I look fabulous--but you don't want to smell my breath!

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It's day 15 out of 17 of my fast, and it's doing wonderful things for me. I've dropped a lot of excess weight--14 lbs. since I've been here, for a total of 28 since October--lost all the puffiness in my face, and my eczema and its beastly itching has mostly cleared up. I've still been having some arthritis symptoms, but they're lightening up (hallelujah!), and some of the lumps and bumps I had (rheumatoid nodules) are on the wane. As Rick says, it may not be gone, but it's going in the right direction!

To explain the rest of the subject line, I have the infamous "faster's breath," caused by all the metabolizing going on inside. Even *I* cannot stand the smell of it when I catch a whiff from time to time! Seriously--sewage smells better. My tongue and teeth are "wearing sweaters," and I'm brushing my teeth more than usual just for relief! That will clear up once I'm eating again. Meanwhile, thank goodness for Young Living peppermint oil--a drop on the tongue works wonders.

I'm looking forward to breaking the fast on Sunday--I've been dreaming of salads--but at the same time, I would like to keep this up for a long time to see what further magic it can produce. When I get home, rested and centered, I am contemplating doing at least a modified "juice feast," a la David and Katrina Rainoshek (juicefeasting.com) and see just how far I can take this ("modified" as in maybe not for 92 days).

I don't leave the clinic until next Thursday morning, but they insist on at least 4 days of readjustment to eating before you go back home. They have amazing food here, which I had when I first arrived, and so I'm not unhappy to get to eat it again!

Speaking of juicing and raw foods and such, I am captivated by "Dave the Raw Food Trucker." Check out his YouTube videos. He's lost over 200 lbs. and cured himself of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and kidney failure. He's amazing. And for those who say "my lifestyle won't let me juice," this guy proves that it can be done. He says he keeps 2 juicers in his truck cab at all times and something like a 400-ft. extension cord to be sure he can get what he needs without fail. I guess if juicing and raw foods had done for me what it's done for him, I'd do that, too!

Happy New Year, everyone! I don't know many of us who will be sad to see 2009 fade into history. Let's allow 2010 to be prosperous, miraculous, fun and EASY!

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