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Below I'm pasting in what Chyrene Pendleton, who interviewed me for her radio show, The Isle of Light, sent out to her list today about the interview. I enjoyed Chyrene immensely. She is quite the bright light!

Thanks so much, Chyrene!

(For those who are here looking for the Step-By-Step Frequency-Raising system, you can find it by clicking here. )



Julia Rogers Hamrick

"Raise Your Frequency and Return to Paradise"

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The Isle of Light presents Julia Rogers Hamrick, spiritual-growth facilitator since 1982, intuitive counselor, energy channel and author of Recreating Eden: The exquisitely simple, divinely ordained plan for transforming your life and your planet. Chyrene Pendleton is the host of this highly enlightening and very timely discussion called, "Raise Your Frequency and Return to Paradise".

During the show, Julia describes the events leading her to Eden and what inspired her to write, Recreating Eden.

"When you let go of all the emotion you've been stuffing down, all the fear and all the sadness and all of the energy that comes when we get a disappointment -- when you let go of that energy, you clear out the pipes so that the Life Force, which is also known as Love, can flow more freely which raises your frequency because that's really what is required to raise your frequency, is the allowance of a free flow of Divine Love Life Force through you..."

We learn how Paradise on Earth is actually a state of being rather than a location as many of us have been taught and how we can all learn to find our way back to Paradise. Julia enlightens us with the true meaning of "The Fall of Man" from the Garden of Eden (in the Book of Genesis).
Julia also gives us steps on how to get ourselves into alignment and reveals many powerful tools we can use right now to immediately raise our frequencies. For example, one very powerful tool is aromatherapy. Julia describes how smelling it "brings your energy into your frontal lobes" but it has to be therapeutic-grade essential oils or even a natural fragrance from herbs or flowers in your garden.

"When you have the absolute maximum amount of Life Force flowing through you as is possible, and still be a human in a body, you have reached Paradise...The less Life Force you have flowing through you, the lower your frequency."

Julia Rogers Hamrick has free, monthly teleseminars which are interactive and designed to help you raise your consciousness. For instructions on how to participate, join her mailing list at:

Raise Your Frequency is the name of the forum, founded by Julia. The intent of this forum is "to provide a platform for sharing ideas around raising frequency." To join, visit:

Julia's blog, Journal of the Journey Home to Eden, can be found at:

To order Recreating Eden, which is also available at and metaphysical bookstores, and to receive Julia's quarterly newsletter which has more ways to raise your frequency visit her website at:

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since 1982 when a health crisis catapulted her into an intense spiritual awakening and knowledge of her calling. Julia has designed and led a multitude of seminars and other growth experiences over the last two decades with the purpose of enhancing people's lives while expediting the transformation of humanity's consciousness and Planet Earth in turn.

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A free, monthly subscription to the newsletter/Ezine also called, The Isle Of Light is available.


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Just a quickie to make sure all my readers know about tonight’s free teleseminar “Vibrational Shelter: Dwelling in Peace No Matter What.” Here’s the blurb:

Tuesday, August 29
Vibrational Shelter: Dwelling in Peace No Matter What

While Earth is currently the setting for some really tumultuous situations — whether it be violent weather events, fighting in the Middle East, or fighting in our own families — we do not need to be vulnerable to them. There is a “place” where we can be safe and live in peace, regardless of what may be going on in the world. We’ll talk about the vibrational shelter that is always available to us and how to access it.

August 29 , 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Pacific

If you’re on my email list, you’ve likely gotten the notice about it as the info went out this morning. If you’re not on the list and want to get the access info, just enter your name in the sign up box on any page at by a half hour prior to the start of the seminar, and I will email you privately to make sure you have the access code and phone number.

Also in this morning’s mailing was announcement of my new Group Attunement sessions. I’m so very excited about those. I love doing personal, one-on-one attunements, but this will allow a new dynamic and will give those who don’t need a longer session a chance to get some insight and energy around something that is going on with them (and for a nominal fee)—not to mention to take advantage of hearing what others are pulling through me from Spirit. The Law of Attraction dictates that everyone that is drawn into a session will be matching up energetically somehow, so everyone will be able to benefit from everyone else’s “readings.”

Here’s the blurb that went out about the Group Attunements:

First, a word about something NEW! Due to the popularity of Julia's personal attunement sessions, she's going to be offering 75-minute Group Attunement Sessions via teleconference on a regular basis. First session: Monday, September 18, 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Pacific. Attendance limited to the first 7 participants who reserve and pay ($15 per session). When you register, you'll submit in writing, a question/concern relative to any area of your life and Julia will tap into Higher Wisdom to provide input from a spiritual perspective (you can be anonymous on the call if you wish). To register and for more information, click here. To read what people say about Julia's attunements, click here.

AND, I have a cool story for you that I’ll post as soon as I get some specific information about when it’s going to air, but I was interviewed for a 60-minute radio show Sunday night.

Hope you can join us tonight or on the 18th!

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When I was at the Southeastern Spiritual Conference in June, I was taken with cosmic musician Laraaji’s Chinese gong-playing. I first experienced it in an evening program he did, and I asked him to please share it in our class, The Paradise Process, which I was teaching, and that he was a participant in. He had us close our eyes as he went around the circle with the gong, striking it softly and repeatedly, while moving it around each person’s head. It was like an instant meditation! What I experienced was the remarkable sensation of traversing dimensions upon the sound waves of the gong.

I had never heard a gong played this way before—my only familiarity with gongs were as the method by which important people were announced in Chinese movies, as fancy dinner bells, and as accents in symphonies. And, of course, as the tool for getting lousy acts off the stage in The Gong Show. Instead of one pronounced strike, the way Laraaji played it was a sort of tapping that created long, sustained crescendos that gave me goosebumps. There is so much more to a gong than I had ever realized!

So, of course, I immediately decided I needed a gong. When I asked Laraaji about gong procurement—what size, what kind, etc., he kindly said that he’d be happy to help me in August, when he was back in NYC for awhile, and had some time to go to the store he knew would have the kind I wanted. (He has spent most of the summer teaching at spiritual conferences all over the country and even in Paris and is currently in Toronto ). So, when the time came, we set up an arrangement whereby he would go to the store, choose a gong and I would pay over the phone and they would ship it to me.

My beautiful 16” brass Chinese wind gong arrived day-before-yesterday, and I’m in love with it! I felt an immediate affinity with it and surprised myself by being able to get the effect I wanted out of it after only a few minutes of experimentation and I’m getting more proficient at it all the time. Of course one of the reasons I was drawn to having one is because it is such a simple instrument! It has a wonderful tone, and I’m finding all the various places on it that create interesting effects—the “sweet spots”—and figuring out the striking techniques that make it really sing. I am going to need to get a stand for it as I’ll be able to meditate with it myself that way—as it is, holding it to strike it is a bit distracting as it’s not exactly light as a feather! But I’m playing it several times a day. Just call me the Gong Queen.

To thank Laraaji for his service, I surprised him by designing cool new business cards for him which he liked so much he decided to get them printed. [smile] I’m supervising that and is doing the work. Of course, the cards had to be orange! (This low res jpeg doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea)

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I think I’m becoming a timeless being. Okay—returning to being a timeless being. We all start out as timeless beings, but soon adapt the ways of Earth life and before we know it, we are time-based.

I just didn’t realize that it has been a week since I last wrote in my blog. And even more startling than that, I realized yesterday, when I parked to go into my chiropractor’s office, that I had not left the house since the Monday prior—a whole week at home without ever going out anywhere! Now—to me, that’s a great week—living in my own little joyful world, not having to jump into the stew of humanity (who is frequently stewing about this, that, and the other thing). Because I’m in “write a book” mode, and because I seem to do better in the stick-with-it department when distractions are at a minimum, being at home and having nowhere to go is really supportive of my getting things done.

Sooooooo…you’d think I could report that I have made great progress over the last week. And I have…but then again, I have not gotten one finished chapter. I have 3 partially finished chapters, when what I need is one so I can get my book proposal together for my agent-to-be. But I have to go with the flow and do what is most natural. I tend to work like a pin plotter. If you’ve ever witnessed a CAD system (computer-aided drafting), you’ve seen how I write a book. A bit here, a bit there, a bit in another place and then back to add more to something I’ve already started. If you’ve read the preface to Recreating Eden, you know how badly I beat myself up when I was writing it because the process did not go the way I thought it “ought” to—or how I would have liked.

I think this time is a test to see how cool I can stay with the process when it doesn’t unfold in the way that my ego would most appreciate (neat, finished chapters, rapidly written). It has been a challenge not to get all bound up in judgment when most of a day passes and I feel I’ve frittered it away, answering emails, or getting otherwise distracted. Because it’s for sure that judgment isn’t going to expedite a thing. I do think I’m making progress, though, in allowing things to be what they are instead of what would seem tidiest and most satisfying in the short run.

Anyway, I would say that I haven’t blogged in the last week because I’ve been too busy writing, but the fact is that I’ve been too busy not quite writing. That—and I truly didn’t know how long it had been…Like I said, I’m a timeless being, throwing off the restrictions about time, the judgments about time, and the shoulds, ought-tos and supposed-tos about time. If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t written sooner, that’s why—but I suspect I’m the only one putting the “should” on this.

And speaking of time, how did it get to be college time for Stepdaughter #2? She was JUST in 4th grade! She moved into her dorm today at the University of Colorado. Rick helped and says her dorm has a fabulous view of the Flatirons. As much as that girl loves to climb, I hope she can get her school work done! Stepdaugher #1 is off tomorrow for a semester abroad in Vienna, and Stepdaughters 3 and 4 have gone back to school this week. The baby is in high school this year! Time, time, time. Always on the move, whether you're paying attention or not.

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I LOVE what I do!

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I have THE best job in the world! I absolutely LOVE doing attunements! And I love the preparation for doing them. How do I prepare? I go as far up into the joy space as I can!

Today I had an attunement appointment at 1 p.m. and so at 12: 40, I put on my favorite channeling jewelry (which my wonderful and talented friend, Andrena, made me), got a glass of water, went outside in the garden with my iPod, put one of my favorite, rocket-me-to-joy Earth Wind & Fire songs on, did a little conscious breathing, and let go to the Love flowing through me. In only a couple of minutes, I was experiencing paroxysms of joy and was crying tears of ecstasy!

I felt so powerfully my adoration for my Spirit and gave thanks and thanks and more thanks for that amazing sense of connection (gratitude will move you higher in frequency). The song I had on when I went into uber joy was "You," which, as I addressed in the teleseminar I did called "Romancing Your Spirit" (I reported on this on my blog--see Romancing Your Spirit), was written as an "ordinary" love song from a man to a woman, but is perfect when translated as I love to do as being from me to my Spirit. (Read that blog entry to see why that makes sense to do!) I had the most powerful feeling of being in love, or, rather in Love.

Would you believe that this turned out to be the theme of the attunement? That when I asked the person what their stated intentions for the session were about, it turned out to be exactly aligned with that? Of course you would! Because we always attract that which we are vibrating. And I was definitely vibrating the "being in Love with Spirit" energy!

In case you haven't ever heard me speak to this before (or, even if you have, and need a little refresher) the reason I go intentionally into the joy space before an attunement is because joy is experienced at higher vibrational frequency, and so is my God-Knowingness. The more aligned with Source I am, the more joy I experience, and the more access I have to Higher Wisdom. And, the energy I channel is of the highest integrity and potency (the least ego) when I'm in the joy space, so it has the greatest power to assist in the evolution of the one that is coming to me for the attunement.

And guess who gets to feel that energy first? Me! I do just love my job. I highly recommend loving what you do and doing what you love. What a fabulous boost up to the joy space! It primes you for joy. Whenever I even think of doing an attunement with someone, I get excited and feel my frequency rising! And now, I get to "work" on my writing project! LOVE it!!!

Here are the lyrics to "You" (the music is every bit as much or more a contribution to the frequency-raising power of the song, but the lyrics are a great example of an "in love with your Spirit" song--after the first 4 lines, just imagine that you are singing it to your Spirit.)


Maurice White, David Foster & Brenda Russel

She was naive, and never knew
Back against the world--her dreams came true
There is a mirror in her eyes,
all the world with cherry painted skies

I would be a fool, not to notice who,
can make me want to give it all
Oh, and now, I'm a happy soul
that love has got a hold
And I know that love won't let me fall

You--light the way, you brighten up my day
You make me want to stay,
I guess you know that I'm in love with you
It's true, you changed my point of view,
and now I look at life, the way you do,
with a beauty shining thru

When I am true with my dreams
life is so sincere, in what it means
I am truly hypnotized--with a love
that took me by surprise

I would be a fool, not to notice who,
can make me want to give it all
Oh and now, love is so profound.
I need your love around to open up,
this lonely heart

You--light the way, you brighten up my day
You make me want to stay,
I guess you know that I'm in love with you
It's true, you changed my point of view,
and now I look at life, the way you do,
with a beauty shining thru

You-light the way, you brighten up my day
You make me want to stay,
I guess you know that I'm in love with you
It's true, you changed my point of view,
You make it all seem right,
I'd love to share my life, with you

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Refusing the invitation

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Today, the world was offered yet another invitation down in frequency. I’m happy to say, I declined! Even though my ego-mind was interested in finding out more information on the foiled terror plot, and commiserating with all the travelers delayed at airports everywhere, who were having to give up everything from their water bottles to their shampoo, perfume and lipstick if they wanted to get on a plane, I decided I would simply rather stay out of that realm of angst and fear. And when I thought to myself that this may be a “Wag the Dog” scenario, cooked up by one government or another, I decided not to go there, either. It seemed like the best plan was to stay out of it altogether. So, after a cursory review of the basic situation, and a prayer of gratitude that no planes went down, that’s what I did!

Instead, I worked on my book proposal—and really felt the energy flowing. Nothing is as nourishing for me as tapping into the energy grid where Higher Wisdom can be accessed. I listened to Earth Wind & Fire (so you know what state I was in!), and hung out in varying delicious degrees of joy. Now I’m listening to Robert Randolph and the Family Band and rocking out as I write this. I’m pretty darned sure I had the kind of really great day that those people who were glued to CNN did not!

I must say, I rejoiced at not having any plans for flying anytime soon, and felt a lot of gratitude for the guidance that created it that way for me. Though my ministry is expanding rapidly, and I once had visions of traveling all over the place as the result of such an expansion, I have felt a definite inner prohibition against planning anymore events in the near future that require travel. Not because of the threat of terrorism, but because I have felt the deep desire to be home, nurturing myself, healing my knees, writing my book, and just being. I think I’ll probably travel a lot in due time, but just not now. So it has all worked out for me (following your inner guidance instead of pushing always does!), and I am very thankful. I’m also glad Stepdaughter #3 got back from Paris when she did so that it was all very easy for her, and less invitations to worry for us.

Anyway, I was happy today to opt out of angst and into joy. In fact, as I contemplated my high-frequency day, it occurred to me that, as a planetary citizen, it was my civic duty to be joyful. Of course, it’s always our civic duty to be joyful, as that’s what keeps the frequency of humanity rising. But on a day like today when so many people are so easily moved into the fear zone, it seems especially important for those who understand how things work to make deliberate choices to be unmoved by thoughts of less than what they desire for themselves and the world. And, in the process, I got to feel FANTASTIC! Even my knees have felt better today.

Remember, my next free teleseminar is August 29 and is very appropriately titled “Vibrational Shelter.”

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Cool new music!

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I have some new joy music! I have some new grieving/clearing music! Of course, grieving is a prelude to joy, because without clearing your sadness, you can only get so high in frequency. So, in a sense, it’s joy music, too.

The clearing music is by my friend and fabulous musician, Donna Michael. I don’t remember what I may have blogged before about her, but here’s a little bit of intro. I have known Donna since 7th grade, when, as she recalls, I was nice to her when she transferred into my class a few weeks after school started and was seated next to me. I truly don’t remember that, but I’ll be eternally grateful that I was kind, as I didn’t feel all that secure within myself back then, and you know how junior high kids can be with acceptance of new kids!

Anyway, we’ve been friends ever since—sometimes, closer than other times, but always friends of the heart. As adults, we’ve shared our spiritual journeys and have stayed in touch despite our various relocations throughout the years. We became especially close when we both lived in our hometown back in the early ‘90s, and treasured our visits which always included sharing tea and confidences. She’s lived and worked in the music industry in Nashville, TN for close to 15 years now, and is a fulltime “new age” musician. It does kind of blow my mind that we have both taken the path of “professional spirituality.” She has just been ordained as a Religious Science minister and is a Radical Forgiveness coach in addition to her amazing music. She’s a fabulous vocalist, plays a bunch of instruments, and now produces with her husband, Jim, in their studio, which they’ve named “Heartlight.”

So…to the music. Five or so years ago, Donna experienced a profound dark night of the soul, and was totally devastated. At that time, the seed was planted for an album, and that album has just been released. It’s called Out of the Darkness. She sent me a copy and when I put it on the CD player and heard the first bars of the first song, “Cradle Me,” I burst into tears. I immediately knew that this was the grieving music I’d asked the Universe for. It’s exquisite. And, like my other favorite clearing album, “Ashes” (Cris Williamson), it takes you all the way through the process to emerge triumphantly into the Light. I predict this album will help many, many people through their emotional healing. I will certainly be recommending it! You can hear samples from it here: Out Of The Darkness

Donna’s music and vocals are so moving and soothing and take you from the wounded place to the soaring place effortlessly. And be sure to listen to her duet with Gregory Fisher (“Brokenness”). His rich voice envelops you like a warm, safe embrace you want to prolong forever, and their voices together are absolutely thrilling!

Now—to my full-on joy music. A couple of weeks ago, I watched Austin City Limits, and the featured group was Robert Randolph and The Family Band. From the moment the concert started, this band was, as they say, “wide open.” I was not only completely caught up in the hard-driving beat and remarkable complexities of the music, I was totally mesmerized by Robert Randolph. This young virtuoso, who classifies his music as gospel, but which clearly has an R&B flavor, takes the pedal steel guitar leagues farther than he was taught to at the House of God church where he learned to play. He has been compared to guitar greats Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Duane Allman. You just can’t believe what this guy does with a pedal steel! And his charisma quotient is off the charts—but he seems truly humble and happy to share the stage—and does—with a host of other musicians, many of whom are related to him in some way, and all highly talented.

When I told Rick that I just had to have one of their albums, he ordered me both, and I have now pre-ordered their new one that’s coming out in September. One of the reviews off the back of Live At The Wetlands is from Rolling Stone and says, “On stage, Randolph is an energetic and inspiring presence, able to convert any beer-drenched, smoke-filled room into a temporary sanctuary. He’s a time-stopping, trouble-erasing wizard who engages his listeners to march, press on, stomp their feet, clap their hands, scream.”

I want you to listen to my favorite (so far) RRFB song. Go to their website and at the bottom border of their photo is a playlist. The 4th song from the left is “Going In the Right Direction.” (You’ll see the controls at the bottom left of the page.) My recommendation is to select it and then click the pause button to let it load before you try to listen to it. If you don’t, you’ll probably have to endure the music stopping and starting. Also, you can get a look at a Robert Randolph and The Family Band performance by going to the Austin City Limits site and partaking of the 2 video clips they have there. Here's a link to the high-speed versions (for modem, go to the ACL artist list and scroll down to the Rs): 2004 Video of RRFB and 2002 Video of RRFB The one that says it’s from 2004 has an 8 ½ -minute song (be sure to see the last minute of it), and the one from 2002 is a very brief—about 18 seconds—I’m willing to bet you’ve never seen anyone do what he does in that clip!

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Needless angst

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Hallelujah and thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you God! I do not have to report for jury duty tomorrow! I was told this by my God-Realized Self in many different ways since I got my summons a few weeks ago, including experiencing a complete and utter lack of energy around it, and still, I gradually began to worry about it. I didn’t want to say anything about this prior to now. But since it’s all over, I just have to tell you about the angst I put myself through needlessly.

Mind you—I was not unwilling to serve on a jury, even though it is definitely not something I’m eager to do. I do have issues with human beings deciding the fates of other human beings—though, in a way, that’s impossible. The people, themselves, are the ones that attract/create what happens to them, and the jurors are simply lining up with the energy of that. So I could be okay with serving. No—it was primarily my current mobility issues that had me freaked out. The Denver City-County building is massive, and there would be a lot of walking involved, and with my knee-healing project, I didn’t want to set myself back, not to mention, I wondered if I could even do it at this point. Rick recently had jury duty, and had told me that the jury room is a long way from the courtrooms—around 200 yards. Also, if I were selected, there would be a lot of time when I’d need to sit still, which is not the easiest for me at this juncture.

Why, you may ask, didn’t I just get a doctor’s excuse? Well…it’s because I was told from within that I wouldn’t need one. I just kept “hearing” that I would not be asked to report. And I felt strongly that I wasn’t supposed to go to the trouble of getting an excuse. But as the time drew near, I couldn’t stop obsessing over the possibility of having to go. I worried I was creating it so I’d have to—and the more I worried and got upset with myself for worrying, the more concerned I got that I was creating an energy bridge to the event I didn’t want to happen! I was going over and over in my mind what I’d have to do to manage physically, etc. I didn’t make any plans for this week just in case I had to be in court. By yesterday, I was making myself a little sick over it all.

Today, I just decided that, no matter what, I wasn’t going! Even though the deadline for asking for a physical postponement had long passed, I figured if need be, I’d simply call and say, “I thought I’d be able to do it, but I can’t, and I’ll get a doctor’s excuse.” Whew! What a relief! I really let myself off the hook for this, and felt great that no matter what the jury duty website said at 5:00 when they posted who needed to report tomorrow, I just simply would not be there. My frequency shot up and I started working on Chapter One of the new book, feeling a lot of joy and appreciation and exhilaration.

Just on a whim, I went to the site early—2 ½ hours early—and lo and behold, they had already posted tomorrow’s reporting numbers! And, just as my Higher Wisdom had told me from the very beginning, my number was not included in tomorrow’s prospective jurors! So now I’m free. But I could have been free all along if I had just trusted what I was getting from “above” instead of listening to my fearful self. Hey—didn’t I write a book about that???

By the way, I believe part of yesterday’s feelings of purposelessness, etc., were in large part because I had let myself get sucked into the fear place over the jury duty worries.

Sigh… I’m learning. I swear I am!


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Ego is an addict

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Okay. It’s official. Ego is an addict. It doesn’t matter how much validation it gets, it always needs more, more, MORE. When it gets validation, it slacks off on it’s death grip on the flow of Life Force and allows you to feel happy. When it perceives that it is being invalidated (by others, by you—doesn’t seem to matter), or simply not getting as much approval as it would like, it starts clamping down on the flow, your frequency is lowered, and your mood is dampened. Sheesh! I know this. I really, truly know this—and yet I get sucked in over and over and over again.

What to do? Well, it’s for sure that getting angry, frustrated, or upset about it in any way is contraindicated. The only part of you that does get angry, frustrated, or upset is ego-aligned, too! Today when I found myself feeling that all-too-familiar feeling of being of no value and having nothing to contribute and furthermore, nothing that anyone appreciates (yes—I know—this is all irrational, but that’s ego!), I went to my “Atta girl!” file and read over the emails I’ve saved that people have written me to express their appreciation for the help/inspiration I’ve provided to them. It helped a little, but that voice that says, “Yeah—but that was then and this is now. Where’s the validation for today?” chimed in. See? Never enough. If a million people were to validate me, it would STILL not be enough, because ego is a bottomless pit.

The best I could do was to take a deep breath and simply allow my insatiable, very human need for validation and approval to be there. To my credit, I did not struggle with it or discount it—I simply observed it, and, yes, allowed myself to feel the empty feeling. Maybe my next step will be embracing the sad entity that can never get enough. That’s what is needed, I’m pretty sure. But it is not my first impulse when I feel the frequency drop that ego causes when it’s not getting stroked. My first impulse is to fight it and find a way out of its clutches, but that’s not effective. I know from experience. I am pleased that I did not do that today at least. Yes—I’m sure embracing it IS the way out. Okay—I know it is. Inclusion, acceptance, and Love—I guess those are 3 names for the same thing—are always The Way.

I’m sure there will be more on this topic…

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