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Early yesterday morning, I woke up before I was ready to get up, and was feeling overwhelmed with the thoughts of needing to select contractors for the pool project. Not only do we need to have the pool installed, we need to have a bunch of carpentry work, some concrete excavation, and electrical work done to prepare for the pool installation. My experience in the past with this is having a challenge finding contractors willing to do small jobs, so I found myself kind of dreading the process. But suddenly, that still, small voice within whispered, "You know, Julia, you could just choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” I thought about it for about a split second and said, "Okay. I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy." I instantly felt better and rolled over and went back to sleep.

The night before, I had submitted some information to ServiceMagic.com, an Internet company that matches you with pre-screened contractors in your area to bid on your job. By the time I got up, I already had 4 phone messages from contractors who wanted the jobs. And except for one of the people I talked to, I picked up copasetic vibes from all of them. By the time I’d been up for 45 minutes, I had lined up appointments with all of them. The first one we met with was thoroughly charming, excited about the work, gave us a very reasonable price, and was someone we would be happy to have around the house. Because we felt so good about him, I cancelled all but one additional appointment because Rick wanted to be sure the first guy’s pricing was in line—and the first guy was much more reasonably priced than the guy’s that came today. Easy! In fact, everything yesterday and today has been easy, easy, easy.

Today, I continued to dwell in Easy World, and had a cool experience with Tony, our webmaster, over the phone. He was gnashing his teeth a bit about a task that he was not remembering how to do, so I told him about Easy World and invited him in. When I finished talking, dead silence. I thought he had blown off what I said or had not been listening. But after a few seconds, he said something to the effect of, “What do you know? I found the script to do it (the thing I’d asked him to do) and it’s done! How easy was that?!” He had accepted my invitation into Easy World!

This evening, I went to the health food store during rush hour, which is on a very busy street. To leave the parking lot, I usually have to turn right and go up a hill and around the block on a little neighborhood street to get going back the way I need to go to get home. I had the thought, “I wish I didn’t have to go around the block (the neighborhood streets are a mess with all the snow and freezing we’ve had—fresh snow today on top of it all), but then I thought, “No problem. I live in Easy World.”

In the store, I was looking for my favorite Ezekiel 4:9 English muffins (somewhat of an addiction for me), but they only had the cinnamon-raisin variety, which I didn’t want. I said to myself as I started to walk away, “Hmmm…in Easy World, there are all the muffins I need, so I’m sure they’ll be available when I need them.” (I knew there was still at least one pack in our freezer at home.) Just then, I turned my head to the left, and where (I swear!) there were no muffins before, there were 2 big stacks of packages of the plain Ezekiel 4:9 muffins I had been looking for! Easy!

As I left the parking lot, I was planning take my normal route around the block, when I suddenly realized there was no traffic in either direction! While making a left turn out of that parking lot is prohibited, I knew it was okay to do it in Easy World.

There are so many other things with the potential to be challenging that have turned out to be so very easy since I made my decision to move to Easy World. I have been continually telling myself, “I live in Easy World! I love it here in Easy World!” Whenever I feel myself starting to clench up over something, I remind myself that I live in Easy World, where everything is easy, and I move easily back into The Flow.

Easy World is a really cool place. Want to join me?



Tim said:

Wonderful I love it. Simple and effective. Thank you

Julia said:

Hi, Tim~
That's why I love it, too. It's just so simple. And...easy! ;-)
Thanks for stopping by.
Oh--and welcome to Easy World!
Love and Joy,

Sibylle said:

When can I move in? This has really hit me - I need to get to Easy World! A nice little cottage will do :-)
Thanks for the lovely reminder.

Patricia said:

simply brilliant and easy to remember. Can't stay long got to move to Easy World right now.
Thank you for sharing with us.
LOVE PEACEFUL and EASY life to all.

Julia said:

Glad you're joining us here in EW!!!
I'm not surprised to hear you say ""this has really hit me."" There is really, really powerful energy around the knowing of Easy World.
I like that it came to me when I was drowsy, as I'm sure my ego mind was not involved in the concept. It was a gift from Spirit, pure and simple! It was like discovering a new reality and being invited into it all at the same time.
I'll be over to your new cottage for tea tomorrow!

Julia said:

Yay! Patricia's coming, too!
And, yes--so EASY to remember!
Everytime I start to worry, I just say, ""Okay--this doesn't belong in Easy World. Just let it be handled for you, Julia!"" And I let go and things work out.
Last night was our night with the kids--the ones not off at college--and one stepdaughter (#4) was at school for an event and another one (#3) was at our house for dinner. The one at school needed to be picked up at 8:00 and so Rick asked Stepdaughter #3 if she would mind going to get her.
She said she'd do it, but we had to wait to get the call that #4 was finished and ready to be picked up. Meantime, she was soooooooo sleepy, she could hardly hold her head up, so I started worrying about her driving to the school to pick up her sister, what with the roads being dicey and all.
I don't know why I was feeling such a tension over it, but once I realized it, I said, ""Okay, Julia. You live in Easy World. Relax and let this be easy."" So I did.
A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was #4 calling to say, ""Please tell Dad he doesn't need to pick me up because Mom's here and she's bringing me home.""
Love and Joy,
P.S. Maybe Sibylle would be happy for you to come to tea also!

Sibylle said:

"P.S. Maybe Sibylle would be happy for you to come to tea also!"
Absolutely! Let's all have an easy tea party! The cottage might not be huge, but don't worry, you're all going to fit... what was the word... easily! ;-)
More hugs!!

Athena/Em said:

I'll see you there, I'm moving in too!
Julia I LOVE this!!!!

Julia said:

Fantastic, Sybille! We'll be over shortly! Thanks for your easy hospitality!
Don't you just love to visit a hostess who isn't uptight and just takes things easy?
(((((hugs))))) back atcha!

Julia said:

Welcome to Easy World, Athena!
Glad you love this--it's easy to love (tee hee)! It really is a brilliant and powerful concept. I can say that with complete humility because, of course, I simply downloaded it from Spirit! Talk about easy!
Anyway, so glad you've joined us.

Natalia said:

What a brilliant idea Julia! I'm in!
I will put a sign ""welcome to Easy World"" next to my bed, so I can see it as soon as I wake up :)

Karen said:

I love easy world! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Ali said:

Sounds fantastic, I'm packing up my stuff and moving there right now....Thanks

Julia said:

Great idea, Natalia! Very clever. I may do that, too!
Glad you're on board, Karen and Ali!!!
If you didn't see my blog entry for today (Feb.2), check it out. It's the Principles of Easy World.

Lisa said:

I've decided I'm a solid candidate for Easy World. For some months now, I've been dreaming about owning a 4 wheel drive (4x4 I think you call it or SUV or something). Last Saturday, I saw a Gold Nissan X-Trail in the local paper. The next day I went and had a look. On MOnday, I talked to the dealer and went for a test drive. On Tuesday, it was sitting in my drive-way. HOW EASY IS THAT !! What makes it interesting, is that I am employed as a casual, and here in Australia, most lenders won't help out unless you're full time employed. This was absolutely amazing. Soooo....consider me a neighbour!
Love and light, Lisa

Julia said:

Welcome to Easy World, Lisa! Sounds like you're a natural!
Congrats on the new vehicle and on your talent for allowing!
Glad you stopped by to let us know.
Love, Joy, and Ease,

amazed said:

""suddenly there were donuts where there were no donuts before""...
oh pleezze.
Can you also turn water into wine?

Julia said:

Dear amazed,
I'm working on it!
Love, Joy, and Ease,
P.S. They were English muffins, and they were probably there the whole time, but I didn't allow myself to see them until I relaxed...Or, perhaps there were none and I moved into an alternate reality where there were plenty of muffins. It doesn't matter to me!

Oceana Julia said:

I love Ezekiel Sprouted Bread and now I will have to try the muffins!!!
Much Love,
Oceana Julia

Dennis said:

Thank you Julia!
I love Easy World and just now remembered ""That's where I live!"" I love Easy World and am looking forward to everyone moving here! Its such a great place. My wife and I have lived here for many years and everyday it's getting easier! Thanks for the reminder!
Love and Hugs,

Shell said:

I love this article. Isn't this kind of like manifesting on cruise control? Thanks for reminding me.

Cynda said:

This is a brilliant concept. Natalia, I like it that you are posting it where you can see it first thing in the morning.
I use to affirm that path of least resistance, but that just sounds so esoteric and the world of easy is just so... well, easy! I have been living in easy world part time, but I just moved in full time!
Thank you for sharing your brilliance!

Julia said:

Oceana J, Dennis, Shell, and Cynda! So glad you stopped by! I'm a little behind in responses, but I guess worrying about that would take me out of Easy World...Anyway, so glad to know you are into the Easy World way of life!
Oceana Julia--Ezekiel English Muffins are AMAZING--especially with some Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut oil, a sprinkle of coarse Redmond Real Salt, and a drizzle of amber agave! Heavenly.
Dennis--you're welcome for the reminder--I'm glad you stopped by and said hello!
""Manifesting on cruise control""! I LOVE that, Shell!!! That's EXACTLY what it is. I may have to appropriate that expression--I hope that's okay.
Yes, yes, YES, Cynda! Right you are! That's the brilliance of Easy World--it's so...easy! Cuts out the sophistication factor that seems to activate the left brain's less attractive aspects. Glad you're a permanent resident!
Happy, happy, happy to know you're in EW with me!
Love, Joy, and Ease,

John said:

It is funny, but after viewing ""The Secret"" movie, it suddenly dawned on me that I had been using the secret all of my life.
I wanted to start a business, and within months I was in business. I could see the result in my mind. I didn't know how I was going to get the money or anything, but it actually came true. I was in business for 5 years.
Looking back, it was discovered that whatever I had set my heart on and visualized, came true for me. Wow! This is truly amazing.
Now that it has been explained to me that we can bring into our lives what we want, it will be exciting to see what happens in the future.
Please explain to me what you are meaning by ""easy world"". I too want to be a committed member of that community.
Thanks again,

Sylvia said:

Hi Julia
I have just floated into Easy World and am wondering why I resisted it for sooo long! As the song says ""pack up all my cares and woes here I go ...""
Thanks a billion my dear,

Julia said:

Hi, John~
Okay. You've got Difficult World, where you decide what you want and then you manage and strategize and figure out and worry and manipulate and try to control (none of which is particularly effective at getting you what you want, which is always, bottom line, joy), and then you have Easy World, where you simply trust that the Universe (You-niverse) is set up to support your well-being and joy, and instead of worrying, you just let the Universe do its thing to provide a harmonious experience and provide what it is you desire in the simplest, most elegant possible way. The key to Easy World is trusting and and allowing.
For specific examples, please refer to my initial blog post above. Also, you can go to The Secret Forum at powerfulintentions.com and read the thread called ""I live in Easy World."" There are other examples there.
If you haven't already seen the next blog entry after this one--The Principles of Easy World--do go read them.
Relax! Allow! You're in Easy World, where everything is easy!!!
Love and Joy,

Julia said:

Oh, Sylvia! Welcome to Easy World! Love that you floated here!
And you are SO welcome!
Love and Joy,

Deborah said:

Hey, keep a spot for me!

John Howard said:

Hi Julia ,
I read about Easy World on your blog yesterday and I experienced immediate effects . One of the things that I was saying was about yoga - as I was on my way to my weekly yoga class - was "" The yoga class will be easy . It is easy to obtain maximum benefit from the yoga class . It is easy to meet interesting enlightened people , etc"" . The results were - the class was much easier for me than previous classes , it was the first time that I hit a perfect frequency / harmonic during one of the chants and I meet a stunning person who gives additional classes .

Julia said:

Hey, Deborah--come in in! EW is always ready for new citizens--plenty of room for everyone!
John--that's wonderful! Glad to hear you stayed in Easy World for your class. There's a shift that I feel in my solar plexus when I move into EW, and when that happens, I KNOW things are flowing into place. And sometimes, I still have to talk myself there! Sounds like you've found your route.
Love and Joy,

Jen said:

I just ordered the dvd, and cant wait for the map to easy world. I have lived many years in a constant state of worry, which complicated everything. When I get to easy world I am going to have a wonderful life, because I am going to quit smoking, and its going to be easy. I cant wait! thanks for your inspiration
Love, Jen

Julia said:

Welcome to EW, Jen!
Worry is an affirmation for what you don't want, so glad you're giving up the worry thing! You're going to LOVE Easy World, where everything is easy, including being smoke-free!
Love and Joy,

Jenny Shaa said:

Thank you,
What a wonderful concept.
I now choose to live in Easy World.
I have lived for many years with the concept of ""if it is not life threatening then all is okay""
Easy World fits the bill!
Life is meant to be easy, we simply need to choose.
Thanks again,
Jenny Shaa ( Spirit Having An Adventure)

Christine said:

The other day I was at the library and thought I needed to pick up tax forms. Just than a man walked behind me with a cart stacked with taxforms. All I had to do was turn around and grab one. Things like that happen all the time. Thanks Julia for your incredible inspiration. I found your website today, just when I needed it.

Lynn Capone said:

I love the ""I live in Easy World"" idea. I will use that in my new growth process. Thank you.

Julia said:

Welcome Jenny, Christine, and Lynn!
So glad you've found Easy World!
And, yes, Jenny--that's the key, indeed. We simply need to choose. It's always in operation.
Sounds like you're an EW veteran, Christine! Nice manifestation(s)!
And I can't think of a better way to expand and transform than by doing it in Easy World, Lynn! I'm finding things moving at light speed--and being smooth and easy (of course!)--since I started making EW my conscious choice!

Michelle said:

Hi there Julia,
I am so happy that you advertised this estate had homes for sale, I have just bought one too!! Yeah!!!!!!!!
Up until now I have only been holidaying there. I am so grateful that I decided to live there from now on.
You must come over for a Champer's & celebrate with me.
Many thanks Julia.

Julia said:

Hi, Michelle~
Welcome to Easy World! Congrats on your new home. I know you're going to be happy here (it's guaranteed!).
Start icing the bubbly and I'll ease on over to celebrate with you!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Joni said:

How inspirational!! I definitely want to join all who are there . . . what a GREAT place to be. Thanks for sharing all about your day in Easy World--it sounds so great that I can't wait. Heading out!!!!

Julia said:

Hi, Joni~
Welcome to Easy World! I can tell you fit right in!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Julie said:

A new neighbor has arrived! Thank you so much for the invitation. Looking forward to the surprises Easy World has for all of us. Have a wonderful afternoon! (A given in Easy World)

Julia said:

WELCOME TO EASY WORLD! So glad you decided to be here. Do come back by and report your adventures in EW!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Retta said:

I stumbled across this world on my birthday. No coincidence as my meditation this AM was about making this the best year of my life, to date.
One of the best things about this Easy World is it is located on the West Coast. My beach house is just as I had dreamed it.
Glad to be here.

Julia said:

Welcome, Retta!
West Coast, eh? I'm happy to say that EW is EVERYWHERE! So even when you travel, you are still in EW...if you allow it (wink).
Happy you're here!
Love, Joy, Ease,
P.S. I just started a forum at Powerful Intentions called...Easy World! Come on over, everyone! http://www.powerfulintentions.com/forum/easyworld

Julia said:

Ha! I see you ALREADY found the forum, Retta!

Debbie said:

I like it here in easy world, and since there is unlimited space here in easy world, I'm moving in! Abundance of all kinds is easy to find here, of course. I can float and fly here too like I do in my nighttime dreams. Too easy!!

Adrienne said:

hi julia,
Thank you for directing me here, it makes so much sense to live in easy world.
this is my second try at posting...don't know what happened the first time....
I was setting myself up for a week of depression when i ran into the PI site EW and ""your wish is my command""....HA this is awsome cuz i remember asking myself how i had gotten to that place again.....and i wanted to be where i was when i first watched the secret.....well i got it cuz i esired it.....Woooo Hoooooo...
by the way hope everyone likes sea food...i'm bringing some to the party....HEHE
oh and i'm moving in too....see you soon;)...Adrienne

Mary said:

Wow! This is truly the place for me. I am so looking forward to getting to know all of my new neighbors, hearing more exciting and inspirational stories and sharing my own as well.
Bless you and thank you, Julia...you are deeply appreciated.
In caring and sharing,

Mary said:

Hey, that only took like 3 seconds! When I clicked the ""send"" button on my last post...I received an ""internal error message"" I stared at the page and said ""Great, this is my first intention with Easy World"" therefore, no problems everything will be easy, just press ""refresh"" and sure enough...there was my message! (by the way, I've received that error message before and always lost what I had sent...hence, my excitement about Easy World.)

Julia said:

Welcome Debbie, Adrienne and Mary!
Yes, Debbie--there is unlimited space here in EW, so move right on in!
Adrienne--you are a quick study! And yes--I LOVE seafood!
Mary--thank you for your words of appreciation! I truly love that I have been able to be of service. And I love that you were able to use the blog software for your first Easy World demonstration! :-)
It's a delight to have all of you aboard!
In case you haven't yet found it, do visit the Easy World forum at Powerful Intentions:
Love, Joy, Ease,

Dorrie said:

I have just discovered the most beautiful, peaceful, carefree, heaven on earth. The cost to own here is 0 dollars, there is no crime, no cares, just sunshine, smiles and relaxing walks on a spectacular beach. The sound and smell of the ocean is fresh and intoxicating. The weather is always perfect! I feel an enormous amount love and affection here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are the best real estate agent in the world and your commission is free! I feel free here!!

Julia said:

Hi, Dorrie!
Welcome to Easy World!
Sounds like you are enjoying the sublime conditions EW has to offer.
You're welcome. But I DO get a commission--it's being able to play with fun folks like you in Easy World!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Barbara said:

Dear Julia,
I am about to jump out of my skin, I am so happy and empowered by the recent events in the Universe. I cry and laugh all together from my deepest spot of my being. I haven't the words to describe how quickly I have been moved to this amazing place in my life. I'm not new to this way of thinking. I have been on this life path since I was 17. (now 58) But I must say it's been an up/down road. Knowledge of ""how things really are"" and spreading the message have been met with all kinds of reactions, including people praying for my soul at my front door. (LOL) NOW...LOOK..WOW....Thank you Universe. I am so ready for this transition.
For about the past 10 years the question has been presented to me ""Do you want to be here for the changes?"" Seeing only a world that was on a devistational path..I kept saying ""I don't know."" With the coming of the DVD ""The Secret"" I am shouting an exuberant YES !!! Thank you for the oportunity to see it. I am Ready.
And now I found you. Right here in my home town. Right, basically, up the street from me. Whatever is about to come into my life is amazing and I am so ready.
Okay...I could keep saying Thank You to the Source over and over. I think I find myself saying it every second, but I'll just stop with this and tell you I appreciate that you are here.
See you soon,

Julia said:

Dear Barbara~
You said, ""I am about to jump out of my skin, I am so happy and empowered by the recent events in the Universe. I cry and laugh all together from my deepest spot of my being.""
I know just what you mean! I've been doing my share of all of the above.
I appreciate that you are here as well. And, for the record, I don't think you can say thank too much to Source--I think perpetual gratitude is what keeps the amazing stuff coming! But you already know that, don't you?!
Glad you found me and that I could be a part of your expansion!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Jen said:

This is awesome - my husband and I have had our ups and downs lately with life...we are just fine - just our living situation has been alittle ""testing"". We were introduced to ""The Secret"" just this last week. We both have been reading the book together and I already have this sense of ""up-lifting"" in my soul. I am ready to live in Easy World. My family is awesome and everything we do and are going to do is so exciting to me. Thank you for the inspiration and energy you give me to feel the way I feel. I am ready for everything! Thank you!!!

Julia said:

Welcome to Easy World, Jen! Glad you found your way back Home!
Do join us at the Easy World Forum if you'd like--it's quite a high-vibin' spot in cyberspace!
And you're welcome. When I say it's my pleasure, I mean that with all my heart!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Tom said:

I love Easy world may everyone join us :)

Julia said:

Happy you came by, Tom! I love Easy World, too! Spread the word!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Durga said:

Hello Julia,
In the middle of what seems to be the biggest crisis of my life right now, I have been constantly saying "...but life is supposed to be easy...". This inner truth has not let me accept the dismal "reality". I have been feeling it in my bones that life is meant to be EASY! Here I am today, don't know how, at your website - a confirmation from Source that I am on the right track. God bless you, Julia, you don't know how you have helped me today. My gut is feeling the truth of "I live in easy world".

Julia said:

Hi, Durga~
YES! Life IS meant to be easy!
We just get conned into believing otherwise by the part of us that can't exist without being in Difficult world and thrives on strife.
I'm soooooooo happy to know that you were guided to my blog and to Easy World!
If you haven't already been there, do visit iliveineasyworld.com for more Easy World energy. You'll also see a link to the Easy World Forum there as well as at the top right of the blog pages. Lots of wonderful Easy World stories and supportive Easy World residents there!
Welcome Home, Durga!
Love, Joy, Ease,

Kelly said:

Sounds like a great place to live. Count me in!

Julia said:

Consider yourself IN, Kelly!
Welcome to Easy World and thanks for stopping by!
Love, Joy, Ease,

I think we all live in Easy World but we keep forgetting. Well, I do anyway. At the moment there is stuff going on in my life that could be so difficult, but I need to remember all the time that life was meant to be easy. And so it is.


Hi, Michael~

Yes! You're exactly right. Easy World is our default setting and as long as we're not in resistance to it, we're there.

We are just habituated to following our silly egos who seem to be "anti-Easy World"! It's a matter of remembering to choose "Home."

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Joy, Ease,


Neal Stewart said:

Hi, I just came across this concept today, wow what a powerful idea, and very practical as well. I began living in easy world as soon as I read about it, and already the benefits seem to be taking place. Can't wait to learn more about life on easy world, and I'll keep you posted!

Julia said:

Welcome to Easy World, Neal!

Have you had a chance to visit www.ILiveInEasyWorld.com yet? Until my latest book comes out--Choosing Easy World--it's THE place to get the scoop on the amazing reality where everything is easy!

Enjoy! (That's what EW is all about!) And thanks for stopping by and letting me know you are loving Easy World.

Love, Joy, Ease,


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