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Off my stride

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I can’t believe it’s been four days since my last entry! I have been off my stride* for the last few days, and I’m not exactly sure why, but I have my suspicions. I know for sure that I have been eating things that haven’t helped—from popcorn and a Coke at the movies the other afternoon, to dessert after dinner Friday night when Rick and I went out with a visiting IT guy who was in town to help Rick fix a problem at work, to pizza last night and leftover for lunch today. Sugar and other simple carbs do not improve me mentally or physically--they cause brain fog, for one thing, and brain fog does not work for me--I can't write with that kind of mental impairment. Time to clean out my system once again! There is too much I need and want to do to continue fooling around like that.

My knee has been continuing to bug me, and I believe Andrena was correct in her intuitive diagnosis (which you might have heard if you hung around after the call Tuesday night) that it’s due to issues related to fears around success. In fact, I would say it’s definitely related to a fear of moving forward. I have a journal of non-dominant-hand writings from my inner child that I’ve kept ever since I first started doing them back in the early 90s, and in the very first one, I’m asking her about my knee, which I was having problems with then as well. She said then that she was behind the knee issues and that she would not let me move forward without her. So I’ve been asking for clarification about the current problems and what I’ve gotten so far is that she’s concerned that the more successful I get, the less time I’ll have to attend to her needs, and the less we’ll be able to be at home with Rick and the dogs. I've been aware of a new level of momentum lately, and I can see why it might scare her.

I am processing that and creating a “treatment” for it, which, so far, has me doing a visualization of us walking forward together hand in hand, with Rick and the dogs walking with us. Interestingly, the image is not photographic in nature, but it’s like a child’s drawing of that scene. I have had some other ideas for healing this issue as well, and I may share them when they’re a little more developed. Meantime, I’m going to be using the visualization. I also am learning EFT to use for this situation. It feels multi-layered and I know that my inner child is behind the recent carb binge, as well. She is the one that uses food to control, and knowing that she is sabotaging my health to hold me back, I’m sure the food is involved in that as well. Of course, there’s simply that child-based emotional desire to have the “fun” foods—and consequences be damned.

I’m not sure how I will reconcile all this, but at least I have lots of tools for it. I used to lead inner child healing classes back in the 90s. In fact, I did one very popular one called “Does Your Inner Child Make You Sick?” It may be time to haul out my notes from that one and use them for myself!

*Interesting that I would start off the entry with a statement that I’ve been “off my stride” and then segue into telling about my knee problems and deep fear of moving forward! That was not planned—but very telling…

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Spreading the word efficiently

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Last night’s teleseminar (Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix) was a high-energy affair with lots of lovely, lively folks on board! We had 23 people besides me, with folks from North Carolina, Kansas, Maryland, Maine, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and other states I can’t right now recall, with the award for the participant from farthest away again going to Sylvia in Australia! I just love being able to commune with people that way.

Someone today asked me if I was up for doing a lot of traveling, and I told her I love to travel, BUT that I’m such a homebody, I also need lots of home time. Isn’t it just a fabulous blessing that technology makes it possible for us to connect with people all over the world, and for me, to teach as many classes as I’m up for over the phone, and be able to be at home a lot, too?

It’s also such a grand thing to be able to connect with those people, wherever they are, that are attuned to the message, without having to scour the planet for them. While I fully expect this message to go mainstream before too long, right now, we’re still at the stage where the first wave of people are discovering it and resonating with it and they are, comparative to the entire population, relatively few and fairly far between. And instead of it taking massive advertising or a huge amount of physical outreach (which I don’t think would be that effective in building the kind of movement we’re building), we’re able to create a strong enough attractive signal to draw the people to the message that belong in the “first tier.” Just by putting out the energy over the Internet, the recreating Eden energy easily draws its vibrational match to it without anyone having to leave the comfort of home to discover it—or, to spread the word!

My next teleseminar will be Nov. 15 and will be a "repeat" of the one I did in July. Of course, I could not possibly recreate it, so even if you were at the first one, you’ll hear different stuff—of course, the principles remain the same and we can all use (me included) plenty of repetition of the basic message! Here’s the blurb for it:
Got a Problem? Raise Your Frequency!

Raising your frequency is the solution—now, what was your problem? In this eye-opening teleseminar, Julia will enlighten you about the remarkable, problem-solving function the Creator built into the Divine Design, and share techniques for activating its magic to solve—or dissolve—your problems, and begin creating a trouble-free life! Tuesday, November 15, 2005. For phone number and access code, be sure you’re on Julia’s email list.
Speaking of travel, though I’m contemplating setting up a trip back to North Carolina in April, I’m definitely planning to be there the third week in June, offering a 5-day course (2 hours a day) at the Southeastern Conference which is held at beautiful Guilford College in Greensboro. The conference is like spiritual camp and from what I understand about it, it’s lots of fun. I’m excited at the prospect! I am thrilled to have been invited to apply and to have been accepted as one of the relatively few presenters. So, if you’re in NC and want to spend a week learning and playing, do consider coming!

Much more to share but it’s time to hit the hay. More soon!


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The September CDs and Wilma

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Indeed, my frequency came back up again and my "uck" is gone. My friend whose feelings I’d hurt and I are okay again, and the difficult thing I didn’t want to face…well, it turns out it’s not time to deal with that after all! (But I’m not hiding out in denial—I’m working things out within myself so that when the time does come, it will be easy. Easier. Easy. That's an affirmation!)

I’m really psyched up in a big way because the audio CDs for the Sept. teleseminar series are finally done and yesterday I was able to pick them up and pack and ship the ones that had been ordered from us . I have only listened to one of them—and, amazingly, I got excited about the message! I am in such a different space when I’m bringing that stuff through, I really don’t remember much of what I said, so it’s basically like hearing it for the first time. You may remember from past blog entries that I have always judged my performance very harshly, and usually can’t stand to listen to my own voice, so it was a small miracle that I was fine with what I heard! And, just as if it were someone new and exciting I’d just discovered who had a cool message, I thought about who I wanted to share it with! Which is…pretty much everyone!

The CD I listened to is Your Spirit’s Language: How to Tell Who’s Who in Your Inner (and Outer) Conversations for Greater Alignment. You can order it, and the others, here. (They come as cassettes as well for those who prefer those.) And here is what it looks like:

I designed the label, and with the help of Bob at MediaPro here in Denver, who reproduced my design in the labeling software they use, it turned out just like I wanted it to. Rick (my hubby) did the announcing at the beginning, and he sounds very professional—and it’s not just his adoring wife who thinks that—Bob, the media pro, said so, too! So all in all, I’m pleased with how everything came out and am excited to get these out to the world!

Hurricane Wilma is currently battering the Yucatan, Cancun and Cozumel but moving away toward Florida. I have been periodically mentally “stirring” her (or “unwinding” her as a new friend who emailed me the other day calls it). I just attune with the storm and mentally rotate counterclockwise with her for a bit to achieve the feeling of oneness, then mentally reverse direction and stir clockwise to neutralize her force. Don’t know if it helps or not, but it feels natural to do it. I came across an interesting perspective on a website Ellen Kennon pointed me to the other day, and here is what Karen Bishop says about the storms in her latest alert on her “What’s Up On Planet Earth?” website:

“Anything and everything can and will happen. This is a part of the process and completely and divinely planned. Expect more natural disasters (and we need not interfere with this process by trying to send light and avert these very natural and needed occurrences). These planetary adjustments and alignments are very necessary. Expect what will appear to be horrors. And know that the suffering is not as bad as it appears. As strange as it seems, at higher levels there is no suffering.”

I do think there is a balance to be struck between trying to avert disasters and using our considerable creative powers to lessen their severity. I think it’s natural for us to want to try and push the kid out of the way of the runaway bus--or, a better analogy might be to steer the bus away from running down the kid! But I believe that the truth is, if it’s someone’s soul-chosen path to experience the devastation, that’s exactly what will happen, and no amount of our intercessory attempts will circumvent that. And I know Karen is right about there being no suffering at the higher levels--that's a key message from Recreating Eden! Also, for an empowering perspective, you might benefit from reading the article I wrote right after December 2004's tsunami "Changing the Channel on Fearful Prophecy"I know I've read it again several times lately while posting it on article bank sites and it helps me remember the truth.

Those of you in Florida in particular, I’m visualizing you safe, sound and joyful!

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For the last few weeks, I have been grooving on all the expansive energy I’ve been feeling around my mission to bring the understandings I’ve received about recreating Eden to mass consciousness. It is thrilling to finally have others catching on in larger numbers and to be excited about message. I’ve had fabulous feedback and my ego, which is not patient OR faithful, but has had to keep slogging along grudgingly without much proof till now—without the confirmation it felt it needed—has been reveling in it all. BUT, there’s a downside to all this, as I’m discovering!

Because my ego had been craving what all egos want—validation—and because it is finally receiving that, my focus shifted, ever-so-subtly, from the clear, pure voice of Spirit sounding within me, to ego. (Remember in Genesis 3, the serpent, which is the driving force of ego, was described as the most subtle of creatures? That’s how easily the shift occurs.) While ego is doing it’s happy dance, it turns loose of its death grip on your frequency so that your joy quotient can rise. But how quickly ego goes from celebration to needing another hit of appreciation; another fix of external “you’re doing well, Julia”! Like a heroin addict, needing more, more, MORE to get high, the ego is never sustained for long by the glow gained from external confirmation!

Of course you know—especially if you’ve read Recreating Eden—what happens when your focus and receptivity shifts from Spirit to ego—your frequency drops. So there I was this morning, seeking another fix—seeking more external confirmation that what I do makes a difference. And feeling a lot less joyful than I’d like to. I will also tell you that something specific happened today that contributed to my frequency decline as well. I got some disturbing information and responded to in a way that, in retrospect, I see I could have handled much more effectively. I ended up offending someone that I care about, and felt really awful about it. So, it was time to do some intentional joy “work” and as usual, I got my “Release” and my “Joy,’ essential oil blends out, put on my favorite move out stuck energy music, “Ashes” by Cris Williamson, and did some intentional grieving because my solar plexus was all jammed up and ucky-feeling. Then I listened to Andreas Vollenweider’s "Down to the Moon," my favorite transition-to-joy music. (Of course, Earth Wind and Fire is my all-out, dancing-down-the-hallway joy music!)

I’d like to tell you I feel great now—but that would not be the truth. I somehow managed to attract another sticky situation tonight that has forced me to think about things I’d rather not (which, of course, means that thinking about them is the path to power!), and it’s just been one of those times when I have to wonder why I’ve created such a downer! Um, I mean, "opportunity" (wry grin). However, I am doing what I know how to do to raise my frequency, and little by little, I’m pulling out of it and seeing things more clearly. I still feel like I need to cry some more. And I will. (Crying to release the uck is a great way to raise frequency.) There’s a wonderful song by Cris from her tour- de- force album, “The Changer and the Changed,” called “Waterfall.” It starts out with:

“Sometimes it takes a rainy day
Just to let you know
Everything’s going to be alright”

And the chorus goes:

“Filling up and spilling over
It’s an endless waterfall
Filling up and spilling over
Over all”

I love that song. Reminds you that everything goes in cycles. Feel sad? This too shall pass. Feel elation? This too shall pass. At least until we have sufficiently divested from our egos. At any rate, I shall be in joy again in no time.

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The choices we make

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I’ve been having such a great time over at Powerful Intentions! I’m meeting all kinds of vibrant, conscious folks, and making connections for myself and for the cause—not to mention, I feel uplifted every time I’m there. It really gives me immense hope to know that so many people really comprehend that we are the creators. If you haven’t checked it out, I know you’ll want to. Today I upgraded my membership and it feels great (I had a free membership for the last couple of weeks, but felt inclined to become an “abundant” member, as they call them). As Rick says, all I have to do is sell one book a month to cover it! No problem!

This weekend, I uploaded another couple of articles to ezinearticles.com, and one, which I had not read in quite awhile, had a line that struck me: “God is still creating—creating through us by the choices we make.” Do you love it? We are the creators. We are the Creator! (Just so you don’t think I’m daft, quoting myself as if it’s new to me, I’ll let you in on something. Though I’m the one that writes this stuff, it is inspired writing, and I don’t always immediately connect with what comes out. It’s almost like someone else is doing the writing, and I learn as much as anyone else when I read it! I guess that’s what most people call channeling, but as you may know from other blog entries, I’ve been advised from within not to call what I do “channeling,” as that implies that consciousness is fragmented and since my message is Oneness, it is inconsistent.)

Anywhoo, I’m finally making some headway digging through the huge pile of tasks that were waiting for me when I got back from my trip. Tomorrow, I will be cleaning house. It’s been tooooooo long since I last did it, and my mother-in-law (who insists she does not bring her white gloves) will be spending the night Tuesday. It’s great incentive for me, though, so I will use her visit as a motivator to do what needs to be done. It’s just so easy to let that stuff slide when I’d rather be writing.

One of the things Rick and I got done today is to finish editing the recordings of the teleseminars so that I can take the data to the audio engineers to turn into CDs. We have some orders, so that was a must! Also, I put together a notice for Oct. 25th’s teleseminar to go out via email this week. If you’re not already on my email list, be sure to put yourself on it so that you can get the phone number to call and the access code for it. It promises to be one that we ALL need (including me—you know I need it if I’ve decided to teach about it!) called: “Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix.” I hope you’ll join me!

Now—what are you waiting for? Scoot on over to Powerful Intentions and empower yourSelf!

And I almost forgot—you simply MUST check out “The Secret”…


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More about my NC trip

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I have a whole bunch of photos from my trip I need to upload. Darrel Roberts, who I'd only met online and on one of the conference calls, drove up from Atlanta to the Winston-Salem talk and then drove over for the Raleigh talk and an attunement, and was a huge help to me. He had mentioned he might come at the last of the Sept. teleseminars, and, indeed, he did! He hadn’t said he is an event photographer, though, so that was a lovely surprise. He not only took photos of the talks, he delivered photo CDs and prints the day after each one! More importantly, he was such a great help to me in just paying attention to what was needed and doing whatever he saw he could do to support me. It was awesome! I had the feeling he had done that for me in other lifetimes…who knows? Thank you again, Darrel, for all that you did! Hopefully, I’ll soon get the other photos online, but for now, this will give you a small window into my trip! This one is of me signing books after my Winston-Salem talk:


It was so great to be back home again with my spiritual family, and lovely to feel so welcome. I flew into RDU (outside Raleigh) and stopped at my friends’ house to get the carton of books I've had stashed there (and was treated to a lovely dinner) before heading to Winston-Salem (a 2-hour drive give or take), where I stayed with my dear friend Catherine, and enjoyed her generous hospitality so much. She has the greatest basement apartment with the most comfy bed that she had offered up for Katrina victims, but luckily for me, no one had taken her up on it! It was lovely to spend time with her and get my dog fix through her sweet “pups,” Gracie and Coco. Then, I stayed with longtime friends Steve and Stephanie in their wonderful home in the woods in Raleigh. I always love being there, and being with them. On Saturday night, our friend Lily came over and we had a great shrimp and grits dinner thanks to Stephanie’s culinary talents. On Sunday, before I left, my sister Ann came over and we had a nice visit. I really appreciated that as it was our only chance to see each other and I was too pooped to go anywhere extra! After my few days in Raleigh, I went BACK to Winston-Salem, and stayed another night with Catherine and did attunements in her basement. Then I went to Thomasville and spent the night with my dad and my sister and her hubby came over for dinner, which was nice as it was my one chance to see them! When I drove back to Raleigh (am I making you dizzy with all the trips back and forth?) to turn in my rental car, my dear friend, Michelle, picked me up from the rental place and took me out to lunch. We had a fabulous time and made a lot of cool connections. Then she dropped me at the airport where I began my uneventful trip home to Denver.

A real highlight of my time in NC was that I got to go out with my former sister-in-law, whom I love dearly, but hadn’t seen in a long, long time—at least 15 years--and my former husband’s wife, whom I’d never met--after my Raleigh talk. We had a great visit which was far too brief and we have vowed to get together again when we don’t have to rush. It’s so cool and cosmic that she and I (my ex’s wife) would be so powerfully drawn together and feel such a connection. There’s more to the story but I am not at liberty to discuss it. Suffice to say that her reading Recreating Eden was a huge piece for her and that it helped her at a time that was critical. That, in itself, makes for evidence of a bond, but there’s a feeling there, too. Sisterhood, you know? My ex had been supposed to come, but was too sick with some kind of flu. I would have loved seeing him, but as it turned out, having it be just the girls was just right.

The workshop in Raleigh on Saturday was really great. We had nine people, including me, and it was just the right combination of energies. Everyone left it exclaiming how much they’d gotten out of it. That was music to my ears! I think the key was that I had not stressed about it at all, and just let it unfold as it organically wanted to. Also, I did attunements in Raleigh at my friend Diana's lovely space at the Whole Life Center. What a great resource! I loved being there. (Thanks, Diana!!!)

I’m feeling a little letdown after so much activity and being around interested people who were excited about my message. Now the only ones hanging on my words are my dogs! And even they aren’t listening all the time. (Hey—they’re dachshunds!) But now is my time to rest and regroup and figure out the right next steps. I know for sure that there are lots of things I want to do. I’m glad I have a teleseminar planned!

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Mostly back from NC

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I’m back as of last night—at least most of me! Some of me hasn’t quite caught up. It was a WONDERFUL trip and everything went even more smoothly than I had even thought to hope for. All the events were quite successful with gratifying turnouts and response, and most amazingly, I was basically pleased with my own performance in every case! ALERT THE MEDIA!!! (wink, wink) I sold the rest of my case of books that I had kept in N.C. and it pleases me to imagine so many people discovering Recreating Eden. I had a lot of heartwarming feedback about my talks and the book and it is enough to keep my needy ego happily supporting the cause for awhile! (Ego is always more willing to calm down and stop it’s doubting and interfering when it sees that there is external evidence to confirm what it believes. Ego is impatient, and not big on blind faith, so it’s helpful to finally be getting the kind of feedback that I’ve been getting!)

While I'm pretty pooped right now, I am amazed at my stamina during the trip. I knew that I had to fully utilize my "I am the creator of my experience" understanding, and I decided, despite my past experience, that I would be energized and healthy during my week on the run, keeping a constant pep-talk going. It was cloudy the entire week, minus five minutes when the sun broke through during my Sat. afternoon workshop, and rainy much of that time. That weather in and of itself would normally deplete my energy and put me in a funk, but I didn't let it this time--quite a revelation that I had power over that! I was my own sunshine--that seemed appropriate for someone espousing intentional joy! Oh--and did you hear that it snowed in Denver Monday? Quite the shock to go from a steam bath in NC to snow! But it was sunny here today and the snow is mostly gone and one of my David Austin roses (Molineux) is putting on a show and seems not to have minded being covered in snow!

I am eager to tell you some of the details of the events, about my connections with friends old and new, and more of my insights into things, but as I said, part of me seems to still be flying back from North Carolina. I feel sure I will be re-integrated within short order, but the details will have to wait. I’m going to cut this short now and continue my resting and re-integration process. If I owe you an email, please be patient with me while I collect myself!

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Powerful Intentions

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I’m hustling to get ready to head to North Carolina in the morning for a whirlwind week of talks and attunements and a workshop, but I just have to share with you some cool developments of the last 48 hours! First off, I’ve been feeling more empowered and confident as the creator of my experience—which is HUGE! That seems to be the key, you know. How did I get to that place? I can only guess that my frequency is at a higher set-point. And what’s behind that? I believe it is my recent decision to quit indulging in constant self-criticism and self-doubt and to practice self-acceptance! Oh, yeah—so that I don’t forget to tell you, let me say that I’ve announced a new, free teleseminar for October 25 (9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific) called “Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix.” To get the phone number and access code, make sure you’re on my email list and they’ll be sent to you no later than the day of the seminar. Okay—back to my great last 48 hours…

Saturday night, I was surfing the Web, when I landed at a site called “Powerful Intentions.” It was really interesting and they offer a free basic membership (or a deluxe paid one), so I thought, “What the heck?” and signed up for it. Right away, during the sign up process, I was asked to state a current powerful intention. I felt resistance to doing that—for one thing, who would be reading it? For another, I’ve always felt resistance to stating intentions—the Myers-Briggs “P” that I am is truly challenged to be that clear and focused—yet, of course, that is what is required if you really want to manifest on purpose. Indeed—any time I’ve ever purposefully manifested something big and juicy, it’s come from me getting very clear on what I wanted. As someone who loves keeping her options open, it always feels like a little death to close any of them, so that’s part of why it’s been so challenging to me. BUT, I decided I would just go ahead and state an intention, and this is what it was, “I intend to sell out the first edition of Recreating Eden.”

After I finished the sign up process, I went to look around on the various forums, and the first one I came to was “Good Books.” It was someone asking for book recommendations. I just had to jump in and say, “I must tell you about my favorite book, Recreating Eden, by MOI!” And gave the web address for it. (And no, it never even occurred to me that there was a connection between my intention and the forum I had stumbled into until much later!) The next day, I got a P.I. (Powerful Intentions) message from a woman named Barbara saying that she was chuckling because she had gone to www.recreating-eden.com to find out about the new author named “Moi.” She said even though she is fluent in French she still didn’t pick up that I meant “me,” till she saw that the author of Recreating Eden is one Julia Rogers Hamrick! She said she liked what she read on the site and had ordered the book! I posted a “secret” link to the introduction (you’re my buddy so I’ll give it to you, too! http://www.recreating-eden.com/RecreatingEdenIntroduction.html.) The next thing I know, I get another P.I. message from someone who not only ordered the book from Amazon, she wanted to order 10 copies wholesale to sell at her Unity church’s booth at the holistic fair she’s in charge of AND wants to offer a Recreating Eden book study at the church and have a sign up sheet at the booth where they’ll be promoting the book! She said when she sold out the 10 copies at the fair, she’d take orders for more! Next, I get another message from someone else from P.I. saying they’ve ordered the book and then ANOTHER one saying they ordered it, too! And I got an order from a P.I. member via our website this morning. Are you getting goosebumps yet?

POWERFUL INTENTIONS, indeed! Such a potent lesson: When you definitely get clear on what you want and make your intentions known, the universe responds—no ifs, ands, or buts! Now—as far as selling out the first edition, I've got just a couple thousand more to go—but it’s a happening thing! I can feel it. I sure do like having a connection to such a bunch of vivacious, positive people as I've found at P.I..I expect I'll be upgrading my membership there soon!

I will be back from my trip October 11 late in the evening. I don’t know if I’ll feel like blogging that night, but I’ll have something to say soon thereafter! Meantime, if you’re in NC, do come out for one of my talks. See the events page for details!

Sending you Love and blessings. Please see me moving calmly, efficiently, joyfully and easily through my days in NC, giving talks, attunements and a workshop that help people move more fully into alignment! Thanks in advance.



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