That was easy! Ask and ye shall receive.

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Here at Clinica Buchinger, I've received first class treatment all the way. The staff here--from the doctors to the housekeeping ladies--is a team of caring, nurturing professionals and it astounds me how efficient they are. They make sure you get everything you need, and right away. Kind of like the Universe does if you allow it!

So though I've requested many things since I've been here, I don't know why I hesitated to ask for a certain other few things--guess I didn't want to be perceived as a royal pain in the you-know-where.

This morning, I asked. I won't go into what I asked for, but suffice to say, all three requests were honored with a smile and within 10 minutes.

Oh--one thing I asked for this morning, I did not ask the staff for--I asked my Self for. I have been a little isolated as I am on a different fasting plan than the others, and so I receive my juices, etc. in my room. Another issue is that I can only speak the tiniest bit of Spanish, and though there are English speakers here, most speak Spanish or German. As an extrovert, that has left me a little lonely. So, this morning, I said, "Please provide me with a little more social interaction."

As I was leaving my morning app't with the nurse, one of the staff members fluent in English was outside her office, talking with another patient. We had a conversation about her gorgeous--but wet--shoes (she had stepped in a rain puddle on the way into work), and while we were talking, several other people came by and greeted me. Not a big demonstration, but I only asked for "a little more."

I love the way it's already all provided--you just have to show up to Easy World and pick up your goodies!


khawla suwaidi said:

Ooh , how lovley dear Julia

I'm ready from now to catch all my goodies
they are lots i love them all
& happy to share with you
K Suwaidi

Julia said:

Wonderful, K!

Have a brilliant 2010!!!

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