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This morning I had a session with Mary Mooney, my friend and therapist/coach, and even though I wasn’t feeling quite as needful of it as I had been when I first called her (it took us a couple of days of phone tag to connect), it was very balancing for me. I learned that I have integrated the knowing that “I AM Source” about 35% and that it’s time to integrate that to about 85%. I’m not even sure what that means, but I guess I will know it when I experience it!

With her help and the help of my angels, I also came to the understanding that I could really use less time analyzing and more time just being. That more time resting my mind in meditation will really serve me well. This works out great because I will soon have a fabulous aid to mindlessness: An Endless Pool! The best meditations I have ever had have been while swimming laps in a swimming pool. The physical movement, the repetitive motion, the oxygenation, the water element—these are all contributors to my being able to totally zone out. A true Pisces, I am a fish at heart.

My greatest inspirations have come to me in the pool. It is truly my favorite place to be and has been since I was a very young child. I was a competitive swimmer from age 7 to age 15, and then just swam laps for fitness from my early 20s until my late 40s. But I have not been able to swim for the last few years because I developed a sensitivity to chlorine that made it so that my skin itched ferociously after swimming and my eyes burned unbearably. The last time I swam laps in a public pool, I could not fully open my eyes for almost a day afterward. And that was with perfectly fitting goggles. So, because there are no public pools that I have been able to find in Denver that don’t use chlorine, I reluctantly stopped swimming and began to use the Nordic Track and LifeCycle for my exercise. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know that I have not been able to use them since I injured my knee.

I am not all water—I have a lot of fire that needs to be burned off, and doing without aerobic exercise has not been good for me. I've gained weight, lost "altitude" (have not been able to keep my vibrational frequency as high--exercise is SUCH a major mover of Life Force) and have become less strong. Anyway, all that to say that the time has come for an Endless Pool. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s a small pool (7’x14’ interior) with a motorized current that you swim against so you’re swimming in place like a treadmill for swimmers. This suits me perfectly because I have never liked making turns—it’s disruptive to the trance state I always go into when I swim. This way, you just swim and swim and swim and don’t have to turn. Or worry about running into anybody. Or wait for a lane. Or fit your schedule to a facility’s schedule. I can swim anytime. I plan to keep a pen and notebook next to the pool—it used to frustrate me so because I’d have the most powerful insights in the pool and have to wait till I got back to the locker room to write them down.

Yes—the time has come. In oh-so-many ways, my time has come for an Endless Pool. I could go on and on, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this. The Denver rep for E.P. is coming to our house Monday to get the process started. We also signed a contract to get new siding put on our house today. We were going to get estimates from several contractors, but we were so impressed with the guy who came today, and it felt so in alignment to both Rick and me, we decided to just go for it. (Not to mention, it is no small relief to know we don’t have to sit through more endless hours of “siding education”! Endless Pool: yes. Endless siding sales pitches: no.)

On a different note, Shama Hyder is offering something fun and helpful on her website. It’s a sheet for doing the Abraham-Hicks placematting technique—you know—where on one side of the page, you write what you would like to do, and on the other, what you’d like the Universe to handle for you. I just downloaded it and printed one out. Go on over to Shama’s site—DivineReachCoaching.com and get it (Delegating to the Universe printable list), too!



Deborah said:

Talk about synchronicity, I just finished looking at the Endless Pool site before I surfed over here.
Glad you are getting one, you'll be back in shape in no time. Inside or out?

Julia said:

Wow--that IS a synchronicity!
Inside. We have a one-car garage that's currently used for storage, so we're putting it in there. The local factory-trained installer/dealer came by last night and was really great at helping us figure everything out. We've got appointments this week with several contactors to look at the various things we need done before we can install a pool.
Are you a swimmer, Deborah? Are you thinking of getting an EP?
Love and Joy,

Deborah said:

Not like you! But I did swim and earn my junior life saving badge toward becoming a lifeguard. Love it, such great exercise. Miss having access to pool and cannot tolerate chlorine either. I, too, have knee problem as well as neck so the no impact component is very attractive.
Not so fortunate as you, just looking and dreaming at this point. Maybe in near future.

Julia said:

Well, Deborah--I was just dreaming and looking for a really long time as well, and suddenly it's all coming together like magic, when even recently, it seemed there was no possible way!
So just know that yours is on its way, too, and don't even give a thought to the ""how""!
I think you're going to like my latest blog entry (Jan. 31) about Easy World!

Oceana said:

Loved the Endless Pool story and I checked out your astrology link. Totally agree with her top 5 things to know ~ this would do well to be put in words about psychic readings too. The same applies. I am on the board of the local astrology group and have taught psychic development classes. The law of attraction wins every time!!! Always enjoy your writing. Love, Oceana Julia

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