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I was getting ready to post this to a forum at Powerful Intentions, but decided that others might appreciate this, too. So, I’m posting it here!

When you’re in the midst of spiritual growth, aligning with your God-Realized Self more and more, spending more time in Prime Matrix, taking in more and more Light, and expanding more and more, you can suddenly find yourself very, very crabby and feeling congested and anything but joyful. When this happens, understand that you are displacing your ego, and ego will do what it has to to survive. It will clamp down on the flow of Love through you to the best of its ability to prevent you from spending more time out of it’s realm of influence, and bring up all your “stuff” so that it seems to be right in your face.

Of course, the first thing that you experience when this happens is…resistance! And what part of you is the resistance master? Ego, of course. So it’s a double trap. It’s important to understand what is going on so that you don’t find yourself stuck at lower frequency, right where the ego would like for you to be, any longer than necessary. Instead of shutting down in response to this, the answer is to be non-resistant—to observe it and just go, “Hmmm…no thanks!” And to open up more and more and to whatever is needed to allow the Love to flow again. You can’t dissolve a shadow with anything but more Light.

To illustrate this phenomenon, there is an exercise I do in some of my workshops where I take a clear cylindrical jar filled with pure water and say that it represents you in the beginning, pure Light and Love without any of the fear and ego stuff you pick up during your Earth journey. Then I drop a teaspoon of instant coffee into it and we watch as the granules float down and the water turns murky, with some of the granules going to the bottom. We imagine that it is the "crud" that you take on in response to living in the duality matrix with egos running the show. (I always see the granules that sink to the bottom as the stuff that you store that detonates later and you don't have a conscious knowledge of what it is or where it came from).

Then I ask those in the class "How are we going to get the coffee out? How are we going to purify?" Obviously, you can't un-dissolve the coffee, or somehow pick it out. Next, I pour pure, clean water, which I characterize as "Light" into the top of the jar, which begins to displace the coffee water, which rises up and spills over into the big bowl the jar is in. As the clear water pours in, though, the granules from the bottom also get stirred up and the dark water rises to the top. I tell them to pretend that at the top of the jar is your perceptions, and that if you didn't know better, based on seeing more coffee instead of less, your ego would believe that things were going wrong and that taking in more Light was causing things to get worse--and might see the solution as being to shut down on the in-pouring of the Light.

Of course, that's exactly what would keep you stuck with the darkness "in your face." The truth is that only by continuing to flush with Light will you get rid of the murkiness, so the answer is not to shut down, but continue to open, open, open! Then I continue pouring in the pure water until the jar of water is completely clear again. It is something I do to show that in an intensive spiritual experience such as the workshop, or in their ongoing re-spiritualization of our lives, there will be stuff stirred up within us and not to be concerned when it happens but celebrate it as part of the process and keep doing what they’re doing to let in more Light.

It is an exercise I go back to in my mind over and over again during my own spiritual purification process. I will confess that I am frequently tripped up by ego’s challenges to my enlightenment, and the first thing that comes to mind has not always been, “Oh! More Light is needed!” But I am learning not to resist it. I am learning to go to the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System (as spelled out in the last blog entry) and work the steps so that I release ego resistance and flood my being with Love and Light so that I move back into the joy space once more!



Amit said:

Hi Julia. I love the exercise, which you described, that you do in your workshop. I do lots of work with children and I'm always looking for new and creative ways of getting them in touch with their inner self love. I might tweak your idea a bit and use it with the children if it's ok with you.
You have a great blog and a beautiful site.
Peace and god bless.

Julia said:

Hi, Amit!
So glad you stopped by!
I think it would be a marvelous illustration for the children. Go for it! Would love a report on it if you do.
Thank you for the words of appreciation.
Love and Joy,

Brenda said:

You are an angel!! An earth angel! I love your blog, your articles are so well written, and the love and frequencies flowing through the written word have helped me to let go of the ego...once again....it is so rewarding to read what you have experienced..and what you have done to help keep you in the flow of spirit....
Thankyou, your wisdom and your sharing has really moved me into spirit today!

Julia said:

Hi, Brenda! Thanks for the lovely words. You must be looking in the mirror!
I'm feeling that your comments are heaven-sent today, so it's a perfect exchange!
Love and Joy,
P.S. I bet you'd like Recreating Eden!

Deanna said:

Julia, thank you so much for this. I actually began this journey because a friend introduced me to essential oils. That lead me to The Secret. The Secret forum led me here. I have been so frustrated lately because I am trying to soak up as much wisdom and light as possible, but I have been so discordant inside at times. This post is exactly what I needed to confirm I am on the right path, and that eventually all of the ""coffee"" will be displaced. Thank you again.

Julia said:

I'm so happy to know this was helpful to you! Actually, today is a day when it was helpful to me, too, and your comment drew me here to read over it again and see where I was letting my vision be obscured by the rising ""stuff.""
So...thank you!!! Don't you just love how the Divine Design always provides us with what we need and when?
Love and Joy,

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