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My Easy World glasses

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I've been wanting to get new glasses for quite awhile, but have been putting it off. Though I really loved everything about my purple frames (pictured just below), lately, they had started to grab my hair and if I wasn't extremely careful, it would break it off. Very, very annoying, and a constant invitation out of Easy World. That, plus my vanity (wanting to look current), gave me the impetus to get new frames, even though when I went and had my eyes examined a couple of weeks ago, my prescription had not changed. Here's me in 2005 in the old purple glasses:

I kind of dreaded going to get them because the LensCrafters with the best selection in the area is ensconced in Cherry Creek Mall, and a long walk from the closest mall entrance. I was also hesitant because my experience with the mall is that Christmas shopping season means it's almost impossible to find a close-in parking spot--even a handicapped spot. It's amazing how your life changes when you have mobility issues. So I had to wait and save up some knee power before I could entertain the notion of going to get new glasses!

But yesterday, I received the inspiration that it was time, with the energy to back it up. Because the store had moved about a year or two ago, I thought to ask them if they were still in the same place, just in case, and where the closest parking place was. In my conversation with the clerk, I found out that it would probably be easiest to park at the entrance to Nordstrom and walk through the store (Nordstrom had just recently opened there in place of a failed Lord & Taylor that had been closed for a few years, so that wasn't an option before) and out the entrance to the mall and I'd be almost there. Still didn't sound very close, but, I was hoping, better.

So...off I went, but not before invoking Easy World. I knew it was the only way I was going to survive what I was expecting to be at least a moderate ordeal. I felt immediately serene upon choosing an Easy World experience, and even downright jolly about my expedition! As it turns out, in Easy World, there are lots of empty parking spaces within just a few feet of the Nordstrom entrance. And when I walked through the door, I could see Lenscrafters through the exit into the mall, just diagonally across the store--a much more manageable walk than the last time I had gone to get glasses, and a fun walk, too, with all the pretty stuff to look at!

When I entered LensCrafters, there was a bit of a line waiting at the desk for help, and just as I was starting to be concerned about having enough "stand-up" in me to make it, the lady in front of me graciously offered to let me go ahead of her as she was there to make a return.

I was able to find my new glasses frames in short order (that is quite a feat!), and then left to go get some errands done, returning to pick them up short while later. Even going back to the mall at 5:00 pm was effortless! Interestingly, Denver's rush hour was uncharacteristically light, and though the mall was hardly deserted, it was far less busy than it had been earlier in the afternoon. It was all so darned easy. Even my knees cooperated throughout the 2 trips in and out of the mall and on the other errands I did!

I was kind of wondering as I left the store with my new specs if I had made the right choice--I knew Rick would tell me--but I didn't have to wait that long. I knew I had chosen the right ones when a fashionable clerk in Nordstrom (who had on very cool glasses herself) stopped me, not even a minute after I had wondered about it, to tell me how great my glasses were!

When I got home, Rick and I had the same idea for dinner in mind: to have sushi delivered, so we called in our order, and it was at our house in just 25 minutes and was delicious! (I'm still marveling over how fast it arrived--we've waited far longer for sushi when we've dined in sushi restaurants!)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love, love, LOVE Easy World?! If you have not yet discovered the magic of simply saying "I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy," what are you waiting for?!

So here I am last night in my new Easy World glasses (and my recent haircut). What you can't see from the photo is that the inner rims are bright blue and transparent, so depending on the angle of the light, they interact with the beveled edge of the lenses and flash blue (not as tacky as it sounds!). They're not purple, but just my style nonetheless. And they don't pull my hair, which is huge! (Is that the happy face of a woman who spent the day in Easy World or what?!)

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A few more countries heard from...

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Just for fun...Continuing my list from last week (Nov. 1), here are a few additional international locations showing up on the statistics for ILiveInEasyWorld.com. Easy World is viral! Love it!:

Korea, Republic Of
Hanoi Ha Noi Viet Nam
Jakarta Jakarta Raya (djakarta Raya) Indonesia
Berlin Germany
Bucharest Bucuresti Romania

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I was writing this morning and the following came to me. I posted it on the EW Forum as well as the PI Forum, but thought I'd add it to my blog as well:

The only kind of action that works in Easy World is inspired, energized action.

There's no procrastination in Easy World, because there's no arbitrary pressure to do anything. There's nothing to push against. You are either naturally inspired and energized and eager to do something, or you are to simply wait till inspiration and energy present themselves.

Now—if you've spent a lifetime practicing procrastination—rebelling against the imposition of other people's sense of timing on your own—this may be a strange new sensation! You now not only have permission to act only when it feels right to you, that is one of the laws of Easy World!

The other cool thing that came to me after reading about someone else's experience with inspired action is:

Because receiving an impulse for inspired action means you are aligned with the Divine Design for Harmony and plugged into the immense energy flowing with in it, taking inspired action sustains the alignment and increases energy. You will notice that instead of becoming tired from doing what you're inspired and energized to do, you'll become even more energized as you go along. Because taking action when you're not inspired means you're not aligned and plugged in, uninspired action depletes energy and you'll find that doing something you're not inspired to do makes you tired.

It's been a fun--and inspired--writing day so far!

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Easy World is everywhere!

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Check out this list:

Brighton South Australia Australia
Vicenza Veneto Italy
Kenora Ontario Canada
Esztergom Komarom-esztergom Hungary
London England United Kingdom
Quebec Canada

Kelowna British Columbia Canada
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Budapest Hungary
Amsterdam Noord-holland Netherlands
Bangkok Krung Thep Mahanakhon Thailand
Amman 'amman Jordan
Copenhagen Denmark
Göteborg Vastra Gotaland Sweden
Gyor Hungary
Istanbul Turkey
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Melbourne Victoria Australia
Tauranga Bay Of Plenty New Zealand
Northampton England United Kingdom

These are just some of the international locations from which people have accessed the ILiveInEasyWorld website over the last week. I copied and pasted them from the stats for the site (no idea why some are listed with city, region and country, and some only with country). When I looked at the recent visitor map, there was even activity from somewhere a few hundred miles off the coast of Western Africa, right on the equator, with no country listed--I wonder if it was someone on a ship! Ah--my imagination loves that one...

The U.S. visits were far too numerous to list, but suffice to say, they cover the country from coast to coast.

This just makes my heart leap up with joy! Every day, more and more people all over the globe are discovering Easy World and finding out about the liberation it offers. I am constantly amazed to see how Easy World is making itself known with only a relative tiny bit of inspired action on my part. It truly does have a life of its own.

Just this week, I received an email from a young man from Hungary who said his friend had told him about EW and he was hungry (not a pun!) to learn more. He wanted to know where he could get books about Easy World in Hungarian. I told him there were no books yet about Easy World in any language but that I was working on it.

Meantime, I pointed him to a translation site so that he could read ILiveInEasyWorld.com in Hungarian. Want to see what that looks like? Just click here. You can even click on the menu items and they'll take you to the corresponding page, translated to Hungarian. (That same site translates a long list of language, so if you want to share EW with a non-English speaker, it might be a helpful resource.)

As word of Easy World spontaneously spreads all over the planet, I am so very, very grateful to know that it has multitudes of international P.R. agents I'll never know the names of!

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