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Lots of EW ideas

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So much great energy and so many great ideas percolating today! I'm all excited over starting an Easy World Ambassadors Club. I've been intending a way to spread the word about Easy World, and I think I've come up with something that will be really fun, powerful, and rewarding for those who feel in alignment with it. There are a lot of pieces to put together before I announce it, but I'm working on those.

I'm also on the brink of committing to having a weekly Internet radio show with an Easy World theme, and I am thinking about having a revolving list of co-hosts who would like to chat about Easy World with me. I'm envisioning a casual conversation format, with call-in questions. We may have special guests from time to time, but only those whose messages are aligned with Easy World. Mostly, I want it to be "just folks," talking about their EW experiences and asking EW-related questions and such. If you think you might be a good co-host, let me know! I'll be picking 3 or 4 people who are into Easy World and who are great conversationalists. If you're selected, I will ask you to read an advance copy of Choosing Easy World--I'm hoping that sounds like a bonus and not a duty!

I've gotten lots of lovely, loving, appreciative, affirmative feedback over the last few days. This feels especially timely and heaven-sent as I was on the receiving end of some particularly stinging criticism from someone in the comments area of one of my videos on YouTube. I truly hope that no one who has actually been involved with my work has gotten the "I am perfect, so do as I do" or the "I am a guru and you need to follow me" vibes or messages from me! Neither is at ALL who I am or what I am about. While the comments were brutal and, naturally, uncomfortable to read, I am grateful for the chance to see where my "ow-y" buttons are so I can disable them. And I'm grateful for the many spontaneous, kind messages that far, far outweigh the nasty ones!

Oh, yeah--I've been meaning to update you on the tweeting of the message I talked about on May13 (
"Love is intelligence; it contains information. The more Love flowing thru you, the more Divine Information you access."). Before it lost momentum, it had been retweeted more than 200 times! You gotta love it when a message about Love is that popular!

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Back from DW

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I've just spent the last week or so in Difficult World and no surprise--it wasn't much fun!

Someone I did an attunement for recently said something wonderfully relieving to me. As we first connected on the phone call, she told me she was really comforted to read my blog to know that I wasn't always in Easy World either. I assured her she was not an anomaly who can't seem to be in EW all the time!

Seems I've allowed myself to be sucked in by the Difficult World Dictator's whisperings of impending doom as my body has been expressing signs of stress by activating the rheumatoid arthritis I've done well to keep largely at bay over the years by keeping stress to a minimum. Without going into details, some additional stuff that I allowed to pile on lately must have been the straw that broke the camel's back, and I've been one unhappy, uncomfortable camper.

This does not negate the truth of Easy World. In fact, it reinforces it. When you respond to the call of the DWD with his focus on the future--worry--and his continual nudging to get you to try to control your circumstances, etc., you're in Difficult World. When you're in DW, your view is distorted and the glass looks half full. Being in physical pain is much more conducive to DW, too. And to top it off, resisting being in DW simple puts you even deeper into it!

So I've been really glad the past couple of days to take time out to raise my vibration, rest and heal my body, and allow myself to come back into alignment. I'm working on a project to help people undergoing spiritual emergencies, and while I'd prefer not to do a lot more research in this regard, my recent long dip into DW has given me more compassion and empathy so that I know what someone in that state can hear and what they cannot. So, as grist for the mill, I am thankful for it. Oh, what the heck--I am grateful for it period! I may not like being there, but my unconditional gratitude moves me back to Easy World.

May's free teleseminar is this Tuesday, May 26. The topic is "What's On Your Mind?" I am asking for YOU to determine the topics I address by submitting questions or topics you'd like me to cover. You can submit them here: Contact page. Please make sure I have yours by 7 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday. I am most appreciative of your help!

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2 Mousketeers

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If you've read this blog for awhile, you can probably guess what's happened: one of the 3 Mouseketeers has passed on. It was "Britney Spears," the mouse whose gaze into my eyes at Petsmart caused me to temporarily lose my mind and purchase 3 baby mice last July. Britney, or "Britty" as I was more likely to call her, was my favorite--primarily because she was the friendliest and least skittish. She was the only one who willingly allowed me to stroke her fur and handle her. She was the white one with black markings.

We'd noticed that she hadn't seemed to be herself the last 10 days or so, but she was eating well and my inner guidance was to just allow her whatever process she was going through. I thought by the way she was walking that maybe she'd had an injury and just needed time to heal, and, indeed, she seemed to rally the last day or so. Last night, though, I saw her fall from the top of the ramp to the bottom of the tank (about 11-12 inches). It was a terrifying sight. She managed somehow to run back up the ramp before she collapsed.

My internal instruction was to make her comfortable by putting a padding of paper towel under her, so I did. She was pretty much out of it as the other 2 mice were nudging her and trying to get her to respond the them. Then they laid on top of her--Rick thinks it was to warm her up--but then left her alone. She was alone and panting when I left the room for about 5 minutes--though I really knew she was dying, I hoped she might just be in shock and that she might come out of it. I had dabbed a tiny drop of Rescue Remedy on her--but when I came back, she was on her side, eyes glazed over, and she was gone.

I made her a little bier out of part of a papier mache bottle package and laid her in state in it on a cushion of tissues to leave just outside the tank where the other 2 mice could see her. Before putting her there, I  stroked and stroked her soft fur, and studied her tiny perfect little paws. And, of course, cried my eyes out. Rick had long before gone to bed, but I woke him to t
Brittys resting place sm .jpgell him so he wouldn't find out from a note, and I could have someone to commiserate with. Better to share it in person when a family member passes. I know, I know--she was just a tiny mouse. But it's amazing what a large spirit can inhabit such a small body, and how big a place such a one can make in your heart.

This morning, Rick dug a hole in the center of the herb garden inside the copper spiral that winds up the old clothesline pole with the quartz crystal on top that anchors the garden, and we
laid her body to rest. We put Ms. Mouse, a garden ornament I've had for years, on top to guard the spot. We're sad and the other 2 mice are bereft, but life goes on. As much as I appreciate the theory of detachment, I'm just not sure it's possible while still bearing a human heart.

Good-bye, sweet Britty Mouse! You were--and are--well-loved.

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30 times and counting

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"Love is intelligence; it contains information. The more Love flowing thru you, the more Divine Information you access."

I tweeted this on Twitter last night, and as of this writing, it has been "re-tweeted" (passed along by others to their own followers) 30 times. [UPDATE: 41 times] What's interesting is that I've tweeted that before, and it has maybe been retweeted a couple of times. But for some reason, it really struck a chord last night and today. It's like suddenly, critical mass was reached so that it could connect with more people. Perhaps we've traveled just that much farther into the photon belt--or whatever it is that is accelerating consciousness--so that people could truly comprehend its meaning.

I remember the sense I had the first time that concept struck me. It was like something in me jumped to a higher level and that was what was there as my prize. So I understand that its not something someone would fully grok till they were ready. How thrilling to see humanity's vibration rising and consciousness expanding!

(If you haven't read " Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency: A Primer," you might find it illuminating of this phenomenon.)

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Align with the Design

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Today has been one of those days when I've let the Difficult World Dictator put me in overwhelm with the old "there's way too much to do and not enough time to do it" song and dance. The hundreds of tasks on my book marketing to-do list have been swirling in my mind, among other things. I've felt a paralysis of will, and haven't gotten much done.

Basically, it's a genius strategy for sucking one into DW because not much feels as frustratingly low vibe and hopeless as the sense that you're drowning in a pool of stuff you "should" do with no possible way to get it all done right away. On top of that, these bogus thoughts paralyze you so that you can hardly do anything from the big pile you're facing. Yes--a completely effective strategy if your job is to keep you stranded in Difficult World as is the job of the DWD. (Know that shoulds are pure Difficult World Dictator. There are no shoulds in Easy World!)

But the truth is that there is only one thing to do in any moment--or, at least, one thing to focus on--that is aligned with the Design for Harmony. And because being aligned with the Design is the only way to assure what you're doing is of optimal value to yourself and to the Whole, you definitely want whatever you do to be in alignment. How do you know what it is? How do you know what is in alignment when there is so much calling your name?

The Easy World "Ordinance For Action" is the go-to resource here. It assures that your actions will have maximum value and will lead to the next harmonious, aligned step. It is this:  Act only when inspired and energized.

It's a challenge, indeed, to be inspired and energized when you're tuned into the DWD's litany of shoulds, doing all it can to freak you out about all the stuff that's not getting done. When you find yourself in this situation as I did shortly before writing this, simply take a mental step back and move into Easy World. Recognize what's going on, and remember that letting your fearful ego run your program is always, always, always a recipe for being in Difficult World, realm of pain, suffering, and wasted energy.

Then, simply ask yourself "What do I feel like doing? What would I enjoy doing right now?" "What do I have energy for right now?" (That's the measure for "inspired" and "energized" which are signs of being ensconced in the Design for Harmony.) And then DO that, whether it's on your list or not! Because checking something off the list of stuff to do will feel really great, you may well find one of your tasks seeming desirable in response to the question. But not always.

Sometimes, you'll hear "A nap is the thing that would feel the best right now." Honor that! You may just need that time in Easy World with your logical mind disengaged to disentangle from the DWD. OR, by the time you're finished with your nap, you may have new clarity and insight for some of the tasks. The Design for Harmony is a constantly shifting, evolving entity. What you were planning to do earlier may not even make sense anymore.

Whatever sounds like the most enjoyable thing, do that without judgment, and if you keep your intention in mind--the one that all those shoulds are clamoring around--whatever needs to get done always will, and you'll be inspired and energized to do them in perfect, divine timing.

As for me, I got a blog entry written and I'm back in Easy World!

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Gifts from Eternity

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My friend, Jacqueline Stone, has written a truly inspiring e-book called Gifts from Eternity, and if you get it right now (before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Friday, May 8) and email me to let me know you did, I will send you an invitation to a group attunement session* (date in late May to be announced) that you can attend as my gift to you. Your e-receipt for the book will be your "ticket."

Gifts from Eternity

IN ADDITION, when you email me to let me know you ordered Jacqueline's e-book, I will send you a link to a beautiful mini-poster "My Decree of Surrender and Empowerment" to download.

Even though I am offering you these bonuses for buying Jacqueline's beautiful, powerful e-book, it is worth the $7.00 on its own. I found it energizing and uplifting and there is one particular insight in there that I have been using that has been truly transformative.

Remember--to be eligible for these bonuses, you need to purchase the e-book right away, no later than 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, May 8th!

Get Gifts from Eternity now.

* What's a group attunement session? It's like a private attunement session, only there will be other people attending. You can bring whatever topic/issue you'd like encouragement or clarification about to the session and I will attune with Spirit and bring through whatever guidance I'm given. (AND you can be anonymous) I will promise you at least 10 minutes of focus on your issue. Based on what I've charged before for group attunements, this is a $15 value--that covers the cost of the e-book more than twice over! The group energy is amazing and you will find yourself charged up from just being in the vibes!

ALSO, in an entirely separate matter...

I've just put an empowering report online for you to download for f'ree and all you have to do to get it is re-subscribe to my email list! (Don't worry--our system is smart and as long as you use the same email address, you won't get extra copies of my emails!)

It's an excerpt from my upcoming book, Choosing Easy World and I'm calling it "Strategies for Transcending 8 Inner Lies That Keep You Out of Easy World." To get it, just go to any page of and fill in the little form in the left side menu that says "Stay in the loop--get on Julia's list" and you'll get the link to download it instantly!

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And the winner is...

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Marjorie Colbert is the winner of the drawing for the free half-hour attunement session with me, drawn from those who bought Recreating Eden during our Spring sale. Congrats, Marjorie! Let's set up a time.

Apologies for not having made a blog entry lately. I've simply been uninspired in this way of late, and I'm observing the Easy World rule of no action unless inspired and energized!

Since I don't have anything very exciting to share other than the winner of the 1/2 hour session, I'm going to point you to my friend Venus Andrecht's blog again. I found her latest to be hysterical: A Cheery Day With Venus Enjoy!

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