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Double Nickels

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birthday orchid in 09 sm.jpgYesterday (the 27th) was a great day. It was my 55th birthday and I had a lovely, leisurely time with Rick. We started with a bagel and coffee at Stella's on Pearl Street, came home and watched The Young and the Restless (my not-so-secret daily addiction which Rick has joined me in since he's had...um...free time on weekdays--but please don't tell anyone...), then, I opened cards and presents, took a nice nap, talked to family members who called to wish me a happy day, and to top it all off, we went out for dinner at Mel's Bar and Grill. (We took advantage of Restaurant Week prices--$52.80 a couple for a 3-course meal--it was fabulous, too!) The perfect day!

Oh, there was plenty to do work-wise, but after spending so many months hardly ever taking a day off while writing the book, including the 3 weeks I recently worked on revisions, I did not feel even a tiny bit guilty for being out of the office all day--even though I will be working over the weekend to make up for it.

I still don't know when or if I'll be getting a winter/spring Rising Times (newsletter) out, but what I'm doing this weekend is coming up with an article to send out on Monday and Wednesday--part 1 on Mon., part 2 on Wed. I committed to helping promote both Judith Orloff's and Marci Shimoff's books this week, and I hate just sending promos to my list, so I will come up with something of value for my subscribers in addition to the ads! I might not even be doing the whole thing but Judith and Marci (both way more well-known that I am--YET!) have offered to reciprocate for those who help them. With Choosing Easy World in the works, that will be very helpful.

Anyway, it astonishes me that I am 55. First off, considering how immature I still feel, it's a shock, indeed, to look in the mirror and see the strange disguise I'm wearing! For me, adulthood began at 50, so I think I ought to look about 26 when I check the mirror! Five years ago, as I turned the big 5-0, I finished writing Recreating Eden, and it feels like that's when things really started for me. It's been a wonderful ride and I have a feeling the last five years are just the warm-up. I am the definition of late bloomer!

And speaking of blooms and turning 50, my sisters gave me the fabulous orchid you see above for my 50th b-day (which I'd better mention that Rick picked out for them) and it is still thriving on my kitchen windowsill five years later! In fact, it has been prettier and more full of blooms each year--just the way I intend to be.

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For the Bible Tells Me So

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Ta-daaaaa! I finished making the manuscript revisions and sent it back today. Hallelujah! I cut it down from 297 pages to 215. Please cross your fingers with me that it is accepted as finished!

Just afterwards, as I announced to Rick that I had sent it, he handed me a congratulations card which he'd kept at hand for the blessed moment. What a sweetie. I told him he didn't much look like a cheerleader but that he is the best one in the world!

We then watched an amazing documentary called For the Bible Tells Me So, which is about how the Bible has been misinterpreted and used against homosexuality. It is SO powerful. I wish everyone could see it. Rick and I were choked up much of the time while watching it.

After spending the earlier part of the day making sure the Easy World manuscript makes it clear that the fearful ego/Difficult World Dictator is all about resisting, excluding and rejecting, while Easy World, home of Spirit, is created through non-resistance, accepting, allowing, and embracing, it was especially timely for me and affirmed the powerful impulse I had this morning that I needed to do that.

I am so profoundly grateful for whatever celestial movement--our journey deeper into the photon belt?--that is gradually decommissioning the reptilian-brain-driven ego. I am so grateful that whatever it is, is making it so that we no longer buy into the DWD's machinations so readily and so that it is so much easier to recognize Love and stand within it! And I am so thankful to be on the team that's helping in that process--aren't you?!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Spirit!

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Fun stuff from Venus

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Gonna make this quick as I'm still in the midst of making revisions--after writing a whole new chapter, I decided it wasn't going to work, so now I'm re-doing other chapters to fit some of the info in!

Since I've nothing particularly entertaining of my own to share, I will share a link to my friend Venus Andrecht's blog. I've mentioned it before--she's hysterical. What a storyteller! Her last few entries were side-splitters for me. Really fun stuff. Enjoy!

And something else you will like is Eat Pray Love's Elizabeth Gilbert's talk on genius and creativity at TED. Check it out!

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Namasté, everybody!

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namaste solar guy.jpg
President Obama (what a wonderful phrase!) is in Denver today to sign the stimulus bill and even though I really have needed to be finishing up the manuscript revisions, I just couldn't help but watch the festivities. No, not in person--you needed an invitation and mine was clearly lost in the mail--but on the telly.

I blubbered through about 25% of it. The emotions started flowing when they introduced the guy who was to introduce the President.
(He's the one speaking in the photo.) He is the CEO of a solar energy company out of Boulder called "Namasté Solar Electric." They had installed the solar panels on the roof of the Natural History Museum (where the signing ceremony was held), and are one of the green companies who will directly and immediately benefit from the stimulus plan.

So what made me cry? Just realizing that our government's highest officials were lauding a company with the word namasté in it! And that it was said repeatedly both to a national and an international audience. (Never mind that Joe Biden got it right one time and then said "Manasté Solar" the next.)

Most of you reading this are likely already familiar with the term as we in the new age movement long ago appropriated the Sanskrit greeting. If you're not already aware, namasté has many interpretations, but they all distill to mean something approximating this: "I salute the divine within you which is also within me."

So between the overwhelming emotion of not only hearing namasté being said over and over by the men in suits, I fell apart again when President Obama was talking about the stimulus bill including support for wellness initiatives and green jobs and solar, wind, geo-thermal power, etc. When you've been holding a vision for as long as some of us have--me, personally, only since the late '70s--it's an awesome thing to see it finally coming to the mainstream, and on MSNBC and CNN! I confess I haven't always thought it would happen in my lifetime.

Anyway, I now do need to get back to making those revisions. I'll make them now with a renewed sense of  possibility--and also, of the necessity of my message. Those same forward-looking "suits" kept talking about all the hard work ahead...There's clearly still a need for getting the word out about Easy World!

Namasté in Easy World, y'all!

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Sonic ecstasy

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A few years' back, I wrote about the sacred Solfeggio Scale frequencies. I always have Jonathan Goldman's Holy Harmony or The Lost Chord playing when I am doing attunements and teleseminars because they include the frequencies. Very healing, uplifting, and empowering.

Yesterday, I was scanning my ORMUS group mailings, and saw that someone had posted a link to a YouTube video and I was immediately drawn to check it out. It was ears-full of bliss! It's the "miracle frequency" (528 hz) with fabulous visuals from sacred geometry and Kabbalah.

After watching/listening for only a minute, I had all the classic symptoms of having taken ORMUS (and I haven't had any in many months)! I was tingly all over with a pronounced "hatband" effect, and I felt like I'd been meditating for hours. Beautiful!

Here it is (be sure you have sound turned on and be sure to click the icon that's the second from the right on the bottom of the video to make it full screen--you just click "esc" to get back to normal) : 


I then went to the video creator's website (http://sourcevibrations.com) and downloaded a bunch of free audio files, including the Solfeggio frequencies for each of the 7 primary chakras. Wow! I was so appreciative, I also bought a hypnosis program for greater abundance (which I haven't yet tried out), and there are many more downloads I'm interested in. There is a wealth of info on the site, and there are lots of their videos on YouTube.

Just playing the Solfeggio Frequencies is really empowering, and they're perfect background for creative activities or meditating, so be sure to check out the free downloads!

Have fun!  

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Making revisions

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This is going to just be a quickie to check in and let you know that I'm kind of tied up in working on revisions to the book. It's turned out to be more time-consuming that I had planned as not only am I needing to cut down the length, I've decided an additional chapter is needed to focus on the problem-solving aspect of Easy World. Naturally, that is woven all through the book, but when my editor asked for more focus on how to deal with problems we consider to be quite serious, I couldn't figure out a better way than to do that than in a new chapter. So...please bear with me while I get this done!

OH! I forgot to report that I did finally get feedback from her, which is obvious from reading the above, and she loved the book! Her exact words were "You've written an amazingly powerful, inspirational book that will help so many people! It has definitely changed my life; I look at things in such a different way now! Thank you for all your wonderful work."

Her primary issue was that the book was too dense with some redundant parts, and that I need to cut it down. She said the book she bought was about 2/3 as long as the one I turned in. This was absolutely perfect as I had never wanted to write such a long book and had padded it a lot to get it to the length it was. I had ignored my own guidance and had done what someone else had led me to believe that she wanted.

That's a lesson I guess one can't learn too many times--listen to your own inner guidance! But I'm much happier cutting out the fat and have no problem with doing that at all. If you read Recreating Eden, you know I'm into streamlining and condensing so that every word contains maximum energy.

Anyhoo, here's a little snippet from the new chapter:

What creates the seriousness of any problem is the amount of resistance we apply in the face of it. The amount of resistance is almost always directly proportional with the degree to which we don't want something to happen. Therein lies the rub. The more we don't want something to be happening, the more resistance we apply. The more resistance we apply, the harder things get, the more we don't like them, and the deeper we sink into DW, and so on. It's a trap, indeed. Thankfully, we know the way out of the trap.

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Oh, happy day!

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Friday, that is. I'm not saying today isn't a fine day or that yesterday wasn't, but Friday was fabulous! And it came just in time as Thursday found me in the pits. I had let all the uncertainty in my life and all my ego-based fears (that's redundant--ego-based fears!) get the better of me. I was definitely not in Easy World!

Of course, life is always uncertain, but I'm talking about the "known" uncertainties like "When will Rick get a job?" and "Will the severance money last till he gets one?" as well as "When will I hear back from my editor and will she like the book--what if she doesn't?" All scare tactics from the Difficult World Dictator, of course. There was another scary thing I don't want to talk about that was really getting to me, too, and I had just been reminded of it right before I went to get my hair cut and highlighted.

That meant there was no time to process and release my fear before being "trapped" for a couple of hours in a place I didn't feel comfortable crying, so I had a lot of emotional stuff right at the surface I had to hold in all afternoon. I was so low by Thursday evening when I got home, I had a somewhat involuntary #3 (see the
Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System)  and it seems to have made all the difference--that, and the total surrender I did to my Spirit and the choosing of Easy World I did right before I went to sleep that night.

I have definitely found that it is easiest to enter Easy World and still be there hours later when you do it right before you go to sleep.

When I got up Friday, the likely solution to the potentially devastating mystery (the one I don't want to talk about) had presented itself, I felt good (I've been physically really not feeling good for a couple of weeks as I'm doing a new therapy that's causing a healing crisis and making me ache all over), and Rick had gotten a call for a job interview--his first since this whole lay-off adventure began.

I got a call from someone I talk to just once a year at the end of January (that's a whole 'nother story) and she convinced me that I needed to email my editor and just ask if she'd had a chance to read the manuscript yet and if not, when she might. So I did.

She answered right away and said she'd finished it and she really loved it! She thinks it needs to be chopped down--which is great because I had padded it (again, a whole 'nother story I'll tell you later) and so I totally agreed with her. She wanted to go over it again over the weekend and give me notes on Monday. I was thrilled! I can hardly wait to start chopping!

After that, I went with Rick to buy an interview suit (he hasn't worn a suit since our wedding in 1999!), and Men's Wearhouse had a sale so he got 2 gorgeous designer suits with shirts and ties to go with them for a really great price. Score!

It was really warm here in Denver Friday--very Spring-like, and I had Spring fever, which always makes me feel on top of the world. Somehow, all the unknowns and the DWD's fear mongering just evaporated.

We decided to celebrate our progress, so we went to dinner at
Tables, a funky chic little restaurant we'd been wanting to try. It was amazing. The whole day was.

It's crazy how when we're low, we forget how to get back to joy again. Thankfully, there's only so much stuffing of feelings and fears one can do before we can't stuff any more and joy calls us back Home again!

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