The Principles of Easy World

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I was motivated to write out the following yesterday:

The Principles of Easy World

The underlying principle of Easy World is that the Universe is set up to support ease. You must simply allow it.

That, of course, is how you get to Easy World.

There's only one law in Easy World:

***Worry, concern, and struggle are strictly prohibited. ***

The punishment for violating the law is immediate--­and I do mean immediate:

***Ejection from Easy World***

This law is self-enforced, as only you can eject yourself. No one else has that power.

Happily, you also get to decide the length of your own sentence. Re-entry to Easy World is automatic when you let go of worry, concern, and struggle and simply allow things to be easy, the way they were designed to be.

Easy World is a parallel reality that is always instantly accessible, no matter how long you've been away from it.

As an aid to returning to Easy World when you find you’ve evicted yourself, take a deep breath, release it, along with any tension you've been holding, and say, "I now choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy."

Feeling joyful, being at peace, and radiating Love are side effects of inhabiting Easy World.

And, of course, creating all you desire ­with ease ­is a prime feature of Easy World.

Creating even more ease is a piece of cake in Easy World.

Simply being in Easy World provides an automatic invitation for others to join you there.

As I wrote it, I was struck by how Easy World and Eden are the same basic place!

There may be additions to The Principles of Easy World, so stay tuned...



Julia said:

I was trying to fix the formatting of the blog entry and it wasn't working to edit what was already there so it seemed EASIER to just start over so I created a fresh one and deleted the old one and then realized I lost your comment and my reply to it!
In case you didn't see my reply, here is basically what I said:
I would be delighted for you to post this on your pagan site! Some of my best friends are pagans ;-).
Just please be sure to include a link to the blog entry as well as my name, and if it's not too much trouble, my website URL (
I also asked if it is tea-time yet--then answered my own question! It's ALWAYS tea-time in Easy World!
Love, Joy, and Eeeeeeeease,

susan said:

hi, the same as the secret says,,,,when the voice inside becomes louder than what you see around you then you have become master of your life? Yes the shift of humans on earth is unfolding perfectly,,remember the universe knows the quickest,shortest most harmonious way to manifestation of human beings focous!,,so if millions are focoused on Love,truth,freedom,wealth,perfect planet earth,then this will manifest with fun and ease for everyone on earth now!Thanks to the secret dvd,,people will use their minds,right thinking,,and the universe will sort it out perfectly.So lets all imagine and see in our minds and feel in our hearts that the right people now step forward in governments etc,,for the good of all on earth and for earth itself now,,this will be fun,,as the book that Rhonda Byrne started the secret with says,,god gave,,and it will be god that takes it away!meaning high corperate greedy money makers and politicians are tripping over their own feet thanks to the universe,,and the right people are right their to pick up the openings for global change,,I love your interest in Qauntum physics,,have you looked into the native american indians""WHITE BUFFALO"" and what they say about earths shift now?

Sibylle said:

Thank you, Julia, I really hadn't seen your first reply. And I'm so tickled that you're letting me quote the principles of Easy World! Take a look when you get the chance, it's
I hope it's ok that I also stole the cover of your book! If there's any copyright or other concern, let me know, I can replace it in a minute.

Julia said:

Hi, Susan~
I just cover all those bases by affirming that ""Everything is in Divine Order,"" no matter how things may appear to me! That takes care of easing my mind AND creating it to be desirable.
I am aware of the white buffalo calf prophecy. I have not heard what the current Native American view is of Earth's shift is. But I am certain that...everything is in Divine Order!
Glad you added your voice here. Do drop in again!
Love and Joy,

Julia said:

Hi, Sybille~
I visited your blog and when I started reading your blog entry, I wondered who you were talking about and then I realized it! Wow. Thank you!
I will be over there to comment later. It's been a bit of a crazy day in Easy World, and I need to go prepare food for a b-day dinner for 6! More soon...
Love and Joy,

Mary said:

My spiritual teacher always says: If something is complicated, it comes from ego. If it's simple it comes from Spirit! Cheers to the simplicity of Easy World...

Julia said:

Yep--your spiritual teacher has it nailed! :-)

poetryman69 said:

Consecrating a Holy vessel for my eternal consciousness.
A new body and a new mind.
Be thankful. Blessings unto you and yours.

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