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Tonight's teleseminar resources

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Here is a link to the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System.

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Easy World Angels

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I posted the following to the Easy World Forum, but thought since some of you don't hang out over there, I'd post it on the blog as well! I'm getting ready to go swim (big smile!), and then I'll be focusing on tonight's free teleseminar (another big smile). Hope you are going to be there!


I had been finding myself out of Easy World while gathering information on chlorine-free pools over the last few days, running up against people not knowing things, not seeming willing to find out things, and generally not seeming willing to be of service.

So today, I invoked Easy World and...guess what! Things got EASIER! But I still wasn't getting the answers I wanted--the news that I got was, in fact, distressing. So I turned it over to the "Pool water angels."

Next thing I know, the phone is ringing and I get new information and it turns out that what we want to do is, indeed, easily possible. Then, I call a here-to-fore source of "not what I had wanted to hear," and got a really, really helpful person who told me exactly what I needed to do to achieve a changeover from chlorine to the non-chlorine system, and then, I called the pool store (a few blocks from our house--can you imagine?) that had been unhelpful yesterday, and today, they were very helpful and said they had just what we are needing in stock and ready to be picked up!

So from this experience, I learned that ANGELS are Easy World agents (why this only occurred to me now, I don't know!) and that when you're finding yourself only part way in EW, you just need to invoke them and they will usher you right into EW and do whatever it takes to get you what you need!

Remember--with angels, you must call on them and ask for help or they cannot intercede. I'm so glad I instinctively did that! I feel like I just opened a new door in Easy World!

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Splashdown! At last!

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Today was the day—my first swim in my Endless Pool! It was FABULOUS! Everything I have been craving—weightless movement, oxygen, water—wow! It was all worth it. I feel like I’ve come home again. I’ve been a fish out of water for waaaaaaaay too long!

I thought I’d be able to swim this morning—Rick did, too and even stayed home from work to witness the blessed event, but the temp was only up to 81, and that was too cool for the first swim—I wanted to have nothing not to love. So I managed to wait till he got home this afternoon at 4:00 and it was a perfect 85. I got all nervous just beforehand. Honestly—I felt like I was getting ready for a first date with someone I had already decided to marry! While I was fairly sure I’d love it, there’s always the chance I wouldn’t…But it was kismet...obviously always meant to be. And I only waited 20 years!

It is astonishing how much better I already feel. I’m going to have to take it easy with my knee—though I can move much it better in the water, there are some motions that are a challenge at least till I strengthen it. Frog kick doesn’t feel very good, but that’s alright. Scissors kick is fine. Crawl and backstroke feel great all the way around. Backstroke has long been my favorite—I love how it stretches you and opens your chest. And how great is it that I don’t have to turn around? I can just swim and swim and swim!

Getting new equipment is fun. Amazingly, there is a swim store about a mile or less from here and I went yesterday and bought new swim mitts, new lycra caps, and I bought Rick and me each a swimmer’s snorkel. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it but it’s great. You don’t have to turn your head to breathe and it allows you to get a lot more oxygen as you can breathe continuously. I would usually swim a dozen strokes before breathing, so this is a new sensation. LOVE that oxygenation! And it will be better on my neck not to be turning it so much. We ordered some cool resistance equipment today. AquaLogix Bells and Fins. (Only in exercise is resistance desirable in Easy World!).

I promise not to talk swimming all the time, but this is a special occasion!

Anyway…Rick took pictures against my will, and I’m way too vain to show you what I looked like in my swim cap and goggles and definitely not in my swimsuit—I have really ballooned up in weight and I’m very self-conscious about it—but here I am trying my backstroke for the first time against the current. Hopefully, you can barely see me!

Now, if you want to see the pool with somebody cute, here is the photo I took of Peter Wackman, the factory-trained Endless Pool installer I mentioned a couple of entries back.

He was so wonderful and did such a great job and was so easy to have around, it was like having a friend here (a very hard-working friend). Though I’m glad the installation is over, it was kind of sad to see him leave yesterday when he was done giving us our orientation. Happily, he’ll be around if we need him and said he’d stop by sometime when he was in the neighborhood.

When he was leaving, we hugged goodbye and I was almost tearful—this has been an emotional experience for me in many ways. Somehow, it’s been more than just a swimming pool installation—it’s almost been like a prolonged graduation to a new phase of my life. And Peter was sort of like the facilitator, so it was a poignant moment. But it didn’t last long because the girls were coming over for dinner and #3 pulled up right as Peter was leaving and made it easy to change gears.

I could go on and on about all kinds of stuff, but I’ll leave it here for now. I need to go to bed at a reasonable hour—I will be swimming in the morning!

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I meant to post this a half dozen times earlier today—it’s been written over about 12 hours…

The announcement went out to my mailing list today (Tuesday—on the new moon!) about the new Easy World site, and it seems to a hit! (No big surprise there!) If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to. There is a wonderful audio of gentle wave sounds to enjoy, a couple of new freebies, including a new poster I really like a lot, and a new article about the rediscovery of Easy World. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the drawing for the Easy World Affirmation Mug. Very popular!

At this moment, I can not only hear the gentle waves of Easy World, I can hear the sound of the water filling my swimming pool! Hooray!


I got sidetracked and it’s a few hours since I wrote the line above. The pool has been filled! I have a swimming pool and it has water in it!!

Unfortunately, however, there must be “no harmony in the Universe” as I will not be able to swim till Thursday (that was a reference to a comment in my last blog entry!). The water is currently 42 degrees F, and the heater only heats it one degree per hour, sooooooo, unless I want to freeze my buns off, I will need to wait for 48 hours once he gets the heater going (not sure if it’s started yet or not.) It’s sooooooooo close now, Sweet Julie. Hang on!!!

You know, one thing I’m not sure if I’ve said, but bears repeating even if I have, is that it is far, far, FAR easier to stay in Easy World if you are well-rested! That is something I have been neglecting, and it’s time to make it a priority. I was up again till 2:30 last night, making changes to the Easy World Boutique so that it would be ready when the mailing went out this a.m. When I woke up to go to the bathroom at 8:30 and Peter wasn’t here yet, I decided it was a great time to let the dogs out and feed them and then go back to bed, but of course, I stayed up and read email and the Easy World Forum, etc.. I did manage to nap for about 90 minutes, but that really didn’t make much of a dent in my sleep deficit.


And again, I got sidetracked! When I wrote the above paragraph, I was intending to be in bed by midnight. It’s now 1:15. So instead of tying this all together as I had planned, I’ll be smart and quit and go to bed! I do think I’ll get some rest tomorrow and the next day. More soon—as always.

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What a quick weekend! I’ve been at my computer most of the time. Sweet Julie’s getting tired of working through every weekend, but this couldn’t be helped, despite what she thinks... With the “grand launch” of ILiveInEasyWorld.com coming up on Tuesday (hoping to get our announcement out then) there has been a lot to do. Tony has been awesome and has worked through the weekend as well, something I know he doesn’t usually do. Rick spent his Saturday and Sunday doing taxes. I’m very thankful to both of them!

I had a meltdown today. Yes—I found myself in self-exile from Easy World. I was just really tired from all this time at the computer and all the time waiting for the pool to be ready and having my back out of whack and heaven knows what all else, and so I had a release session and allowed Sweet Julie to whine and my adult ego to do the thing that rhymes with witch and just generally allowed myself to be human.

I did it with a consciousness of release and an awareness of emotional management, which makes it even more useful than just reaching the end of your rope and freaking out (which works, too, but is somehow not as satisfying and immediately aligning). I broke my general rule about doing the emotional releasing in private—Rick “got” to be with me—and hopefully is none the worse for the wear! He’s gotten pretty good at putting his slime shields up and is great at being present with me at those times. He has almost learned not to try to cajole me into a better place—he tried a little humor today, but I was not receptive at that point. When it’s release time, it’s release time, and nothing feels better than having it out of your system.

Yes—I felt much better afterward. Of course. There’s nothing more effective when you need one than a little emotional release session to clear the way to move back up the vibrational ladder. I also spent some time outside on this gorgeous 72-degree, sunny day, and got some grass trimming done. I must have looked pretty strange the way I had to stand with my lower back out and my thermal heat wrap on, but I was just happy to be able to do it. That’s another really effective frequency raiser for me—being outdoors and doing something in the garden.

Okay. About the pool. Sweet Julie has apparently run out of patience waiting for it. It has taken longer in every way than originally expected, except for the actual work that Peter has done. What he said about the installation time has been pretty accurate—except that in our first meeting, I missed the part about how the pool walls had to be set up before he could measure for and order the custom liner that then takes 2-3 weeks to be manufactured and delivered before the pool can be filled with water (I missed it because it wasn’t discussed then). Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since he ordered the liner, and he says UPS will deliver it tomorrow and that he will be able to install it Tuesday. That means, if there is harmony in the Universe, this fish out of water will be swimming on Wednesday night. At last.

Have you noticed that Divine Order/Divine Timing is easier to appreciate when it matches up with your desires?!

Oh yeah—we had a spam attack on the blog yesterday—some of the least tasteful stuff I’ve encountered (it would have made my mother blush for sure) and I did not particularly appreciate the time it took to get rid of it—but the funny part was that though they went after 3 blog entries, the one they hit with the most “comments” was “A little EW contrast.” (EW is Easy World) I thought that was kind of appropriate!

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With little fanfare, iliveineasyworld.com launched today! (There will be fanfare next week when the newsletter comes out!) I am excited about it as it will provide a foundation for the Easy World message and assist it in spreading farther and wider—with ease!

I’m really happy with how it turned out and of course it will be evolving. I already know of several other things that will be going on it. Be sure to offer suggestions if you can think of something that needs to be on there that isn’t yet. Thanks to webmaster Tony for all his great work in taking my design and getting it to work as a website!

It is still utterly flabbergasting to me how easily people are comprehending Easy World. Today on the EW Forum, “W P” said, “Everybody, and I mean everybody, is receptive to Easy World. If they were a dog you could see their ears prick up. I even had one lady who happens to be going through interesting times call me up yesterday and say, ‘I just wanted to talk to you about that 'Simple place' you mentioned, I really need to hear about it again’…”

Wow—did that ever trigger a huge bout of gratitude in me! In fact, I’m in continual awe and gratitude for Easy World—and for being able to share it with everyone.

I think you’ll enjoy the testimonials page on the new site. It is full of appreciation for Easy World. I pulled all the testimonials from unsolicited comments that people on the EW Forum posted as well as a few from the “I live in Easy World” thread that is one of the longest threads ever on The Secret Forum. In every case but one (the person was not wanting her name out there), when I corresponded with people to ask permission, I received enthusiastic messages of assent and appreciation for getting the Easy World message out. Even the one that didn’t want her name to be public thanked me for introducing her to Easy World and for getting it out there.

Changing the subject slightly, in true Easy World style, I purchased a round-trip ticket to North Carolina today for early June and was able to easly get one of the last 3 tickets available on the only non-stop flight from Denver to Raleigh-Durham and for times that are perfect for me needs. What a blessing! It wasn’t the cheapest ticket, but it will save greatly in wear and tear. I am excited to see all my buddies and family, but as always, I’m so happy to stay here and work and garden and be with Rick and the pups, I will have to psyche myself up to leave! This trip is purely for leisure—I just need to spend some relaxed time with my NC family, both biological and spiritual!

Speaking of the pups, Lilah turned 5 today (April 11—I’m posting this after midnight on the 12th). She and Roly had raw marrow bones to celebrate. My dad’s birthday was today, too. He is 5 + 81! We also celebrated Stepdaughter #3’s 17th birthday tonight—though hers was yesterday, we had her dinner and cake and gift opening tonight. Lots of Aries energy in my life!

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Happy Ease-ter!

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Please excuse my absence for much of the last week. I have been focused on creating the new Easy World website (and a lot of other things). I spent last weekend designing it and this week gathering and creating content for it. Tony (wonderful webmaster) dove right into it and, in true Easy World style, found it a fun challenge.

And in an Easy-World twist, though he had thought it would be the end of last week before he would be able to get to it, it turns out things magically rearranged themselves for him to start working on it Tuesday! I'm not sure when it will launch--there's still quite a bit of tweaking and adding to do. I realized this weekend that I had put too much on the home page--sometimes I need to remember that in Easy World, less is more! So I'm re-doing some things to make it very easy for people to get into.

One of the many EW website things I've been doing this weekend is gathering testimonials about Easy World. Wow. As Rick experienced, reading a whole collection of them in one place is quite an emotional experience. That such a simple, simple thing as "I live in Easy World where everything is easy" could be so transformational for so many is simply awe-inspiring and humbling. As I've said before, there's no way my ego can possibly lay claim to this phenomenon! Ego is waaaaaay too complication-oriented to have ever come up with this!

It's been the perfect weekend weather-wise for doing this. Although I would have thought I'd be outside planting pansies, fertilizing roses and doing other garden "chores" (though planting pansies for me can hardly be termed a chore--not much makes my heart leap up quicker than planting the first flowers of Spring!), it has been cold and snowy all weekend. Yes--I know. Snow and sub-freezing temperatures on Easter weekend. I need to have a talk with Mother Nature. Or move somewhere with less crazy weather...then again, I can just assume it was divinely designed to keep me at the computer so that the Easy World website will be ready to launch a little sooner!

Pool update: Peter, the pool installer, whom I have a little crush on (a kind of motherly crush--he's young enough to be my son. And not to worry--Rick is fully aware of my affection for the guy!), finished Wednesday with everything he could until the liner arrives. He's working in Arizona all this coming week, so the soonest he'll be back to install the liner and fill the pool and get it working is next Monday, and it will take another day after that before it's swimmable. I'm not going to allow myself to get antsy about it. Okay--no antsier than I've already been--but it won't be toooooo long before I can swim AT LAST! As much as I love Peter, and as relatively easy as it has been to have him here working, I will be very happy when our time together is over!

Happy holiday, everyone! Remember to keep the Ease in Easter!

Oh, yeah--if you're a relative newcomer to my blog, you might enjoy reading these past Easter blog entries:

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This is a week of progress on many fronts. I was seized with the motivation to design the new Easy World website this weekend and came up with something I LOVE and I think you will, too. I won't give anything away just yet--Tony (webmaster) is busy this week, but promises me he'll get to it as soon as he can. You know I'll let you know when it's up and running. I'll be announcing it big time!

Rick and I also got some things done in the yard, and got the garage ready for my new baby. (Ever known of a swimming pool being called a baby?). The pool was delivered last week, and the crates sat in the driveway for five days till Peter, the installer, had an opening in his schedule. He started this morning, and he and his helper got a lot done as you can see from the photo. It really does look like a huge dumpster at this point--a very fancy stainless steel dumpster--especially with the insulation sheets in it. As you can see, it takes up most of our 1-car garage. It looks larger and longer in person than in the photo--my angle vastly foreshortened it.

Peter has another day or day and a half to work on it, and then we have to wait for the custom liner to arrive. It couldn't be ordered until he got the walls erected today and measured for it. (This is because we chose to have a custom deep area--that's what the excavation in the garage floor was about--and the measurements need to be precise.) It is supposed to be about 2 weeks till the liner comes, and then he'll come back and install the liner, fill the pool and test it, etc. THEN, at last, after 20 years of dreaming of an Endless Pool, I'll be able to swim in it!

I did have an Easy World experience around today's install worth noting. Very late last night, I suddenly "came to" and realized that one wall of the pool will be up against a wall of the garage that has paper-covered insulation on it, which you can see in the photo. My understanding was that the pool was going to be pushed tightly up against the studs so there would be no room between the pool and the wall. Splashing water + paper-covered insulation = you can guess! (We're not finishing the garage because when we move in a few years, we're moving the pool with us and restoring it to a garage)

So I started worrying and trying to figure out how to cover the wall before they put the pool up against it. But after a bit, I realized the futility of that and I said, "I live in Easy World where everything is easy, and it will be handled." So I let go and turned over and went to sleep.

When I talked to Peter this morning about it, he said "No problem." (Great Easy World phrase, by the way!) He said he'd already planned to cover that wall with plastic which he would purchase and take care of. Not something we'd talked about, and not really his job--he's just a nice guy, and an agent of EW! Easy.

One more bit of progress. You may remember the tiny tulip shoots from my blog entry of a few weeks ago--the one where the lavender foliage was in better focus. Well, here are the tulips now!

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