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Easy World and Maciek

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As I was swimming last night in my Endless Pool, I realized that it's coming up on the 1st anniversary of my rediscovery of Easy World. I was predisposed to be thinking about Easy World for a couple of reasons.

First, how much easier can it get that when I want to swim, I just go into my garage! On a day when it's 12 degrees F outside and snowing, I just suit up, grab my towel, walk down the hall, through the living room, and through a door to my snuggly warm garage and into my warm swimming pool for a great workout! That always raises my vibration and helps me to feel great! In case you don't remember, that swimming pool and garage--and the cold January weather--were the catalysts for me to redisover Easy World!

One of the other reasons I had Easy World on my mind is that one of the delightful folks on the Easy World Forum had just posted a fabulous story of his remarkable experience with invoking Easy World. Maciek is young Polish man, living temporarily here in the U.S. He is quite an Easy World natural and has brought a lot of energy and excitement to the forum. Here is a photo of Maciek, and here is a link to the thread where you can find his telling of a couple of his Easy World adventures. The one that just tickles me pink is the first one, about his trip to Philadelphia and back. Enjoy!

Rick and I are on our way to Boulder tonight to take Stepdaughter #2 out for dinner and hear about the mission trip she took over her winter break from U. of Colorado to Thailand to help with tsumami relief. I'm looking forward to a chance to see her, eat a great meal, and not write anything or be on the computer for a few hours! I'm about written out. What I believe is the fattest newsletter I've ever done is being sent out tomorrow and I've done soooooooo much writing for that and creating new web pages for new classes and writing class descriptions and on and on! Very excited about it all--and very glad to remove myself for the evening! If you're on my email list, the newsletter will be delivered to your inbox in the morning so keep your eye out for it!

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First, I want to tell you how much I wish you could feel my face! Yeah--I know that sounds very weird, but my face is as soft as...no, softer than a baby's behind! I first noticed this when I reached up to rub my eyes one evening last week (please don't tell Dr. Becky, my opthalmologist!) and thought, "Wow--did I just put on moisturizer and don't remember doing it?" so dewy-soft was my face. (If you have reached middle age like me, or are just a space cadet--also, like me--the notion of doing something and not remembering you did it only seconds later is not that far out there!)

But after focusing for a moment, I realized that I had not applied moisturizer for almost 24 hours! Next, I felt my hands, which had not seen lotion for as many hours and they were soft, too! Unheard of in Denver's dry, cold winter and our dry, warm house without a humidifier! My skin is soft and moisturized all over my body--which is especially great because I am really slack on lotioning up! It's just amazing. No cracked skin on my fingers, and absent are my typical bouts of winter itching! The only thing I know that I've done differently is religiously drinking Holy Tea (pardon the pun). I had heard that one of the benefits was soft skin, but this is crazy! Crazy-wonderful!

I received an email from my friend, Nancy, and she said this about the tea (she's been drinking it since September): "Well, a few people have mistaken my 31 year old son as my brother! And when I took my close-to-the-same-age friend to the hospital one morning, the nurses thought I was her daughter!  I eat pretty much anything I want (which is a lot lately), but am maintaining a significant weight loss.  
PLUS, like you said, I just feel CLEAN! Love it!" Lots of people report spontaneous weight loss. If you haven't read the testimonials on the Holy Tea Products page, definitely do. There's lots and lots of things this tea helps with.

I haven't personally noticed weight loss yet, though my stomach is not bloating since starting the tea, which kinda makes me look a little sleeker through the middle, but losing weight is something I'm definitely looking forward to. First, I think I need to get my post-menopausal hormones straightened out. That's something the tea is supposed to help with as well. I am also going to consider a new product that someone told me about that is supposed to help with hormones, and I'm going to up my maca consumption and use of progesterone cream. I may even go so far as to get a hormone assessment when I figure out the best course of action for that. But meantime, I'm so thrilled to know that drinking the tea is such an easy way to be helping my body at a foundational level.

The business is still amazing, too. I have been totally stunned at how it has built itself. I now have more than 2 dozen people in my downline without even trying. Rick's and my monthly tea bill ($80) is way more than paid for by all the commissions just from people buying the tea through my site at retail--people I don't know and have no clue how they even knew to buy it from me! (I guess from other of my retail customers raving about the tea and giving them the URL for my
Holy Tea site) And I'll be receiving a lot more money from that in commissions from the distributors I've effortlessly sponsored. The tea is positively magnetic! But I must tell you--I wonder at the wisdom of buying it retail.

You can
become a distributor for free--you get your own Holy Tea Club website for FREE--and you never have to sign up another person and you get the tea wholesale, a $10 savings on a month's supply of tea! If you opt for Auto-Ship, which doesn't lock you into anything because you can cancel or change it at any time, you get your shipping for free! That's the key to this--just sign up as a distributor and either just buy the tea for yourself wholesale, or, if you get as excited about the tea as I am and as so many others are, then sign people up under you so they can get the tea wholesale, too, and have a passive income as well if you want! No obligation--totally your choice. Actually--you don't even have to sign them up--that's the beauty of your free website--they just go there and sign themselves up!

And this is a mind-blower: there's a real chance you will get other distributors put under you without you doing a thing like some of my people did--complete strangers will be put in your matrix. Without you doing anything beyond buying your monthly tea at wholesale! Pretty soon, your monthly tea is paid for and you can have completely passive income without doing much of anything. Amazing. It's definitely an Easy World business! Do check it out if you are at all open to making money the easy way! Okay. I'll stop proselytizing, but I'm just so amazed at how this is all working out, it's hard not to share it with great enthusiasm.

If you didn't read my prior blog entries about
Holy Tea and the Holy Tea Club, check out the entries from December 27, December 30, and, there's a little bit about it in the one for January 4.

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I really, really want to make a blog entry about something other than the Holy Tea Club, but it has run away with me! I'll try to talk about something else, too, but it's very large in my consciousness at the moment. I suddenly have 19 people in my downline and it's all happened quite spontaneously! I started a Yahoo Group so that we could all share and learn about the tea from each other and to make it easier for me to communicate efficiently and that's taken right off, too. I have felt so much energy around this whole thing that I'm just going with it--inspiration plus energy = fruitful action, so I have not resisted!

Okay...something else to talk about...let's see...Well, I planned all day to make a long-overdue trip to Vitamin Cottage to get groceries and supplements, but I kept being busy in the office and it got later and later. I kept thinking how I'd better go by 4:00 pm or the store would be too busy--you know, Friday afternoon with people stopping off on their way home from work, etc. and I couldn't seem to help myself from visualizing a packed parking lot. Well I finally managed to get out the door at 5:10. The traffic there was strangely moderate (I hadn't thought to create that as challenging!), but when I got to the store, the parking lot, which is on a steep slope (they really could have used a day's more grading when they made it), was jam-packed, with no parking places at all open near the entrance. Just what I had visualized and created with my continuous reinforcement of the thoughts about the busyness I would encounter unless I went out by 4:00!

So I drove up the hill to the upper part of the lot and turned around and said to the powers-that-be in Easy World, "Look. I know I created this with my constant thinking about how it was going to be busy, but I am  just not willing to walk down the steep slope (worst thing on my knees) to get to the entrance. You just have to find me a close-in spot!" and then I started driving back to the main parking area, TOTALLY confident that things were working out perfectly for me to have an easy parking spot.

Just as I was approaching the store entrance again, a car pulled out of a place directly opposite the door! It wasn't THE closest place, but only a few feet farther, which was only really an issue in taking the cart back to the corral, etc. and the extra steps that would entail. But as I was checking out, I mentioned that I had forgotten my canvas shopping bags in the car and to save mileage on my knee, I was just going to give in for today and use plastic bags, The clerk then offered to find me someone to help me out to the car, so I had a nice young man load my groceries into the van. He was so happy to be outside (we had an amazingly and uncharacteristically "warm" day today of 50+ degrees!). And, of course, I did not have to make the extra trip to put the cart back--he handled that. Because I was in Easy World, everything just lined up right for me and for all involved!

Even when you find you have created things to be difficult (a pesky human habit), you can move right into Easy World without penalty as long as you simply invoke it and trust and expect that the EW agents are creating things so as to support your well-being!

See? I DID manage to write about something other than the tea! Of course, the reason I was so busy in the office and got out the door so late was tea-business related, so did I really?!

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I have decided that my New Year's resolution is to stop trying. I will stop trying and start allowing. No effort, just ease.

I will act only when inspired and energized to. Thus, I will coordinate with the Design for Harmony so that whatever I do will prosper everyone and everything including me!

I will allow Universal Forces to handle things for me. I will allow things to sort themselves out in perfect ways without interference. I will relax in The Flow and feel great joy and Love which will radiate from me to bless all Creation!

I will experience unprecedented success and joy because I will not be blocking it by trying.

A simpler way of saying this is that I will choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy. Let me put that in the present tense:

I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR,  everybody!

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