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I'm learning how to choose Easy World in the face of impatience. I turned in my manuscript 12 days ago and haven't heard a word from my editor yet except confirmation that it arrived in her inbox. To be fair, she said it might be 2 weeks till she even got to it. Of course, I can't bug her--she would probably just say (or think), "I thought you lived in Easy World!" (How embarrassing--and appropriate--would that be?!) So, naturally, this must be a great opportunity to practice actually being in Easy World!

Of course, my ego is dying to know how she likes the book. So much depends on that, it seems. When you're listening to your ego, you're absolutely not in Easy World! So I'm doing what I can to keep busy with other stuff--and there's a lot to keep busy with after putting everything on the back burner since September to immerse myself in writing--but still, the fearful ego is picking at me, trying to get me to worry that she won't like it.

I'm quite eager to take the next steps in the process, but I can't do that till I've gotten her assessment and talked to her about some nitty gritty details! I'm feeling frustrated. Clearly, I'm not in Easy World! I need to breathe...relax...allow...enjoy...again!

Tomorrow evening (U.S. time) is my monthly free teleseminar and I named it "The 411 On The DWD." The DWD is the "Difficult World Dictator," and recognizing when he's taken over and knowing what his techniques are for keeping you polarized to Difficult World will help you stay in Easy World. I hope you can join us! I am so glad that Spirit has set it up for me to be devoted to Easy World. I may need my teachings more than anyone! (There's a banner to the left that you can click on for more info about the teleseminar.)

I'm going to head back to EW now. I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy. Breathing...relaxing...allowing...enjoying...

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The manuscript for Choosing Easy World is in the hands of, or, more accurately, in the computer of, my editor at St. Martin's! I finished it and submitted it Wednesday night, and have been recovering ever since.

Rick said instead of post-partum depression that I had "post-partum aggression" as I was way outside Easy World and quite crabby for the first day and a half afterward. I was just having trouble keeping going with my attunement schedule, etc., when all I wanted to do was rest on my laurels for a day or two. And just rest, period. Even with spending much of the last 4+ months in Easy World while writing the book, working night and day with no days away from the keyboard at all except the ones that couldn't be helped, and having a deadline, really got to me.

This weekend has been a blessing as I have done nothing but what I've wanted to do. In a few minutes, I'll be cleaning out the mouse habitat--not that keen on that, but it needs to be done and Sundays are when I do that. Earlier, though, we watched the inaugural celebration on the mall in Washington, DC. Fortunately, HBO was free this weekend. It was so very inspiring! I blubbered about 50% of the two hours it was on.

inagural concert.jpg

It struck me hard that we baby boomers have been really traumatized by politics, starting with all that happened in the '60s and '70s--JFK's assassination and the assassinations of Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy, and all the race riots and then the Vietnam War and the riots at Kent State and Watergate, starring Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon, and on and on. And then, the utter horror of the last eight years of the decimation of the constitution and the grief I have felt that I just could not feel the pride I felt back in elementary school saying the Pledge of Allegiance anymore.

But today, I was filled with true patriotic pride again--not jingoism, but real pride at the freedom our nation was founded to preserve. People were talking and singing about LOVE, for Pete's sake! And ONENESS! And faces of all ethnicities were smiling and crying together! If Barack Obama does nothing else, that he has catalyzed this and brought so many together in unity is enough to make him a world hero, which he clearly already is. I am relieved. And optimistic!

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Time to finish

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Whew. I am running out of steam! Tonight, for the first time, I put all the chapters, etc., into one big document. I was astonished to find that there are 288 pages and that's without the acknowledgments and front matter! How the heck did I manage to take a simple thing like Easy World and get that many pages--none of them superfluous--out of it?! And, to think--I thought I'd have a hard time coming up with 60,000 words--there are more than 82,000 in this book!

I will print it out to read once I've addressed the few things on my list I already know need some more work. I think reading the manuscript as hard copy is the boost I need to get me through to the very end. I just don't think I--or my sweetie / copy-editor, Rick--can read it one more time on the computer screen!

Don't get me wrong--I love this book. But once you've written and read each chapter with a critical eye as many times as I've read this one, it's a little wearying! Time to change gears.

I will share another little chunk with you. It's from the very last chapter:

Simply by being more at ease, more patient, more efficient, more authentically confident, less controlling, and so on, the way you are when you're in Easy World, will make a huge difference in your interactions with others. This, in turn, will have an effect on the interactions they have going forward, and so on. Just seeing an Easy World-inspired smile on your face instead of a Difficult World-induced grimace, or hearing the kinder, gentler words you say instead of the words the Difficult World Dictator wants to channel through you may be the turning point in someone's day.

What if your choosing Easy World and interacting with someone from that place means they are able to be more relaxed and centered, too? What if their tender, impressionable child is greeted by a more relaxed, patient parent instead of a frustrated, angry one, simply because you set the tone by being in Easy World? I'm sure you can easily imagine the impact that might have.

What if the Love you're radiating by being in Easy World invites someone else to be more loving, too? What if your peacefulness influences someone to be more at peace within themselves so that they don't give in to road rage or some other seduction from the Difficult World Dictator? What if your silent invitation into Easy World enables someone to find a solution to a problem they might not otherwise have been able to? What if the spiritual wisdom you experience in Easy World empowers you to help someone see their own truth? And on and on.

The power of the ripple effect assures that there's no end to the influence you have.

So that's all for the moment. I think Sweet Julie (my inner child) needs some fun before bed! I have a guilty pleasure-type book I've been waiting to start reading...

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It's been a fascinating and rewarding last 48 hours. Not only have I been busy doing attunements, which I LOVE, but today I received an SOS from an old and dear friend--part of my family of choice--who has been going through a dark night of the soul. I spent an hour or so with her this afternoon helping her.

Without going into details, she was fired from her job in a shocking manner and treated disrespectfully afterward. This happened right before Christmas, but she was too embarrassed to tell anyone except her husband and son until today. My first reaction when I received her email asking for help was "This situation is for her benefit."

Her state of feeling broken and vulnerable has already produced something of a miracle--she is someone who has never really been open to my spiritual ministrations. You know, it's like Mark 6:4 says that Jesus said : "A prophet is not without honour, except in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house." But today, she was totally receptive to what I had to offer. Not only receptive, but eager. This was not just healing for her, but for me.

As we talked, I could feel Spirit take over (as I always do when I'm in a session with someone) and I could really connect with the immense blessing in this for her and was able to help her open to that in more than just a rote way (she already knew it rationally).

As I was, for lack of a better word, channeling Higher Wisdom for her, she asked me if this was written down anywhere on my website as she just wanted to focus on what I was saying and not try to take notes. Since it's not, I took notes as we talked and agreed to put the main points in a blog entry so that not only she could access them, but you could too. I'm sure someone else in addition to her who is guided here will find them useful as well. So...

Here are some of the points I made and suggestions I gave her (I've also added a couple of things we didn't get to today):

  • First and always, surrender this to God-Realized Self/Higher Self/Spirit.
  • Ask Spirit to help you see what the gifts are in the situation.
  • Go ahead and offer gratitude for the situation even though you don't yet fully understand it and even before you're able to see the gifts!
  • Work the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System and be sure and have a #3 (i.e. do as directed in Step 3). Do that on a regular basis.
  • Instead of condeming yourself for the thing you did that led to getting fired, focus on non-judgment. Instead, know that what you did, even if ego would judge it so, is not bad or wrong. What you did simply moved you away from the direction of your joy.
  • Joy is an indicator of being in alignment, pain is an indicator of being out of alignment (and in Difficult World).
  • Ask the question of yourself, "Next time I'm in a similar situation, how can I change my approach so that my joy is served and not my pain?"
  • Ask yourself, "How is the person(s) I'm angry with mirroring something within myself that I need to embrace, forgive, and accept, and thus, transform?" (A clue--what is it that they did that's making you angry?) "Now--how does that same thing find expression in me? Or if it doesn't, how is it that I'm repressing its expression because I so desperately don't want to face it in myself?"
  • Drop the "I don't deserve.." and "I'm not good enough..." and so on. That's just your fearful ego lying to you trying to keep you in Difficult World, the only place it exists.
  • You are having an experience on behalf of God, All That Is (that's the totally inclusive God that includes both the "nice" and "not-so-nice" aspects--both the parts we like and the ones we don't like) so that GATI can have a complete and diverse experience of what it is to be a human being--in this case, a human being being YOU. Therefore, if that is your purpose for existing, and it is, nothing you can ever do is wrong! As long as you are having a human experience of any kind, you are fulfilling that purpose.
  • Right and wrong, good and bad, are judgments. Judgments are not of the Divine--they're ego traps to keep you in Difficult World! So if you want to get out of your pain, you need to drop the judgments and just classify whatever it is that you're judging as wrong or bad, right or good (or that you're judging as wrong or bad, right or good about someone else) as simply something that IS. Period. It simply is.
  • If you want to attract a new job, get back to joy first, because the vibration of depression will attract a job that isn't happy for you.
  • Don't do anything based on "shoulds." Follow the Easy World guideline of "act only when inspired and energized." That's your guarantee of being in alignment with the Design for Harmony, and that's where all the joy is!

Now. I need to get back to writing. I realized I want to add a bunch more to one chapter, so I'm not as close to finished as I had thought! That's okay--I'd rather it be complete than simply completed! If you know what I mean.


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Amaryllis, etc.

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dark amaryllis cr sq sm.jpg

Happy 2009! I resolve to blog more often this year...

I'm almost finished with the writing of Choosing Easy World! I just have a few more paragraphs to write plus the acknowledgments page and a final read-through, and barring no startling discoveries, Choosing Easy World will be ready to turn in! I almost hate to see this period end. It's been so nice to feel justified in saying "Sorry, too busy with the book to do ___________ (insert anything other than writing). No, really--I have a tight deadline and I just can't!"  This was said mostly to myself, by the way.

Opting out of the Christmas whirlwind was so liberating, I can't even tell you! The only things we did as far as festivities were have the kids over Christmas Eve and go to Rick's Mom's on Christmas Day. The coolest thing about having the girls come is that Rick arranged it and by magic, they were all available, and I made an easy but festive dinner and we all had such a great time. No stressing--just Easy World! Our time with Rick's mom was great, too.

attunement special I've got going has been extremely popular. My calendar is getting quite full. But I love doing them, and with taking an attunement sabbatical to write the book, it's been awhile since I have done any, so I'm thrilled to be a little swamped with attunement appointments!

Tomorrow--or, rather, today, Tuesday, if you're on either my main mailing list or on the Easy World Power Thought list, you'll get a mailing that includes one of the stories that are going to be in the book. It's by
Jacqueline Stone, a friend of mine I met online. She's a powerful soul who has taken on quite the challenging life and is awakening to her true power by using her spiritual truth to transcend the challenges. She is a shining example of how to move through difficulty by relying on her Spirit and I believe she is lighting the way for others to see how to do that. She is truly an inspiration! Be sure to read her story about coming very, very close to losing her home and how she turned the situation around.

Meanwhile, here's a little food for thought: What if your choice to either listen to your short-sighted ego or listen to your all-wise Spirit determined what happens next for you? It does.

By the way, the photo at the top is of the amaryllis that came from the biggest bulb I've ever had (I buy one every holiday season--kudos to Rick for choosing this one!). It had 2 stalks and one of the stalks had 5 trumpets! (the other had 4). I got the interesting effect of the dark background somewhat by accident. It was late one night and I was playing around with the camera and shot into the mirror behind it (with one lamp on to the left of the flowers) and that's the result. I'd like to claim that I knew what I was doing but it was a total fluke. The amazing thing is that it looks like one of my fabulous artist sister Ann Salisbury's paintings--check it out!

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