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I am down 3 sizes, I'm continuing to detox, problems I hardly even knew I had are clearing up, and I feel better than I have in a long, long, LONG time. So I just have to share what I've been doing! I meant to do this before but the energy didn't show up with the inspiration, so, true to Easy World principles, I just waited till it did. Now's the time!

Since the clinic in Spain, where I fasted for 17 days, not including the 2 days leading into the fast and the 4 days coming out of the fast, I've been eating mostly raw veggies with a few (healthy) cooked items added in to keep me grounded. I'd say I'm at about 75-80% raw at this point and it feels SO good! I haven't been following a rule book--indeed, the whole turning point for me was when I surrendered my healing to my Spirit and committed to following its guidance step-by-step, in the moment.

That was probably the biggest healing factor of all since I had been living as a "house divided" for so long--knowing that I was eating to satisfy my emotions and hide from my real feelings instead of to support my health and honor my body temple. It was the one holdout in my life--the one area I had not truly allowed my Spirit to be in charge of. Finally being willing to allow myself to flow back into alignment with my Spirit and the divine blueprint for my health has freed me in a way that one cannot imagine until one experiences it.

I'm eating lots and lots of salads--and pretty much constantly craving them. While I was fasting, I wasn't craving stuff that most people might crave--I was craving salads! (I believe the fast was pivotal in breaking my addiction to certain things like fats, heavy protein, dairy etc.) In addition to eating salads, I'm drinking them, too! Drinking them?

I've been consuming a preponderance of my greens in "green smoothies." Green smoothies are blended greens of various sorts and fruit, blended in the VitaMix (powerful blender that can blend hard veggies, etc., into liquids very rapidly). Our first favorite (yes, Rick is drinking them, too!) is kale, banana, and strawberries (plus water and flax seeds and a little agave nectar to sweeten if needed). It's hard to believe that is good until you try it! You can't taste the kale--only the fruit.

Our newest favorite green smoothie is a recipe from Victoria Boutenko's book Green for Life. It's spinach, lime, banana, and apples. It tastes like a cross between key lime pie and Margarita mix! Victoria is the "mother of the green smoothie movement." She did research on chimpanzees (because they're the human animal's closest relative) and discovered that their diet is predominantly greens and that they often wrap their bananas in green leaves, thus giving her the idea to make greens palatable by blending them with fruit. Way to go, Victoria! Green smoothies are making a huge difference in a multitude of lives by giving bodies what they need to be healthy in an easily assimilated form. When you break down the cell walls of the greens by blending, you release the nutrients to be effiiciently absorbed. (We don't usually chew long enough to accomplish that!)

So...I highly recommend eating lots of raw veggies, especially green smoothies, but most important, surrendering your eating to your Spirit and watching your amazing transformation unfold as I am!

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