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Spring Magic

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Just a couple weeks shy of one year ago, I was in my nephew's adorable then-7-year-old daughter Maggie's bedroom in their home in Raleigh, NC, looking at her rock collection. I had traveled from Colorado to North Carolina for my dad's birthday, which is, conveniently, in early April--arguably, the prettiest time of year in NC. After so long in Denver (12 years at that point), and with Rick's and my agreement that we'd move once the youngest of his children was out of the nest, I could feel a quickening of the energy and a strengthening of the powerful magnet of "home."

It was utterly gorgeous during that trip--most days that week were warm, but not too warm, and sunny, and the azaleas were just at their peak. If you've never been to the Southeast during Spring, suffice to say that there is an almost-overwhelming amount of beauty with much of the lush landscape in bloom--flowers everywhere you look--and the trees freshly leafed--or leafing--out. Aside from my family and friends, Spring in North Carolina is what I missed most and I missed it with the passion of a separated lover. So, one afternoon as I drove through Raleigh, which was my home during much of my 20s and 30s, and home to my sister's family and many of my dearest friends, it hit me: I want to live here again--not just somewhere in North Carolina, but here, in Raleigh.

The very evening that realization struck, I was invited to dinner at my nephewTyler's and his wife Carrie's lovely home in Northwest Raleigh, which is heavily wooded and hilly--just gorgeous and just my kind of place. As Maggie showed off her collection, she handed me a little stone and declared, "This is my wishing rock. Whatever you wish on it will come true." I believed her and made my wish.

Today, I was sitting on our deck in our gorgeous yard in our heavily wooded, hilly, Northwest Raleigh neighborhood, soaking in the sunshine on a warm and glorious Spring afternoon, in utter bliss to be where I had wished to be. And I was marveling at the power of Easy World to provide whatever you deeply desire, in magical ways with utter ease and without plotting and manipulating and struggling.

I'll save further telling of the magic of finding our home here for another day...

This photo of Spring in NC from several years ago gives you a feel for the powerful beauty to be found here in early April...
Azaleas and dogwoods sm.jpg

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