See the Light shining everywhere you look!

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Today is a day--no matter your religion--to celebrate the Light within you and nurture it to its fullness. It is also a day to see the Light within others and nurture it to its fullness.

How? By refusing to be caught up in the illusions of ego which want to distract you from the Light and want to put you in resistance to the flow of Love. By seeing through others' ego "stuff" all the way through to the Love they really are. By choosing compassion over reaction. By being Love in action, no matter what.

The Love you experience is equal to the Love you allow to radiate. The pain you experience is equal to the amount of shutting down you do.

Though the Sanskrit greeting "namaste" is not normally a word associated with Christmas, I say let's keep a namaste consciousness. "The Light within me honors the Light within you."

Have a fun, high-vibe day today, wherever you are and whomever you're with.

Merry Christmas!

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