up, and was feeling overwhelmed with the thoughts of needing to select contractors for the pool project. Not only do we need to have the pool installed, we need to have a bunch of carpentry work, some concrete excavation, and electrical work done to prepare for the pool installation. My experience in the past with this is having a challenge finding contractors willing to do small jobs, so I found myself kind of dreading the process. But suddenly, that still, small voice within whispered, "You know, Julia, you could just choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” I thought about it for about a split second and said, "Okay. I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy." I instantly felt better and rolled over and went back to sleep.

The night before, I had submitted some information to ServiceMagic.com, an Internet company that matches you with pre-screened contractors in your area to bid on your job. By the time I got up, I already had 4 phone messages from contractors who wanted the jobs. And except for one of the people I talked to, I picked up copasetic vibes from all of them. By the time I’d been up for 45 minutes, I had lined up appointments with all of them. The first one we met with was thoroughly charming, excited about the work, gave us a very reasonable price, and was someone we would be happy to have around the house. Because we felt so good about him, I cancelled all but one additional appointment because Rick wanted to be sure the first guy’s pricing was in line—and the first guy was much more reasonably priced than the guy’s that came today. Easy! In fact, everything yesterday and today has been easy, easy, easy.

Today, I continued to dwell in Easy World, and had a cool experience with Tony, our webmaster, over the phone. He was gnashing his teeth a bit about a task that he was not remembering how to do, so I told him about Easy World and invited him in. When I finished talking, dead silence. I thought he had blown off what I said or had not been listening. But after a few seconds, he said something to the effect of, “What do you know? I found the script to do it (the thing I’d asked him to do) and it’s done! How easy was that?!” He had accepted my invitation into Easy World!

This evening, I went to the health food store during rush hour, which is on a very busy street. To leave the parking lot, I usually have to turn right and go up a hill and around the block on a little neighborhood street to get going back the way I need to go to get home. I had the thought, “I wish I didn’t have to go around the block (the neighborhood streets are a mess with all the snow and freezing we’ve had—fresh snow today on top of it all), but then I thought, “No problem. I live in Easy World.”

In the store, I was looking for my favorite Ezekiel 4:9 English muffins (somewhat of an addiction for me), but they only had the cinnamon-raisin variety, which I didn’t want. I said to myself as I started to walk away, “Hmmm…in Easy World, there are all the muffins I need, so I’m sure they’ll be available when I need them.” (I knew there was still at least one pack in our freezer at home.) Just then, I turned my head to the left, and where (I swear!) there were no muffins before, there were 2 big stacks of packages of the plain Ezekiel 4:9 muffins I had been looking for! Easy!

As I left the parking lot, I was planning take my normal route around the block, when I suddenly realized there was no traffic in either direction! While making a left turn out of that parking lot is prohibited, I knew it was okay to do it in Easy World.

There are so many other things with the potential to be challenging that have turned out to be so very easy since I made my decision to move to Easy World. I have been continually telling myself, “I live in Easy World! I love it here in Easy World!” Whenever I feel myself starting to clench up over something, I remind myself that I live in Easy World, where everything is easy, and I move easily back into The Flow.

Easy World is a really cool place. Want to join me?

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