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Recreating Eden Study Group 1

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Wow! The first ever (that I know of) Recreating Eden Study Group took place tonight and it was fabulous! The people in the group were SO great and insightful and attuned. And very importantly, they were forthcoming with their comments—and the comments were brilliant! Quite an evolutionary synergy we created!

I will admit that I was mildly worried beforehand at how things would go. I just didn’t have a clue how to manage it since a) I don’t know how to perceive Recreating Eden as an outsider (i.e.: someone who didn't write it) would, and b) I was drawing a blank about what to talk about! Not to mention, the concern about trying to conduct a group conversation among 14 people when we didn’t have the benefit of being able to see each other. But I just kept telling myself to relax and trust and by golly, that strategy worked! (Again. As always. Duh.)

As the meeting time drew nigh and I looked over the few guidelines I had written down for group organization, I was able to comprehend the opportunity inherent in not having some of the usual sense-based cues to go by—this would mean that we’d all have to really attune with the energy and honor our parts in co-creating an energy entity that would call the shots—and be willing to pay close attention to the energy. I loved that--such a great chance to practice in a "protected" space what we need to be doing in all of our life!

And …it just flowed! For the first 20 minutes or so, it was mostly me, talking about my frustrating process in writing the book—about the lack of trust I had in the process and how my ego made me miserable every time there would be a lull in the writing, and how important and empowering it is to simply relax and have faith in Divine Order. From there, someone chimed in with a really insightful comment, and then another and another and things just took off! What a bright group! It was so lovely to feel like I was having a discussion with peers instead of just “teaching.” We all learned from each other.

Rick thinks these sessions need to be called "classes" since they are going way beyond a typical book study group, and he may be right about that. It's just an evolving process to see what kind of label fits for it that will represent what it is accurately. There may not BE an adequate label. But we'll see!

The phrase of the evening was “embrace, embrace, embrace.” This was contributed by a group member (I’d say her name but I didn’t ask permission to share names!) who says she uses it constantly. Which is so perfect, because until we are willing to embrace ALL of it--the Light, the shadows, the chaos, the harmony--we are withholding Love, and whatever it is that we are resisting is not likely to be transformed without the only transformational force in the Universe! My mantra has been to “release, release, release,” whenever I am getting caught up in ego stuff, but I believe I will evolve that to “embrace, embrace, embrace!”

Rick was the only male in the group and it was nice to have some male energy to balance out the 13 females. He fits in quite well with women—very comfortable with that—having 4 daughters has increased his comfort level with it! Not that he’s effeminate, by any means—he’s just very balanced.

Tomorrow is the first meeting of Group 2—it’s a daytime group for the U.S. mainland participants—but it’s an evening group for our member from Ireland. I’m going to have to release (embrace?!) how tonight’s group went so I’m not putting expectations on tomorrow’s group. Okay—how about this? I need to embrace tomorrow’s experience for what it is and release any expectations of how it’s supposed to shape up.

How exciting!

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ORMUS update

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I told you I’d give you a report on my ORMUS adventures, so here it is. I’m really appreciating ORMUS greatly and finding it to be a great help in keeping my frequency up. I am using different products than I started with—I’m now taking “The White Dove” (64% M-Rhodium, 19% M-Gold, 15 % M-Iridium) and “The Golden Tear” (99.999% pure M-Gold) from Ocean Alchemy. I really, really like The White Dove. The Golden Tear is great, but extra powerful, and I am only taking a little bit of it. I liked the first product that I was taking from Priestess Alchemy, “Transformational Elixir,” but was guided to try what I’m now taking.

ORMUS has been really excellent at helping me immediately see when ego has grabbed the wheel so that I can choose my thoughts differently. That’s been very helpful! Over the last 3 weeks since I began with it, I have been in a continually mellow state with only one or two moments of reptilian stuff coming up. My mood has ranged from extreme joy to merely great joy, with only a few minute’s-worth of less-than-joy. Very stable. And I have had lots of energy. Additionally, I’ve been sleeping MUCH better than I have for years. Supposedly, the m-state gold increases melatonin production. I haven’t been taking it long enough to see major physical healing benefits from it, but am expecting those to show up after I’ve consumed it for a few more weeks. I emailed with a nice guy from Scotland today who told me that taking The White Dove has cured his arthritis and supplanted his desire for alcohol. And the guy who makes The White Dove and The Golden Tear, Don Nance, cured himself of cancer with ORMUS and is now dedicated to making it for others and teaching them to make it. He’s a very nice guy.

With all the benefits that ORMUS confers. I’m feeling the need to pace myself carefully. There are reports of people who have gone crackers from using too much before they were ready for it, and I am loving my life so much, I sure don’t want to screw it up! So I’m going slowly and checking in continuously with my inner guidance as to how much to take and when. So far, so good!

I did find myself pretty tense at one point a few days ago, and realized that I was stressing about a potential problem with the ORMUS experience. One of the features of ORMUS consumptionand in fact, with increased frequency in generalis that your powers of manifestation speed up. “Wow!” You may think, “I’d be thrilled with that.” And there’s no doubt that it can be a blessing. But there’s a flip side to it, and it is something to take seriously before you dive in and partake of this extraordinary class of minerals.

Yes—you can manifest your desires more quickly, but you can also manifest your “don’t wants”—your fears—just as fast. Because we manifest what it is we’re focused on and vibrating a match to, it is crucial that we maintain an absolute focus on that which is desirable instead of dwelling on all that we do NOT desire. Fortunately, when you rise in frequency by whatever means, you are less prone to think fearful thoughts and more prone to being easy going overall. I’m really glad I have put in a lot of years of conscious spiritual growth before using ORMUS. It is really not something for people who don’t already have the ability to witness their own thoughts and emotions and who don’t have practice with saying no to their reptilian impulses.

I had a cool experience yesterday morning that I will share. As I was in the kitchen, pouring myself a glass of water right after I got up, I was determining whether I needed to start the day out with The White Dove or The Golden Tear, so I asked for guidance and the instant I asked, I glanced down and right in front of my eyes, in large letters, was the word “TEAR.” It was on a white plastic bucket that the virgin coconut oil was in, and I had 2 buckets stacked on the counter so it was right almost at eye level. Talk about ask and ye shall receive! I got my answer instantaneously and knew it was right on. (By the way, the word TEAR was just stamped into the lid in ½ inch letters as an indicator that you tear the plastic strip to open the bucket!) I’ve had a bunch of cool synchronicities like that which I may share at some point. But I will wrap things up for now.

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Boy, oh boy. I could have sworn I had already blogged about coming across information about the Solfeggio Scale Frequencies. But apparently, I never did! I will tell you a bit about them now. Six (and later three more) “lost” (or perhaps hidden) sacred tones that have been surmised by researchers to be the sounds that were used to create Earth, and that used to be sung in Gregorian chants, maintaining our attunement with life-sustaining power of Source, were re-discovered about 10 years ago. Some say that the chants and songs that included these sacred tones were removed from Catholic liturgy to purposely disempower humanity. This may be true, but I continually receive internal messages about not buying into the victim stance, and the conspiracy of evil viewpoint is a huge victim perspective, not to mention, yet another hook into duality. So accurate or not, what I have been guided about it is that it's not a place to focus. Anyway, back to the heart of the matter...

While I still don’t have anywhere near a complete grasp of these, I was immediately compelled to find out more about them. After doing a little online research, I checked out a book from the library called Healing Codes of the Biological Apocalypse that was written by a guy named Len Horowitz that went into an in-depth discussion of the rediscovery and purpose of the Sacred Solfeggio Scale Frequencies. I was turned off by much of the book—talk about your victim/conspiracy/fear energy! But it does contain some interesting information. Here are a couple of cool quotes from the book:.

"Nature and Grace—the physical and the spiritual—reflect each other and reveal 'the great fact' that there is a secret tone scale—or set of sounds—that vibrates frequencies required to transform spirit to matter or matter to spirit.”


“Divine Source wants this Sacred Knowledge returned to the masses of spiritual people who long for it. By returning to God’s clock, calendar, musical notes and color scheme, humanity will return to the matrices of (higher) thought that enables Spirit to inspire natural “communion”. That is, people who sing the notes of the Solfeggio, and practice the precepts therein, will be blessed with peace, health, harmonious social relationships, and oneness with Spirit.”

How could I not be attracted to that?! Pretty fascinating stuff.

There is more to be found on the Sacred Solfeggio on the Web—just Google it. One sound healer, David Hulse, has a wealth of information about it on his site.

Now, to what I was going to tell you before I realized I had never mentioned the SS Frequencies. When I first got excited about them, I sought a way to partake of them that would be palatable as I have heard that they are not what we are used to as being musical. I found out that master sound healer, Jonathan Goldman, had created tuning forks that are tuned to the frequencies and used them in a sacred chant CD called Holy Harmony. I ordered it from Amazon and waited. And waited. And waited. Although I was eager to get it, I was patient because I figured since I had just started taking the ormus, I needed to wait to get the CD with the frequencies so I would know what was doing what. Turns out it was that and another very cool reason, which I will disclose in another entry because the story will take up too much space. Anyhow, it was truly all in Divine Order and when I got the green light from Spirit, I cancelled my Amazon order and bought my Holy Harmony CD from a nearby metaphysical shop and have been listening to it during my meditation time since. It is astonishing! I will talk more about it later, but suffice to say that it will make the hairs on your arms stand on end and put you into deep relaxation/trance faster than anything I’ve ever experienced. You can listen to a sample of it on Jonathan Goldman’s website, and order it from there as well. The sample is quite powerful but really does not do it justice. So trust me, if the sample does it for you, the CD itself will knock your socks off like it has mine.

I’m going to wrap up for now, but I’m sure there will be more on both this and the ormus experience soon! Oh--and one more thing--if you're interested in doing a daytime (US timezones) Recreating Eden study group, let me know right away, as I am organizing one for Mondays at 3 pm EST, 2 pm CST, 1 pm MST, and 12 noon PST. You can use the contact feature on recreating-eden.com to do this.

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The Great Football Revelation

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Tonight Rick and I watched the Denver Broncos play the New England Patriots for the NFL playoff. (Denver won!) Now—you need to understand that I have never, ever been a football fan. Since I’ve been in Denver, there have been a few games I’ve kind of enjoyed, but basically, that’s because when you live in a town with major league sports, you learn about the players because they’re everywhere. Okay—the players, themselves, aren’t everywhere, but their images and reports of their comings and goings and yes, tales of their shenanigans are. So it’s a little easier to get excited about a game just by virtue of your acquaintance with the players. And Rick likes football. Thankfully, he doesn’t watch a lot of it, though.

Football, however, is such a testosterone-laden sport. So ego-driven. And I am so not into violence. Seeing men hyped up on their own hormones (or maybe some acquired ones in some cases…) ramming into each other and looking as though they’d like to kill somebody, and sometimes trying to, has just not been my idea of a joy-inducer. Seeing one of them down on the field hurt always made this empath’s body throb with pain right along with them. Even hearing about someone’s injury is hard for me. So I spent much of any game I might be trying to watch torn between feeling bad for the injured player, and wondering why anyone would be such an idiot as to invite a 6’ something, 250 lb. giant to stomp on them. And what was wrong with people who enjoyed watching that? Were they totally insensitive for heaven’s sake?

But tonight I found myself whoopin’ and hollerin’ and really getting into the game. About halfway into it, it occurred to me: This is a sign of spiritual growth! I realized that I had taken a higher stance by detaching from judgment about it all. I realized that I have come to a new level of allowance—of being able to see people doing what I would never want to do in a million years, and letting it be okay for them to do it. If they get hurt—oh well! Their choice. Lest you think me un-compassionate, it’s not that I don’t care what happens to someone—it’s that I have decided to be okay with the choices they’re making and the experiences they’ve chosen to have. Because all the experiences we choose, we do so on behalf of God’s unlimitedness. Who AM I to say that God should not have the experience of making a couple million dollars a year and clobbering other people for money? Who AM I to say that this is somehow wrong? If those people are at the stage of evolution where this is what they want to do, bless them and leave them be! And if I feel the inclination to watch an occasional football game, I can choose to enjoy it as a fascinating anthropological phenomenon.

Very liberating. Go Broncos!

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I think I kind of shot myself in the foot yesterday by something I have affirmed over and over. I have said so many times that whenever I come up with a seminar or workshop topic, I always seem to attract the opportunity to live the topic firsthand between the time I announce it and the time of the event. Yesterday’s topic was “Spiritual Emergenc(i)es: Beyond Survival to Greater Union with Spirit.”

So…what did I create for yesterday? Yep. You guessed it. A spiritual emergency, albeit a relatively minor one, and short-lived, as I applied the “rules” for pulling out of such a thing. I guess it was helpful to experience, so I could refresh my memory and practice rising above, but I do wonder if it was necessary. (Rick said I should never, ever do a seminar on how to survive the loss of a spouse!)

I noticed myself thinking yesterday morning how I'd had escaped creating a spiritual emergency in honor of this seminar, and how that was JUST FINE with me. But early in the afternoon, I discovered that I had somehow managed to send out the wrong telephone number for the teleseminar. And just before I realized I had done that, I found out that Hotmail had hard-bounced our email announcement and our mailing list company rendered those addresses inactive. So I had to write a special announcement for them about how to complain to Hotmail and to give them the access information for the seminar. I also had Tony (webmaster) post the phone number and access code on the site for those who might not have been able to get them via email. Then I sent Tony the email for the Hotmail folks with a different phone number—the CORRECT one—and he noticed it was different, thank goodness. If not, I would have been on the phone alone when the teleseminar time rolled around!

So, we scrambled to get a correction announcement out (thank you, Rick!) and managed to get it out by 4:40 pm EST. I prayed that people on the East Coast would check their email one more time before they left work…There is more chaos that happened that I won’t bother to describe, but suffice to say what I had planned to be my tranquil, frequency-raising, seminar-planning afternoon turned out to be angst-filled and required me to stay at the computer for most of it. By the time I got to my “happy place” and settled down to do my spiritual communion, I was so freaked out and pulled into the ego-world of fear (What if people are mad at me? What if I let somebody down because I made a—gasp—mistake? What if I didn’t reach everyone in time? Will they be frustrated and upset and unhappy because of ME? Yamma, yamma, yamma.)

At that point, my frequency was so low, I’d look at my seminar notes and couldn’t even read them. It was like they were written in Russian! My head was not clear, and I was unable to focus. YIKES! And I’m supposed to lead a spiritually enlightening seminar in a couple of hours? Yes--this was a spiritual emergency! Fortunately, I remembered the frequency raisers, and started using them. The first thing I did was surrender. Then I used “Release” essential oil blend on my solar plexus. Then I did conscious breathing. And surrendered again. And reminded myself that all was in Divine Order—that whoever was supposed to be on the line for the seminar, would get the correction in time. And I had my frequency raising music on, of course. Gradually, I felt myself relaxing and getting centered, and the sounds of my ego snoring in the background. I was then able to read my notes and organize them. By the time it was time to call into the conference line, I was cruising at altitude again!

I just wonder if I am attracting the challenges when I claim them, or if I am predicting them? Both, I'd say. The universe is, after all, as Abraham says, set up to make you right! At any rate, if you notice that I’m doing a seminar called “How to Adjust to Having a Large Influx of Income,” you’ll understand why!

Oh, yes—despite the big boo-boo with the incorrect phone number, we had a great turnout—25 folks. We had someone from Australia, someone from Hawaii, and someone from Ireland—she got out of bed in the middle of the night to dial in! Now THAT’s dedication! We also had representatives from every region of the mainland U.S. I just love that we can all come together and form a synergy without getting out of our bunny slippers!

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Magical articles

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I mentioned two entries ago that I had added new articles to the articles page, and the entry before that one, I told about taking the ORMUS—or m-state minerals--for the first time. What I want to share is that those articles—I call them my “ORMUS-ized” articles—seem to have a whole new energy. They are the first I wrote after starting to take the ORMUS.

I first began to suspect there was something different about them when someone on a Yahoo group that I belong to commented that she had a really cosmic experience from reading the new articles. I had not mentioned anything to the group other than simply that there were some new articles on the site that they might appreciate. Her response was, without quoting her exactly, that reading them had essentially caused her to leave her body, have a realization of truth, feel a commitment to transcending ego for the cause of Oneness, and then return to her body feeling balanced and energized and renewed, and newly devoted to her spiritual path. And offered me deep gratitude for having provided the articles.

As the British would say, I was gobsmacked to read that! My immediate thought was “ORMUS!” since it sounds like the kind of experience some people have reported that have used it.

So I started wondering if this was an isolated incident—just an overly dramatic person saying something for effect. Though I have not met this person, I’ve interacted with her a little bit in the group and she had never struck me as being particularly melodramatic or flaky. I decided to post to the ORMUS and Spirit Yahoo Group to see what they had to say—could taking the ORMUS be helping me imbue my words with greater energy? A couple of people replied that they were very energy sensitive and had definitely been able to tell a major difference in the old articles and the new. Of course, I thought, “Well, it could be the placebo effect.”

I let a woman who had liked my articles before know that I had posted new ones, and she received the news with great glee. She then added links to all three of them to her website, and posted the links to another forum she frequents. When I checked the webstats that night, visits to our site had almost doubled from one day to the next! This has just not happened before unless there was a newsletter just out.
I figured the visits would really drop off the next day, but instead, they had grown 50% more. And guess where people were entering the site—the articles page! The mailing list jumped fourteen names in 48 hours—something unprecedented in our history (but not in our future!), and I’ve been getting email after lovely email from wonderful, loving people saying they just discovered my writing and how it has made such a difference for them! Then, I got an unsolicited, direct comment from someone else that my latest writing seems to be super magnetic and sizzling with energy! So ORMUS or no, this latest batch of articles does seem have a little extra going on! Check them out and see.

Now—lest you think I’m taking the beautiful responses I’ve been getting from people as some sort of personal compliments, let me assure you that I am VERY clear on what it is that is drawing people, and it is NOT Julia, the personality. I know that it’s Spirit being attracted to Spirit, but I feel truly awed and honored to be a conduit for this. I really love being able to do what I love to do, knowing that it provides an energy blessing and an invitation to higher frequency for others. What an honor and a privilege!

If you’re not on my mailing list, be sure to get on it. Yesterday afternoon, I finally decided to do something I’ve been thinking about for a long time: an teleconference version of a Recreating Eden study group. So I put out an email to the list, and by bedtime, the group was a little more than half filled; by the time I got up this a.m., it was one person shy of being filled, and as of this writing, there are 3 people on a waiting list. I may just do another one if enough people are interested. (Email me if you’re one of them!) I wanted to keep the group smallish (12 participants) so that there would be opportunities for everyone to interact. I’m excited that so many people are willing to commit to 6 weeks of Recreating Eden!

Remember—this Monday, January 10, is my monthly f’ree teleseminar. This one is “Spiritual Emergenc(i)es.” You can learn more about it by going to the listing for it on the events page. If you’re on my list, you’ll receive the access information the day before, or no later than the day of the event. Hope to “see” you there!

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I undecorated the Christmas tree today. Sniff, sniff. That’s always a lot less exciting than decorating it, but necessary. I had a cool realization as I was putting things in their boxes and organizing all of the stuff I removed. First, however, I’ll have to introduce you to another of my inner children. His name is LC, and he is my inner masculine child.

I’ve talked about Sweet Julie, who is most definitely a primarily feminine entity. I have done most of my inner child exploration with her. But after I had been communicating with her for a couple of years, I had a somewhat startling experience, which I will relay to the best of my recollection. This was back in the early-to-mid 1990s…

I was doing a non-dominant hand writing to communicate with S.J., when suddenly, I was told to go get some paper that did NOT belong to S.J. (I had been using her special writing kit), and to get a book to use to support the paper—to bear down on. I understood that there was one particular book I was being steered toward, and I was drawn to the book shelf where the kids’ books were. I grabbed a 9x12” hardcover book about Charlie Brown, the Peanuts’ character—I knew that this was the book I was supposed to use to support the paper, but didn’t yet know why.

As I started writing with my non-dominant hand, I was aware that I was channeling a different facet of me than Sweet Julie. This was a little boy. He told me he was my inner masculine child and that the reason he directed me to the book about Charlie Brown, which was, if I recall, titled “Good Grief, Charlie Brown” was because it fit his story to a “T.” My inner boy pointed out to me that if I wanted to know about him, all I needed to do was to read the book. Like Charlie Brown, he was disrespected and disempowered, and had a domineering female (SJ) running his program.

He pointed out to me that Sweet Julie’s agenda always came before his. She always wanted to play and just follow a stream of consciousness, and I almost always let her have her way, often to our detriment when important life tasks fell by the wayside because of my indulgence of SJ’s desire to do whatever she pleased instead of using a more disciplined approach. He let me know that his job was to take care of business, but he was feeling very disrespected and disempowered by both SJ and me. (And yes, I know I’m sounding like I have Multiple Personality Disorder here, but I really don’t!) As I read through the Charlie Brown book, I was amazed to see that he was a perfect metaphor for LC. Not only was Charlie Brown being dominated by Lucy and everyone else, he was disrespected by all, including his own dog!

LC very rapidly dictated a list of ways that I could empower him. It was stunning and clear and so very helpful! I was able to get SJ to start cooperating with him. You see, unless your inner feminine and inner masculine are working together, you’ll have inspiration (inner feminine) but no action. Or, action (inner masculine) without inspiration. Without going into more right now, suffice to say that I was in dire need of a détente between SJ and LC! And making the story shorter, let’s just say that working toward that end made a huge difference in my life. Now when I am inspired, I usually act on it, whereas before, I frequently did not due to the power struggle within. Oh, there’s SO much material here. Maybe a book someday…

Anyway, as I was packing away Christmas ornaments in a very organized fashion (something that had never come very easily to me until I integrated my right and left brain--inner feminine with inner masculine, SJ with LC), I realized that a part of me was actually loving doing it. It then dawned on me that decorating the tree is Sweet Julie’s delight, and un-decorating and organizing everything to store away was LC’s delight. (The inner masculine loves structure, order, and just getting the job done!) I was so happy to think that I was giving my inner boy something to do that pleased him—so happy to know that he is alive and well! AND, I decided it was time for LC to make his blog debut! What a cool little boyI mean, young manhe is.

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